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The Jinn Session 2 - Laila Nasheeba

Lecture speaks of how the Jinn live amongst us even though we are unable to see them. Also how we should not fear them because they only have power over those who are weak in faith and practice. 10 more words


Cuma Namazının Farz Olmasının Şartları

Cuma Namazının Farz Olmasının Şartları Cum’a namazı; namaz, oruç, hac, zekât kelimeleri gibi, fıkıh usulü açısından “kapalı anlatım (mücmel)” özelliği olan bir terimdir. Bu yüzden onun kılınış şekil ve şartları âyet, hadis ve sahabe açıklamalarına ihtiyaç gösterir. 48 more words

Blair's Benign Outcome


The most interesting line in Tony Blair’s Bloomberg speech last Friday was nothing to do with the bolted horse of Brexit. Nor his sly attempts to fuse his stalling concept of globalism with closer connectivity brought about by technology. 890 more words


CSD event explains Islamophobia

This piece was written for “The Towerlight” at Towson University as an Assistant News Editor. Check out this, and other stories from The Towerlight here: 557 more words


I chuckle at the thought of my space being called an Islamic blog.

This is a personal blog with lots of information on how I can improve myself by means of Islam but this is far from an Islamic blog. 49 more words


The Unrealized Hypocrisy of the Liberal Left 

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Russell Simmons and Chelsea Clinton all attended a “Today I am a muslim Too” rally this past Sunday. The rally targeted Trump supporters from Middle America and Simmons expressed his hope that they would begin to question “their” government. 382 more words

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British and Muslim?

by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad (aka Tim Winter, an English convert to Islam)

(Based on a lecture given to a conference of British converts on September 17 1997) 7,352 more words