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His Birth

Soon Muslims will celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad. He was born on the 12th of Rabie al-Awal (third month of the Islamic calendar). To be honest this is more cultural than religious event, as in all my studies, I have never heard that Prophet Muhammad, his friends or followers had celebrated his birthday simply because Prophet Muhammad will always be in our hearts. 337 more words


Why I became Muslim: My letter to a Christian

So, a few years ago I was given a pamphlet from a orthodox Christian group. I have been given these types of pamphlets before, as I am sure most people have, but this one was different as it was specifically directed at Muslims. 3,930 more words


Get Woke Sister

Okay firstly, let me just put it out there that I am probably 10 years too old to be using phrases like ‘woke’. But, I like it. 1,177 more words


Taking a moment to Reflect

In the midst of planning, doing, looking after, caring, worrying, regretting, living…

Take a moment to reflect.

Most days from the second I open my eyes until the time I fall exhausted onto my pillow to sleep, I am inundated with responsibilities, aspirations and endless to-do lists. 284 more words


Isaiah 42, the servant of the LORD, the New Song, The LORD's promises and Israel's disobedience.

Where Kedar lives: Kedar was the second son of Ishmael, he settled near the eastern borders of Israel, and among other things supplied sheep and goats for the temple services. 61 more words


Tehran Is Winning The War For Control Of The Middle East

Saudi Arabia appears to be on a warpath across the Middle East. The Saudi-orchestrated resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and Saudi officials’ bellicose rhetoric after the launch of a  25 more words


Is lslam a new Religion?

No. Islam did not begin with Prophet Muhammad pbuh but has existed since the time humanity came into being. Islam is the Way of all of the Prophets from the first Prophet Adam pbuh to the last Messenger of God i.e Muhammad pbuh, Islam is not introduced by Him rather He conveyed and delivered the same message what was brought before Him that “Believe in One God” He called people towards one God. 625 more words