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Minor point: Religion and the morning

Why is the morning a special time of day for religion? As someone with significantly diverse faith experiences, my interactions have overwhelmingly led me to believe that the morning is truly exceptional in numerous faith practices. 495 more words


We Are Merely Passing Through History... Palmyra is History!

This week Palmyra has been very much in the news. Sadly it is at the centre of the world stage, viewing the sad destruction caused by religious fanaticism, and ignorance that seems to know no bounds. 1,182 more words


Burning Religion: Reading #3 The Pastor and the Imam

Sections of Burning Religion are anecdotes from recent and distant history. This comes from the chapter outlining the noble actions of people from many different religious and non-religious persuasions. 16 more words

Burning Religion

Surah An-Nazi'aat:27

When I stumbled upon this verse, I can’t help but to think how complex humanbeings are and by Allah asking us such questions, He’s trying to remind us of how Powerful He is. 97 more words


An informal inquiry into the origins of the nauha

This is a brief digression from a paper I am working on. In trying to analyze an evolution of the nauha, I had trouble finding its very origins. 794 more words


Curt Schilling and the Death of Free Speech

Frontpage, by Robert Spencer, August 27 2015:

“Curt Schilling’s tweet comparing Muslims to Nazis is even worse than it sounds,” howled Max Fisher in Vox… 628 more words

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