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Ikhlas karena Allah

Kini aku mengerti bagaimana sesuatu harus di ikhlaskan. Sesuatu yang tidak bisa dipaksakan. Dan mengikhlaskan dalam hal ini membuatku sangat 46 more words

The New Democrat Party – Deadbeat Nazi Communists

Democrats under Obama has become so corrupted that it’s become the anti-American party.

Democrats under Obama’s leadership turned from representing themselves as the party of the little guy to being the party of the anti-American.  542 more words


Eight years of failure from a socialist

The last eight years displayed the failure of the socialist ideology that was forced on the public by an arrogant and repressive government.  Barak Obama missed no opportunity to dismantle the American dream and force citizens into poverty and government dependence. 243 more words

Barak Obama

33. "Unity" (The Hajj Journal)

September 26, 2015

we were going to stone the jamarat, on the Day of Eid, I noticed something incredible. Many groups were carrying a flag as a way to keep together, and to find them if someone got lost. 450 more words


To my dear readers, just so you know, I keep track of my stats. While I appreciate having consistent readers, I have been alerted that my images have been clicked either to enlarge or to download. 50 more words


I don’t appreciate stalkers. Please stop. You know who you are.