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On terrorists

you, with the pale skin
blue eyes
blonde hair
how could you possibly be
a terrorist?

I mean, terrorists
have brown skin
brown eyes
dark hair… 128 more words

The Making of Islamophobia Inc. | Foreign Policy

A well-funded network is trying to strip the right to speak away from American Muslims and fanning the politics of fear.

Source: The Making of Islamophobia Inc. | Foreign Policy

Religion & Spirituality

Overcoming hate. The 4 Sisters Cash Mob Story.

By Steve English

Way back when we all laughed at the possibility of Donald Trump as President a friend of ours told Ryan and I about… 585 more words

Comming Together

Muslims portrayed as "they" in the media

Islam is a peaceful religion where Muslims believe there is only one god known as Allah, and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was his messenger.


The radical Islam upsurge has led to Islam being the most stereotyped religion in the media. 534 more words

A War on Christianity

Is there a war on Christianity? Have the past eight years been tougher on those who wish to keep their religious belief systems because of fear from their peers and the public? 1,107 more words


A point about the Liberal Party's Motion 103

First off..it’s a motion…not a law.   So no one is trying to make eating bacon or not being Muslim illegal.  (Yes, there are people who think that). 171 more words

Dear Brown People

By Puja

[Ed. Note: This is the second part of a short series on what it means to be Brown in America. This is the companion to… 1,684 more words