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Zaynab Al-Ghazali


“Islam has provided everything for both men and women. It gave women everything —freedom, economic rights, political rights, social rights, public and private rights.

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The Reality & Future of Islamic feminism

By Rachelle Fawcett

What constitutes an “Islamic feminism”, and where is it headed?

While women’s issues in the Islamic world are being addressed, the central issue of what “equality” means and how it is expressed go largely ignored. 2,210 more words


Feminism in a Hijab?

Before you skim through this article and come at me with blazing guns, take a minute to breathe. Count to 10 and tell yourself that this article is an opinion piece. 851 more words


Learning and un-learning your own stereotype

When I was growing up, Islam colored almost every aspect of my life – from my clothes, to my social life, to the food I ate. 423 more words


Islam and Feminism

In last week’s post, I discussed the need for us to connect with feminist thought on a regular basis, to shine the light of feminist consciousness whenever and wherever we can.  538 more words


Book Review: Paradise Beneath Her Feet: How Women are Transforming the Middle East by Isobel Coleman

Paradise Beneath Her Feet: How Women are Transforming the Middle East, written by Isobel Coleman, is a riveting book that discusses how Muslim women across the world are using the increasingly popular notion of “Islamic Feminism” to empower their respective communities. 554 more words


how not to respond when women point out an #allmale panel

 Muslim male “celebrity shaikhs” are exhausting to deal with. And a huge fail, too. They always complain that we don’t express our concerns “the right way” (about which, please see below), but then they block you and delete your comments and accuse you of “abusing” them or the comments section when you speak up. 2,885 more words

Death To Patriarchy