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Choosing to Love No Matter What

John 13:31-35

When did you choose to act out of love?

What I mean by that question is when did you choose to love someone you were not… 1,397 more words


The beautiful habit of Prayer.

It is 5:40am and I hear a beeping, down the hallway ……My 7 year old son has set an alarm. Thinking it was a mistake; I get out of bed and open the door to turn it off when he catches me, like a red handed burglar. 541 more words


13th of Rajab Birthday Statement for Imam Ali Abu Talib

.Today is the 13th of Rajab the birthday of  Imam Ali Abu Talib the cousin and son-in-law to the Holy Prophet Muhammad   Imam Ali was one of the greatest Revolutionaries of all time and he strove to create a prefect  Islamic socialist society based on complete social justice and equality among all Muslims regardless  of ethnicity  and he Imam Ali Abu Talib was also hardcore Pan-Arab Nationalist and patriot of the Arab Nation who supported the wars of Pan Semitic  Liberation that the Rashidun caliphate  waged in modern-day Iraq Jordan Palestine Syria and Egypt to Liberate these areas from the Byzantine and Persian military  occupations. 178 more words

The Word 23 - Chapter 1 - Point 4

The Word 23 – Chapter 1 – Point 4: Belief makes man into man, indeed, it makes him into a king. Since this is so, man’s basic duty is belief and supplication. 8 more words


14 Tips to Survive Challenging College Environments

Source: ProductiveMuslim.com

Author: Ala’a Mazloum

Moving out of your parents’ house and going to university somewhere far away where you can have a fresh start is the most idealized dream of every senior in high school. 3,330 more words


Family of Imran 102

Family of Imran 102: O you who believe! Observe your duty to Allah with right observance, and die not save as those who have surrendered (unto Him)