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A Muslim Feminist's Desperate Denial

Dalia Mogahed is a public advocate for Muslim Rights and a defender of Islamic beliefs in the American public.  On her personal Facebook page, she shared this meme: 713 more words


Islamic Feminism

“Islamic Feminism” is a form of feminism concerned with the “role of women” in Islam.

It aims for the full “equality” of all Muslims, regardless of… 176 more words


Islamic Feminism and Heterosexual Dogma by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

Reza Aslan says in his book “No God But God” that religions are myths. He explains that “religion” is a set of stories fluctuating between truth and fantasy that serve to explain and answer questions about human fate. 884 more words


Opinion: Barack Obama and the West Have Abandoned Their Ally Saudi Arabia - But They Will Regret It

By Rob L. Wagner

International Business Times

29 March 2016

Saudis have recently taken to describing President Barack Obama using an Arabic phrase “tarajala unn faras addiblumasiah”  1,086 more words

FemTalk#2: #TB: Sheeba Aslam Fehmi on Islamic Feminism and the Challenges it Faces in India

(This interview was conducted way back in February 2012, while I was interning with Tehelka. However, I believe its importance has only increased since then, given the current political climate. 1,216 more words

Celebrating Islamic Feminism This Women's History Month

Humanity! Salaam ‘alaik! It’s Women’s History Month. Of course, women deserve centuries of recognition and celebration, so this one month isn’t sufficient at all. But I’ll meh-ok this one month for now, given how rampant misogyny still is–and that  misogynist in le ‘Murrica can make it this far in elections and be taken so seriously. 1,824 more words

Death To Patriarchy

“The Marvelous Women” – Poem by Syrian-American Poet Mohja Kahf

Legendary Persian Queen Scheherazade
Storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights
Photo Credit: Wikipedia/Painting by Sophie Anderson

My Poetry Corner March 2016 features the poem “The Marvelous Women” from the poetry collection, … 449 more words