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Power & Religion Symbiosis

History holds amidst its pages centuries of persecution under the authority of religious figures. Those so claimed to be “MEN OF GOD,” committed all kinds of crimes under the sweet claim that “God willed it.” If you carefully read history, you will come to understand that those men’s purpose was not religion, but power- power with all its means, political, financial, economical, and military. 1,480 more words


An Islamic Caliphate in the Africa context - Dr. Glen Segell

An Islamic Caliphate in the Africa context 

By Glen Segell

RIMA Occasional Papers, Volume 5 (2017), Number 4 (March 2017)

A thesis is that regime types and leadership are important in defining an Islamic Caliphate in the Africa context in addition to the beliefs and practices of the population. 766 more words


Terrorism isn't the scariest part

The terrorists are losing their edge. Although the recent London attack was as horrific and mindless as any other terror mission, it failed to provoke fear in me. 630 more words

Saudiarabien och islamisterna

Vill vi förstå den enorma sprängkraft som finns under ytan i hela Mellan Östern så måste vi gå tillbaka till år 1979 och ockupationen av stora moskén i Mecka. 222 more words


How Salafists and Islamists have combined to promote an extremist agenda

The following is a summarised extract from the second chapter of The Battle for British Islam by Sara Khan with Tony McMahon. The chapter describes how Salafists and Islamists once competed against each other before realising they could more effectively achieve their aims by uniting. 206 more words

You can't be slut in Islam.

You can’t be a slut in Islam.

That’s right. Premarital sex is a sin, and those who partake in this sort of behaviour are heathens headed for the fiery depths of Islamic hell. 60 more words