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Jihad: Striving for Peace

By Ahmad R and Charie X

Jihad, Greater Jihad, Lesser Jihad, and Jihadists

I felt very disturbed when I found the news article titled “Were New York, Minnesota Attacks Open-Source Jihad?” published by NBC News with regard to the September 18th New York bombings and the Minnesota mall stabbing attack (Meyer 2016). 2,304 more words


Banned Book Week: Nasreen's Secret School

Nasreen’s Secret School: A True Story From Afghanistan

By Jeanette Winter

Reasons for Challenges:  Religious Viewpoint, Unsuited to age group, Violence.

This illustrated children’s book tells the story of Nasreen, a young girl living with her grandmother in Afghanistan during Taliban rule.   395 more words


The little things

Isn’t it amazing the gifts that Allah has blessed us with. The ability to see, hear, talk, smell, feel physically, spiritually and emotionally. SubhanAllah when things get tough in life, we tend to forget how much Allah has blessed us with, although we would never be able to count them. 487 more words


Huma Abedin's father - a glimpse into his issues

We never got a real shot at vetting Obama. He managed to slip through, his background never explored. One person this time we must. That being the shadowy figure known as Huma Abedin. 427 more words


Three categories: American and Muslim and normal

While these clips may be designed to give Muslims a face and voice, they do so in a way that can undermine their aim.The videos include few traditional or conservative Muslims whose dress, accents, or descriptors are far from the norm. 231 more words


The Qur’an And The Bible

In his outstanding book Answering Jihad, Nabeel Qureshi gives us an understanding of the beliefs which support the Islamic faith. One thing that is key for Muslims is their reliance on multiple sources for definitive answers to their faith. 368 more words