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Hijri Classroom Wall Calendar

We told you all that we have been busy! Masha Allah.

We saw how much you all loved the Ramadan moon Calendar that we decided to make a calendar you all could use all year long in your classrooms! 138 more words

Islamic Bulletin Boards

Arabic Weather Wheel

It’s Been awhile since we have been able to add anything new to the blog! Busy lives! Masha Allah.

In additions to our Arabic Alphabet strip for your classroom, we have also put together a nice sized weather wheel! 59 more words

Islamic Bulletin Boards

Things That Break or Nullify the Fast Addition

Ooops! We forgot to add the file for “The things that break of Nullify the fast”

This is the header, you can do as we did in our Ramadan bulletin board and make it a mobile addition to your board or just lay it out on the board. 32 more words

Islamic Bulletin Boards

Ramadan Borders

Ramadan is vastly approaching, insha Allah.

Have you been been brainstorming on your Ramadan Bulletin boards this year?

We hope we have helped  in making it easy for you by providing borders and bulletin board additions to help aid your children in learning all about the Blessed Month. 69 more words

Islamic Bulletin Boards

Allah Created Insects Bulletin Board

To follow our Insect lesson, we made a bulletin board that was so much fun!


Go over to Islamic Bulletin Boards Blog You can see the rest of the pictures of our board there insha Allah. 37 more words

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IBB's Hajj Board


We at IBB offered the files for our Hajj Bulletin Boards during Dhul Hijjah so you all could get a jump on making your Bulletin boards and use as visual aids in teaching your children about Hajj. 307 more words

Islamic Bulletin Boards

Hajj Bulletin Board



As Always, I am a little late posting this. I thought to go ahead and share and start ideas flowing for the next Hajj insha Allah. 148 more words

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