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Another detour: What is Shia Islam?

Before we progress deeper along the Iranian tourist trail, it’s is a good time to clarify the dominant (95%) Muslim sect in Iran, Shi’ism. To the outsider, the differences between Sunni and Shia Islam appear slight, even trivial. 717 more words


FMF (?!?!?!?)

I’ve been silent on FMF (#FeesMustFall – a student movement in South Africa) because I honestly don’t know what my opinion is… I can never pretend to understand what it’s like not to be privileged and have that opportunity. 546 more words


The Description of the Seeker of Knowledge - (9th October 2016)

Muhammad Ibn AbdulWahhab رحمه الله began his book Al Qawaa’id Al-Arba’a with the following Du’aa’ and Sheikh Salih Al Fawzan explained it. From it, we can deduce the description of the student of knowledge: 1,286 more words


Introduction: The Importance of Tawheed- (9th October 2016)


The most important thing a person should focus on when studying ‘Aqeedah is Belief in Allah. If you spend your entire life studying the names, attributes, and actions of Allah, and die upon it, it will be sufficient for you to enter Paradise. 1,840 more words

Allah's Names And Attributes

The road to Shur, the origin of the zamzam well? (Rabbi Sa'adiah ben Yosef Gaon)

In the story about the wife of patriach Abraham, Hagar, and his firstbon son, Ishmael, in  the Torah  in Genesis/Bereishit 16:7 it was mentioned about a place named… 420 more words


Supreme Court's Constitutional case judgement due next Wednesday

The Supreme Court will sit next Wednesday to complete the constitutional claims of the 14 ex-MPs in prison for bribery. Former MPs are also giving evidence in the case and Tuesday next week the State Law Office will file its submission in the matter. 441 more words

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