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Free Thoughts on Islam: The Mecca Qur'an

I was five years old on 9/11. I only knew there was God, Jesus and Buddha. I didn’t know about Muslims or Buddhists or Atheists. When my parents told me that the people who took down the two towers called themselves Al-Qaeda I internally giggled at such a strange name but tried to front a serious look. 758 more words


Muslims Are Not Terrorists, An Open Letter

Not all Muslims are terrorists.  Not all Muslims are ISIS.

This is not arguable.  This is not up for discussion.  There is no debate.  The words are fact.  431 more words

"I don't hate black people, but..."

I saw this video shared on my facebook feed:

Let’s Talk: Whiteness Project

The friend who shared it commented “please let this be satire” and I could not agree more, but equally I wish the comments on the video were satire, too.   983 more words



In face of my apprehension of the outside world because of Islamophobia
after the recent events. I’d come to America in a more stable period ( Or maybe it was me, and something changed)  and was surprised to see the dirt come to the surface as soon as something jarred it free. 151 more words


Stop the Hypocrisy

There are people in the world who believe Islam is a monolith; A single ideology with a hive mentality. All Muslims think, act, talk and look the same. 1,219 more words

كونوا على حذر                                         Keep your eyes open

تتزايد الهجمات والمضايقات المناهضة للمسلمين في الغرب، ويمكننا توقع استمرار وتكاثف هذا الاتجاه للسنوات القليلة القادمة، وبخاصة ضد النساء.  فقد تمت مهاجمة إحدى المسلمات في أمريكا منذ بضعة أيام بواسطة امرأة – على ما يبدو- قذفت نوعًا من السوائل عليها بعد بضع دقائق من مهاجمتها لفظيًا. 458 more words

Situational Awareness

The Art Of Silencing, 6/5/2016, The Unity, Liverpool

Delighted to be performing at The Art Of Silencing sold-out event for Palestine tomorrow at The Unity in Liverpool. Hosted by Maxine Peake with sketches, speeches, politics, song and poetry that explore the themes of silencing and repression, I’ll be joined by Northern artists in solidarity! Excited :) Xxx