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The Joys of Gender Inequality

by Lenna

Feminists often tell me I’m not really against feminism.┬áThe problem is simply that I don’t understand feminism, which is about “equality.” Today I saw a… 969 more words


Recommendations for Paradise Beneath Her Feet: How Women are Transforming the Middle East

From the beginning, it’s clear that this book is just a few years old. The foreword even includes that there have been progresses and setbacks since it’s initial publication. 555 more words


Lost & Found

It struck me suddenly, out of nowhere.

I was sitting in a guest lecture, half-listening to the speaker, a celebrated lawyer, while my mind wandered about in idyllic loops of thoughts in a manner that is characteristic of a final year been-there done-that student. 1,604 more words

A Feminist Islam is biased Islam - but what's a Patriarchal Islam?

While many Muslims prefer to deny this, Islam is *not* a simple religion (no religion is a simple religion), and there’s no such thing as just one Islam–okay, fine, one… 1,550 more words

Death To Patriarchy

"I Blame the Woman"

When a man beats his spouse for not cooking dinner,
I blame the woman,
When a male yells at a female and insults her and she does nothing but listen, 197 more words


Menstruation, Ramadhan, and Patriarchal Ideas about Piety, God, and Purity

Ramadhan mubarak, everyone! I hope everyone’s been having a beautiful month of spiritual rejuvenation and reflection, connecting with their Creator (for any and all to whom this may apply), and I hope we’re all making the best of these last ten days as we approach the end. 3,079 more words

Death To Patriarchy

The Link Between Authority and Knowledge - or: how knowledge is gendered

Nobody believes me when I say authority has everything to do with gender (well, okay, some people do believe me, especially the Muslim feminists – God bless you all!). 649 more words

Death To Patriarchy