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Al-Yusayr Ibn Rizam - Another Warmonger

Al-Yusayr ibn Rizam was another warmonger who met his fate in the end.


It is reported about Yusayr b. Rizam, the Jew, that he was gathering Ghatafan in Khaybar to attack the Messenger of God…

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NBN, election, great feed

These boxes are now appearing here at The Bates Motel.

Yes, the National Broadband Network!

Meanwhile it has turned out that my prediction 11 days ago in… 178 more words


The ton sack of mustard seeds...

My arrogance.

Feeds the hungry crows

whose goal is to leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

To destroy us

encourage us

to fill our sacks with mustard seeds… 27 more words


God #1

God is not close fisted and will give without bounds you will need to know how to take, the etiquette of receiving, this is adult responsibility, we sleep and there is a time for everything there are breaks in worship, we are not perpetually suspended – tortured we are loved God wants you to smile back at him, please smile at


Rifa’ah Bin Qays Incited Other Tribe(s) To Go To War Against Muslims

The Prophet (p) ordered Rifa’ah bin Qays to be killed because he incited other tribe(s) to go to war against the Muslims. This is reported in many sources. 574 more words


This Journey

Don’t give up,
Not yet,

Stay strong,
For now,

Work hard,
For His Pleasure.

Each day,
Strive to
Be better.

Life is even… 52 more words


Friday Fundamentals - Religion of Peace

Friday Fundamentals on a Saturday? Yes. Sorry.

I chat a bit with and about Muslims. Major point of discussion is the peaceful nature or otherwise of Islam. 941 more words