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Hand's Off My Hijab

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Today I want to speak about the Hijab.
The reason being because of the apparent “scandal” that has surrounded this particular subject these past few weeks; mainly beginning from an East London school that had decided to enforce a hijab ban on young girls. 1,166 more words

Personal Essay on Standing Committee and Systemic Racism

Yes, I have read the document, in its entirety…it left me gobsmacked. What an insane waste of taxpayer money, in addition to being ill-advised. You cannot legislate thought. 574 more words


Hindi Film 101: A History of Islamaphobia in Hindi and Western Popular Culture

This is another one of those posts that I have been considering writing for a long time, and now suddenly seems like the right time.  Because, in a certain way, things are finally beginning to shift.  2,333 more words

A Very Ugly Man ...

It is difficult … nay, nearly impossible … to imagine that in this, the year 2018, there are still people who believe that women are a sub-standard segment of the human race.  757 more words

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Kick Me Out When I’m A Doctor

“Get out.  Get her out of here!”

The instant I walked into that small, private Emergency Room following the provider I worked with that night, the patient doesn’t even acknowledge the provider.   1,033 more words

Londoners pay tribute to victims of Quebec City mosque attack

Dozens of Londoners didn’t let the snow and cold weather stop them from paying tribute to the victims of the Quebec City mosque attack Monday night. 188 more words


Worst. Apology. Ever.

Donald Trump, in all his magnanimous glory (choke, choke) has offered to apologize to the UK if they want him to!  Now isn’t that a noble gesture? 506 more words

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