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how not to respond when women point out an #allmale panel

 Muslim male “celebrity shaikhs” are exhausting to deal with. And a huge fail, too. They always complain that we don’t express our concerns “the right way” (about which, please see below), but then they block you and delete your comments and accuse you of “abusing” them or the comments section when you speak up. 2,885 more words

Death To Patriarchy

Islamic Feminisms – A Challenge to Patriarchy and Traditional Religious Authority

Throughout the Muslim world, Islamic Feminism is taking shape. It presents alternative discourses on gender and Islam and aims to advance women’s rights within larger issues of social justice and minority rights. 1,185 more words

Gender Jihad and Epistemic Justice by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

In previous articles I have developed my personal perspective on Islamic feminism as a third narrative pathway that responds to the two traditional hegemonic discourses that exist on Muslim women, which I call… 830 more words


Menstruation, Ramadhan, and the Muslim Woman: beyond the whole "it's a break from prayer/fasting!"

This post was inspired in part by a vibrant discussion on Facebook at this FITNA group. (FITNA = Feminist Islamic Troublemakers of North America). Both the  discussion and the group are public intentionally, and we invite readers and participants in the group from all over the world. 6,123 more words

Death To Patriarchy

Quote of the Week - from Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here by Karima Bennoune

 In fact, the two Far Rights—the Western one and the Muslim one—play off each other. As Jeanne Favret-Saada wrote in the wake of the Innocence of Muslims conflagration, “On one side we have cowardly networks of so-called defenders of the West who manufacture a provocation .

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A Muslim Feminist's Desperate Denial

Dalia Mogahed is a public advocate for Muslim Rights and a defender of Islamic beliefs in the American public.  On her personal Facebook page, she shared this meme: 713 more words