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All Male Panels and Feminist Movement Building by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

Making visible gender inequities in the accessibility, acquisition, and transmission of knowledge is essential to breaking ceilings and barriers that prevent women from full participation. This is especially critical in religion, an area in which Patriarchy has bashed women in a systematic, deliberate and cumulative way throughout history. 1,052 more words


Muslim women scholars of Islam, the question of qualifications, and romanticized images of the "Islamic tradition"

The following was inspired by the #NoAllMalePanels conversation that took place on Twitter. Speaking of which, if you’re a Muslim man and agree that there should be no more all-male panels, your support is useless without your signature on the pledge. 4,697 more words

Death To Patriarchy

PUBLIC DEBATE: ISLAM OR FEMINISM: Which One Can Truly Liberate Women? Julie Bindel vs Zara Faris

The exciting and stimulating debate on ‘Islam or Feminism: Which one truly liberates women?’ is now available to watch online. The debate features the Feminist writer, journalist and activist Julie Bindel debating myself on the topic Feminism, Islam, Western culture, the Muslim world, the question of rights and justice, and… 247 more words


Document Upload: Complete

I thought I would upload my thesis. I m currently rewriting it and I know that some aspects might be interesting while others will be completely off but I thought, it has good info for whoever wants to know more about Islam, SNA, and/or the extraordinary online activities of Egyptian and Saudi women: 69 more words


The Joys of Gender Inequality

by Lenna

Feminists often tell me I’m not really against feminism. The problem is simply that I don’t understand feminism, which is about “equality.” Today I saw a… 969 more words


Paradise Beneath Her Feet: How Women are Transforming the Middle East

From the beginning, it’s clear that this book is just a few years old. The foreword even includes that there have been progresses and setbacks since it’s initial publication. 563 more words


Lost & Found

It struck me suddenly, out of nowhere.

I was sitting in a guest lecture, half-listening to the speaker, a celebrated lawyer, while my mind wandered about in idyllic loops of thoughts in a manner that is characteristic of a final year been-there done-that student. 1,604 more words