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Fireman Sam denies Islamophobia, claims he has 'many Muslim friends'

Beloved children’s TV character Fireman Sam has denied suggestions that he is Islamophobic despite a scandal embroiling his television show, and has insisted that he has “many Muslim friends” while blaming the “accidental mistake” on the Chinese. 597 more words


The Day after Munich

It has been just over a day since the brutal and devastating attack in Munich, which left 9 people dead and more wounded. Not only has it come as a shock to everyone, but it also followed closely after an axe attack in Germany a couple of days ago, and therefore the fear that now Germany too was being hit by Islamist terror was spreading quickly. 808 more words


Peaceful RNC protesters are unified around a message of tolerance

By Christina Cliff

On PoliticsFitzU’s first day at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, students (and the faculty) were treated to a variety of events and individuals, yet I spent much of my day at a nearby park, talking to various participants and spectators at a collective protest.  491 more words

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Black Survival: The Toupet's Adversary

Poor whiteys and their

Broken hearted mistresses

Their crowns chafe on their

Expanding skulls

Like a balloon

That we all pray will pop

Like a wall, racial profiling… 17 more words


"The Night Of" is Dark and Full of Terrors

“The night is dark and full of terrors.”

That is a refrain from HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, but it applies just as well, literally and figuratively, to the premiere episode of the network’s latest eight-part miniseries… 795 more words

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Diversity within the legal profession

I wrote a piece as part of an application for an award that aims to increase diversity withing the legal profession – about increasing diversity within the legal profession!   894 more words

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It’s impossible to describe just how invested I felt in Tony Blair as a child.  It’s a bit of a hackneyed tale – but the Spice Girls WERE riding high in the charts, it WAS far sunnier that it usually is at that time of year and things COULD only get better.   1,802 more words