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Kerala will not react to AP Aboobacker Musaliyar and his bigoted views

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I am not a Muslim. Nor do I practice any organised religion, so planning to attack me based on my so called religious beliefs after reading this will be of no use. 1,124 more words

Nitten Nair

Self Hate: I don't play that

Perhaps self-hatred is a common affliction. I thought that the more weight I lost, the more confident I would feel. I have found it isn’t that simple. 275 more words

Saudi Arabia

France calls for 'enlightened Islam' against jihadist ideology

Source: Reuters

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve urged French Muslim leaders on Sunday to develop an “enlightened Islam” to confront what he called the obscurantist views of Islamic State that lead young Muslims into violence. 394 more words



(or not)


First up:

I received an email that carried these propaganda snaps on behalf of some dedicated followers of the great peaceful religion (you know: humility, kindness, mercy, and compassion) we know gratefully as “Islam”. 263 more words




15 We gave (in the past) knowledge to David and Solomon: And they both said: “Praise be to Allah, Who has favoured us above many of his servants who believe!”…………….. 266 more words


In nations with significant Muslim populations, much disdain for ISIS

Source: Pew Research Center

Recent attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad linked to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have once again brought terrorism and Islamic extremism to the forefront of international relations. 501 more words