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Man pleads guilty to trying to help friend join IS

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — A Virginia taxi driver has pleaded guilty to trying to help a friend join the Islamic State group.

Mahmoud A.M. Elhassan of Woodbridge was arrested in January after a government sting operation. 112 more words


3 Lessons I Learned From Clearing My Room

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I am finally done with finals. I am finally done with Semester 3. I woke up this morning in my dorm room (well, my friend Fatimah’s dorm room actually because I spent the night there) and actually couldn’t believe I didn’t have to study today. 1,023 more words

Free Islamic Books!

As a Muslim revert, I am eager to learn as much about Islam as I can. Although I still live at home with my non-Muslim parents and brother, I strive to implement as much of the deen as possible. 240 more words


Mutiara Hadits Hari Ini

“Dan sesungguhnya apabila kamu tidak ridho – senang – terhadap ketentuan (syari’at dan bagian nikmat)-Ku kepadamu…Demi Kekuasaan dan Kemuliaan-Ku, Aku akan menjadikan kesusahan dunia atasmu! Dan kamu akan berlari – lari mengejar dunia seperti hantu – hantu yang berlarian di malam hari…” 664 more words

Concerning Religion & Louis Smith: It's concerning

Freedom of Speech. People massacred for images of the Prophet. Liberal left say we must respect Islam yet have no problem attacking Christianity. Misguided, I think. 263 more words

Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Self and Family: (A British Asian Perspective)

by the reluctant coconut

Two halves of a whole. One half East, one half West. Culturally, ideologically, intellectually, socially, morally, behaviourally, philosophically – all contingent on the intersections of West and/or East, British and/or Asian. 513 more words


The female companion- Umm Sulaym رضي الله عنها

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Her name is Ghameesa bint Milhan رضي الله عنها. She had the honor of being the mother of the famous companion of the Prophet… 647 more words