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Judge tells Quebec mosque shooting victims not to blame killer's parents

Victims of Quebec City’s mosque shooting should not to blame the shooter’s parents for the tragedy that took the lives of six men and injured 19 others on Jan. 501 more words


The Truth about Grooming GANGS

If you are not aware this is happening You better wake up!! The UK has an obligation to

protect their own, and are failing Miserably!! The Grooming Gangs are taking the most… 48 more words

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Punish a Muslim 'Day' - if only

I wish, I pray, I hope that it was one day only.

That the fear that creeps into your gut and sends shivers down your spine when you take that late train filled with drunken excuses who you know will target you, hasten your pace as you walk through a non-Muslim neighbourhood as the glares are getting stronger, your presence is already being questioned and you ensure the car doors are locked three times over as you stop at the traffic lights, you’ve seen the pictures of the horrific acid attacks in cars far too many times. 517 more words

Punish a...FAKE NEWS!

Last month in the media, it was reported a letter had been delivered to people in the UK. The letter was known as “Punish a Muslim day”. 1,991 more words


Infidel 1: Discussion

by Drew Baumgartner and Ryan Desaulniers

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

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Drew Baumgartner

Image Comics New Series: Infidel

Infidel is a new series from Image Comics in the same vein as Get Out, only Infidel deals with a Muslim American woman living in an apartment building that appears to be haunted. 648 more words

Hand's Off My Hijab

Today I want to speak about the Hijab.
The reason being because of the apparent “scandal” that has surrounded this particular subject these past few weeks; mainly beginning from an East London school that had decided to enforce a hijab ban on young girls. 1,167 more words