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A Chinese Muslim man was sentenced to six years in prison for growing a beard

A court in the city of Kashgar has sentenced a 38-year-old Uighur man to six years in prison for “picking quarrels and causing trouble” as well as for having a beard for the past five years. 250 more words

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FAQ 41-43

Question 41

I hear that the spiritual body of a heavy smoker is full of wounds, so that he has difficulty becoming mature in spiritually. Is this true? 728 more words


Opportunistic Erdogan Makes A Move - Report Claims Turkey Aiding Al Nusra in Syria....

Al Nusra is a front for, and has openly aligned with, al-Qaeda in Syria – which is essentially ISIS.

It is not a secret that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has tried to deliver the maximum benefit to ISIS (in Northern Syria) in direct opposition to the Kurds who are trying to formulate their own independent nation of Kurdistan. 751 more words

Refutation: Islam is not a more violent religion than Christianity

In an article for TheFederalist.com, writer Robert Tracinski argues that while Islam and Christianity are often compared as the planets two most prevalent religions, Islam is in fact more violent than Christianity. 409 more words


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The 6th Imam has shown us the meaning of allah by portraying a hardship.

A man is on a boat and he is in the middle of the sea and he face a storm which is very bad. 158 more words

Affirmative Week 2: Islam and Christianity aren't as different as you may think

Religion is important to millions of people around the world. For some it defines the morals and ethics that we choose to live by, and for others, religion shapes worldviews and behavior. 447 more words


Who Is A Terrorist?

Who is a terrorist? Stop for a moment and think about this, seriously. When I write, “terrorist,” what images come to your mind? A dark-skinned, most likely Brown man of Middle Eastern descent? 1,171 more words