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Are you gonna build that bridge or what?

Yesterday afternoon was our Student Leader Awards Ceremony and I was/am one of three recipients of the Bridge Builder Award.

I didn’t tell anyone other than my family (and that too only because as financers of my education, I felt that they had a right to know :) No one else other than my… 786 more words


NSA spyware- who should we be afraid of?

We now know, thanks to Edward Snowden, that America’s National Security Agency planned to use App stores to infect our smartphones with spyware. While we may be outraged by these invasions of our privacy, that has to be balanced with the fact that terror attacks in the US have increased in recent years. 413 more words

Dobrodošlica mjesecu Ša'banu 1436 / Welcome Sha’ban 1436

Dobrodošlica mjesecu Ša’banu 1436

Mjesec Ša’ban je osmi mjesec islamskog kalendara, i smatra se jednim od specialnih mjeseci gdje pronalazimo neke hadise i radnje koje je radio naš poslanik a,s,. 1,626 more words


Det pågår en våldsam strid i andens värld

Många av oss svenskar undrar varför islam blivit så framträdande i Sverige och övriga Väst. För 40 år sedan hade man knappast hört talas om islam överhuvudtaget eller sett en endaste muslim annat än möjligen på foto i någon gammal bok. 258 more words


SNL Takes On Radical Islam

Whether it’s the work of Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, or Louis C.K., the power of comedy can’t be denied. A well-placed zinger has the capacity to deliver cultural observations, indictments, and criticisms about issues that are often seen as too sensitive, lowbrow, or just plain uncomfortable to talk about. 466 more words

Charlie Hedbo

Why does god allow suffering?

When asked whether God exists, Atheists may use the example of poverty to justify there not being a God. When hearing Atheists views on the matter and hearing them say that God is supposed to be loving and would not allow people to suffer is reasonable and I understand where they are coming from. 265 more words