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The Great Testimony

A hadith predicts that towards the end of history some believers will bear great witness to the truth. This act of bearing witness will be great not in terms of quality but quantity, for no one can surpass the quality of dawah performed by the prophets. 42 more words

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Rejection Lessons

By the will of Allah, I am a very reflective person. I see the errors of my ways as time passes. I like to think someone or people upon witnessing my apparent flaw made duaa for me. 439 more words


Penentuan Keshahihan suatu hadits adalah perkara Ijtihadiyah

Masalah keshahihan hadits ini memang banyak orang yang terkecoh, karena kurang mengerti dan belum memahami apa yang dimaksud dengan hadits shahih.

Banyak yang berpikir bahwa keshahihan suatu hadits itu adalah wahyu yang turun dari langit. 290 more words


Who doesn't LOVE theater!?

Othello (Sidney Harman Hall: FEB 23-MAR 27)

This is my favorite Shakespeare tragedy; I love it even MORE than Hamlet!  In this production Othello will be played by a Pakistani-American actor- Faran Tahir.  628 more words


Approach some problems of Cham culture


Tiếp cận một số vấn đề văn hóa Champa

The book not only shows us the colorful pottery shards, eroded sacred statues, ruined temples, chipped inscriptions, weathered pages, and colored patterns on traditional dress but also the marriage and legal customs, rituals, festivals, and traditional performing arts. 122 more words

Tôn Giáo/Religion

Has Islamism Become Europe's Fascism of the 21st Century?

From Sputnik

Current manifestations of Islamism in France and Germany eclipse the threat of fascism posed by nationalist movements and national security measures, according to a French political scientist. 378 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence