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A Crossroads in Saint Cloud: Culture War or Rebuilding Together

Featured Photo courtesy of  Sara Fromm
Article Written by Patrick O’Donoghue

On Saturday night, September 16, Dirhan Adan stabbed ten people in St Cloud at the Crossroads Center mall. 4,944 more words


Terrorism Has NO Religion: Breaking Down The Misconceptions of Islam

Imagine a person – let’s call her Jane Doe – who knows little about Christianity, little to nothing about the Bible, and knows only a few Christians personally (but not very well.) Jane only hears about “Christians” when reading about the horrific Crusaders in history books and when watching the news headlines about scary, hateful, violent acts and attacks that are being made by “Christian” terrorist groups like the KKK, Lord’s Resistance Army, Aryan Nations, Orange Volunteers, Nazis, etc. 297 more words


Women In Saudi Arabia Are Fighting For Their Freedom

We often associate the male control of women in Saudi Arabia as a religious issue in Islam, however, these women are taking their stance against male control in Saudi Arabia and showing a different side to what the core issue is.

Video source: ATTN Facebook


Uhm...But What am I Supposed to Report as a Muslim?

If you haven’t seen the second presidential debate on national television yet don’t waste your time. Nothing has really changed other then the fact that Trump has surprisingly made a bigger fool of himself. 297 more words

Enemies of Jeremy Corbyn Put Out Anti-Islamic Hate Content for Political Gain

We’ve been getting word that the link was broken or the embedded player isn’t working correctly for some reason.  Use this external link instead to view the content in question. 80 more words

Ahmed the Clockboy, More Lawsuits, & Saul Alinsky

Ahmed, Ahmed, Ahmed…

Apparently attempting to extort demanding a cool 15 million from the city of Irving, TX and the school district…oh, and a side of apologies too please…Isnt. 487 more words


One nation

There’s worse news every day.

Thursday, 15th of September: in her maiden speech to the Senate, Pauline Hanson declares that Australia is “in danger of being swamped by Muslims”. 1,226 more words