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Why the Burqa should be banned.

Globs of chilli sauce drip into Piercy’s bowel of vegan curry.

Next to him, Justin rolls up his sleeves whilst Beamer snaps a pair of chopsticks from across the table. 614 more words

Black Conservative Criticizes Islam; Receives Racist Response

A young man, who wishes to remain anonymous, criticized the religion of Islam after the London terrorist bombing that happened today. 434 more words

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COMMENTARY: Singh's star turn — and the obnoxious Islamophobe who made it happen

“We don’t want to be intimidated by hate,” he said. “We don’t want hatred to ruin a positive event … So let’s show how we would treat someone with love. 830 more words


9/11 Attack Victims with Foreign Nationalities

(my purpose here as names are read in downtown Manhattan today, is to remember not just Americans died on that day. Just found this blog entry and it will correctly show some perspective.. 265 more words

The Bigotry of the Trump Administration

Donald Trump is anti-woman, anti-Hispanic, anti-black, anti-anything that would bring the country together.

Sally Bradshaw, Republican Strategist

This appears to be the unifying theme for policy under the Trump administration.

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White Supremacy

Study in Contrast: Trudeau v Trump on Ramadan

In comparing Canada and the United States in their statements on Ramadan, you will see that one country is led by a bright, articulate leader and the other nation is led by Donald Trump.   537 more words

Trump Administration

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Andalusia’s Ambivalence: Between Convivencia and Islamophobia

Guest post by Linda J. de Wit about Andalusia, a region that has often been described by means of “paradoxes, contradictions, syntheses or contrasts. Andalusia can at the same time be regarded as a unique case – not unusual for a frontier region – and as challenging contemporary understandings and expectations about concepts like multiculturalism and social cohesion.”  2,302 more words

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