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Muslim Woman Abused In Tesco Store For Wearing Face Veil Urges Victims To Report Hate Crime

The Lancashire Telegraph reports on the sentencing of two men for racially aggravated public order offences after one of them subjected a Muslim woman who wears a face veil to verbal abuse in the aisles of a Tesco supermarket in Burnley. 407 more words


Truthful Depiction Of Right-Wing Media's Double Standards

Media Matters for America posted a truthful cartoon depiction of right-wing media’s double standards when a crime is committed by Christian and by a Muslim. 55 more words


This Town In Michigan Just Elected The Country's First Majority-Muslim City Council

DTT: Right-wingers, racists aren’t happy for a town like Michigan to elect the country’s first majority-Muslim city council. They are going batt-crazy…

Hamtramck, Michigan (pronounced ham-TRAM-ick), a municipality of 22,000 that’s almost entirely surrounded by the city of Detroit, just elected the nation’s first Muslim-majority city council last week. 232 more words


You choose...Sun or Rain?

The most beautiful of souls are those who have been timelessly burdened before scars can even heal, yet still guard the flame of light with their forlorn hands. 454 more words

What Happened to Critical Thinking?

The world seems to be blowing apart these days. Part of the problem is an increasingly vocal segment of younger societal revolutionaries who apparently, are attracted to activism for activism sake. 1,542 more words

Black Lives Matter

A Guide to Islam: The origin of Islam, it's role in the media and a look into thre three monothiestic faiths

By: Kai Dawkins

Last night, bored on my 8 hour train ride back to school I was using my 4G LTE to watch a disturbing video posted on Facebook by Insider of a disgruntled white man yelling at a Muslim man who was announcing plans for a Mosque to be built in Spotsylvania County, Virginia (see here: … 1,211 more words

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The Blame Game: How Muslims and refugees are being scapegoated for the actions of ISIS

A Guest Post by Tangerine Dream

It’s been two weeks since the horrific attacks in Paris and there’s been an ugly racist backlash against Muslims living in the west and refugees escaping from war in the Middle East. 1,008 more words