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Muslims are Islamaphobic

I find it ironic that (and I’m not the only one) western liberals (or western lefties for you Australians) have decided to champion the cause of the followers of Islam. 799 more words

Peace March Bound for Aleppo Crossing Through Germany

From Waging Nonviolence:

In the wake of untold civilian casualties in Syria, thousands have pledged their support for what’s being called the Civil March for Aleppo. 396 more words



It is true that all humans are born Muslims. It is just cause your families initiate you to whatever religion they are practising, that you find yourself practising it. 247 more words

A Revelation


“Oh my god, I think America is racist.” This may just be a quote from an SNL skit from the weekend following the election, but I think it also accurately describes how many people felt following the election. 602 more words

Election 2016

Perception, reality and Islamaphobia

Last week I was delighted to find some data which completely supported my existing prejudice.  That’s how social media works, right?

Ipsos Mori had conducted a… 200 more words

In response to my friend Brian Garrity’s short story “Sirens of Franklin” in his new book “Cig”.

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You all yell to the woman with the covered head… 220 more words