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Grand Mufti speaks: claims violence is a 'deviant interpretation' of Islam

Ah yes, that old chestnut. It’s the ‘interpretation’ that’s at fault, based on ‘misguided teachings’. Islam was, is and always will remain pure and perfect. 2,406 more words

Australian Politics

Did David Wood Admit Using ISIS Murders And Rapes To Evangelize The Trinity?

“David Wood’s past misuse of rape and murder victims has certainly been ‘shameless’. Shabir Ally saw his comments in this debate as a shameless admission to misusing murder and rape for purposes of ‘evangelism’.” Yahya Snow

SOURCE: Yahya Snow


Cultural (in)sensitivity: wearing a salwar kameez

One of my friends is marrying a Pakistani-Australian Muslim man in a couple of weeks. I’m not completely clear on all the different events that occur as part of an Islamic wedding (this is the first I’ll attend) but I know that I don’t go to the actual wedding ceremony itself. 929 more words

Hill security could consider unveiling visitors' niqabs

Muslim women wearing niqabs could one day be required to unveil at security checks for public tours of Parliament Hill, raising more questions about the power of government to legislate how people dress and observe their religious identity. 675 more words


‘The Muslims Are Coming!’ ads must run in NY subways, judge rules

NEW YORK (JTA) — New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority must run advertisements promoting a film called “The Muslims Are Coming!” in subways, a federal judge ruled. 215 more words

Daily News

Bill Clinton Withheld Evidence of Iranian Terrorism

Bill Clinton suppressed evidence of Iranian terrorist attacks, including those that led to the murder of American citizens.

But than, they – the Iranians – were also Clinton’s  allies in the war against the former Yugoslavia and the Serbian people. 2,587 more words



Before and even after I got married, I did get asked a couple of times, “How did you know that he (my husband) is the right one?” … 252 more words