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Blood in the name of God

” Blood in the name of God…..
This is the ongoing machine today. Politically-ambitious religious clerics calling for violence and/or more violence, are one of the main reasons for mixing all this horrendous terror with Islam. 753 more words


So we're up and running.... nearly

Asalaamu alaikum,

So we’re nearly up and running with this blog. I am by no stretch of the imagination a WordPress genius so bear with me inshaAllah. 60 more words


an die menschheit

Wir versuchen zu leben

wir versuchen zu streben

alles zu erziehlen

sind jedoch nie ganz zufrieden.

alles der welt scheint uns nicht gut

denn es scheint immer etwas zu fehlen. 115 more words


It is not often in life that one remains passive when a door is shut which was previously wide open. This usually evokes a strong reaction in us. 882 more words


It is time humanity grew up and stopped accepting "god says so" as a reason for anything.

Let’s be completely clear about this… it is not about Islam. It is not about freedom of speech. It is not about France or even those who tragically died there.

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