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Importance of Tawheed

Allah said :

“And I did not create the jinn and men except that they should worship me (alone).” (51:56)

So the reason for our creation, our whole purpose on this earth is to worship Allah alone. 382 more words


Syafa'at Al Quran di Dalam Kubur

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Wacana Bermutu bagi Muslimah 



🐚Merinding bacanya… Semoga kita termasuk di dalam golongan orang ini…aamiin… 352 more words

Are We Having Fun Yet? (5P5S Challenge Day 4)

Hanging in the air
Upside down
Some would think it’s not fair
But every voice drowned
Amidst shrills of excitement
Though nobody frowned
Wishing they could enjoy… 284 more words


We are One

We tiptoe around issues that will only come out and get fixed if we smash them open. So afraid of what we’ll hear, by the time we have no choice but to face them, it’s too late. 59 more words

Lightbulb Moments

Encountering the World's Religions--Online

May 4-June 5, 2015

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Islamic Extremism

A dua is my only wish

A dua is my only wish,
A dua, make a prayer for me on the top of your list,
Before you sleep tonight think of me, 109 more words