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Dear Zainab, the heavens and earth cries for you

Imagine your small, defenceless daughter or son being taken away from home, brutally raped, murdered then their bodies thrown in a dumpsite like a piece of trash….Exactly it is far too painful to even imagine. 588 more words

Do Muslims Need a Feminist Theology?

The following paper was first delivered in Frankfurt (Germany) at Goethe University’s conference: “Horizons of Islamic Theology” convened in 2014 by the Centre for Islamic Studies (Zentrum für Islamische Studien). 5,655 more words


Kintsugi for the Soul - Part II - by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

Continued from Part 1.

How do you start to put the pieces together? For me, it was imperative to keep a space to express emotions without self-censorship or self-prejudice, to identify exactly what was hurting me. 1,233 more words


Rape Culture and Muslims by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

There is no doubt that Rape Culture is installed within religions and Islam is not an exception. Lately, “honorable Islamic scholar,” Nouman Ali Khan (NAK) was exposed as sexual predator… 1,063 more words


I have finally made this! For a long time I wished to write on human rights issues regarding basic freedoms of expression, culture and religious induced misogyny. 378 more words

Who Does Islamic(s) Feminism(s) Belong To? by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

Who does Islamic(s) feminism(s) belong to?

The answer to this question seems obvious: Islamic feminism belongs to all Muslim women who wish to adhere to it, and  888 more words


The Holistic Approach to Women's Rights [2min VIDEO]

A short clip from my primer lecture, “Feminism and the Concept of Medina”, hosted by The Qur’an Initiative.