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Donald Trump's disturbing choices for ministers at the inauguration

When I’m at work tomorrow, I will be praying for Donald Trump.  I’ve been praying for him to have wisdom and compassion, and to make the right decision for all of God’s children living in this country.  572 more words


15 Things Muslims in the West Encounter During Ramadan

Originally published on Scoop Empire July 3, 2014

For all the Muslims who don’t live in the Middle East, fasting and partaking in the Holy Month usually confuses plenty people. 235 more words


Freeing Of A Believing Slave For Manslaughter (Accidental)


This verse was revealed after the battle of Uhud (Mawdudi). It is a Madinan verse (Mawdudi and Dr. Muhammed Asad).

Analysing Verse

“And never is it for a believer to kill a believer except by mistake.

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An Early Injunction To Marry Captives, Slaves Quran 4:25


Madinan verse (Mawdudi, Anwarul bayan, and Dr. Muhammed Asad)

Analysing Verse

“And whoever among you cannot the means to marry free, believing women, then from those whom…

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At the precipice there's Donald Trump!

At the precipice there’s Donald Trump!

In one scene of “The Addams Family” movie, the child named Wednesday arrives at an elitist American holiday camp. She is then asked by one of her camping peers: “Why are you dressed like somebody died?” Wednesday simply replies: “Wait!” Although most Americans may view this reply as being just your typical, everyday “Addams Family” type morbid humour, there is really much deep philosophical and religious significance behind it. 1,462 more words


Early Christians Rejected Jesus's Suffering On The Cross

Kaleef K. Karim

In the previous piece, we presented a quotation from the 1st Century of Christianity wherein a group of Christians rejected the crucifixion of Jesus taking place. 3,133 more words