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Mashhad-i Bayazid Bastami: the work of a family

its towers like Kentish oast-houses

After having spent in Mashhad the days around Christmas, on the entry dated 9th of January 1934, we find Byron further West: in Bastam. 573 more words

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The Musalla of Mashhad and inscription authorship.

a ruined arch

In the entry dated 24th of December 1933 Byron mentions a number of monuments of Mashhad, that he missed during his first visit… 495 more words

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ISLAMIC ART-Public architecture

An essential element of the Muslim cities were the baths, which fulfilled the double service of hygiene and recreation. They were, like the Roman baths… 1,251 more words

Islamic Art

Islamic Learning for the Early Years

One of the most important duties of being a Muslim mother is to instill Islamic values and teaching into our children from a young age. It can be overwhelming when you may already have a lot to do but trying to fit in some dedicated time for Islamic learning¬† doesn’t have to be difficult at all. 302 more words


The Spiritual Significance of Islamic Art - The Vision of Titus Ibrahim Burckhardt

Burckhardt was a Sufi and esoterist who had marched practically the whole of his adult life on the spiritual path which leads to the encounter with the One.

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Islamic Art

Research Paper: Ismaili Architecture as the Modern Form of Islamic Architecture

Iram S. Khan and Shafaat Saleem Ali Khowaja are final year students of Social Development and Policy Program at Habib University (Pakistan). Currently, Shafaat is doing her honors thesis on the ‘Role of Faith Based organizations in the field of Development and Humanitarian assistance’, and Iram is doing her thesis on ‘Gender relations and post-disaster development in the case of Attabad disaster’. 48 more words