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Hot Coals

There’s a hadith in which the prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam says-
“There will come a day when holding onto your religion will be like holding onto hot coals.”Not so long ago I read an article detailing the demographic of the victims of anti Muslim hate attacks.’ Female, visibly Muslim, between the ages of fourteen and forty five.’One of those thing you look at a moment to be sure of what just occurred to you, then… 119 more words


"If ..."

No – one can have failed to miss the hysteria (mostly perpetuated by the tories and John Mann MP) concerning comments made by Ken Livingstone. 522 more words

Donald Trump repeats false story about ‘shooting Muslims with pigs' blood'

In his latest round of controversial comments, Republican presidential contender Donald Trump repeated a long debunked story about a U.S. general using bullets dipped in pigs’ blood to execute Muslim prisoners. 452 more words


Canadian anti-Muslim Facebook page causes controversy

Kheon Clarke

A Canadian anti-Muslim group called the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam is causing controversy on social media for hate speech directed at Syrian refugees. 490 more words

Check Your Privilege, Mister Facebook Friend

I, like a lot of other people on the inter-webs, have friends (I use that term lightly) on social media who love speaking their minds. There’s nothing wrong with that, technically. 1,825 more words


2015: A History of Violence (archive)

It is almost 4:30 in the morning here in Saudi, and after a fifty hour work week-which included two nights with not one bit of sleep-I lay awake in my bed, restless as my mind replays the global news from the last two weeks. 1,123 more words


On Autonomy and the Hijab

Kelly Weill at The Daily Beast covers the efforts of French students to combat Islamaphobia and the French ban on “face-covering religious garments”:

“This wednesday, we—Muslim and non-Muslim women, hijabi (veiled) or non hijabi (and a few men as well ♥ )- invite you to a hijab-in-France-awareness-day.”

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