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Recalling the Courage of Shamima Shaikh by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

Shamima Shaikh’s name may be unfamiliar for you and many who are not deeply informed about Islam and gender issues in South Africa or who tend to identify Muslim women and/or activism for women’s rights in Islam with the Arab region. 1,169 more words


Muslim Feminism

Can you be a Muslim Woman and a feminist ? For some both of the terms together don’t go down the throats very well. If you say the F word , you can be dreaded for a woman who will run down the streets naked shouting weird slogans ! 663 more words

Women Issues

Walking the Line: Religion and Feminism

By Kali Nelson

Easter has almost come and gone and I am once again reminded that I walk a thin line between my religion and my feminism. 749 more words


Theories: Social Construction and Islamic Feminism

At first glance the case of Sahur appears as if it is easy to analyze but as I read the linked article in depth I realized how complicated the case has become as knowledge of the events gained worldwide coverage.   2,393 more words


Feminismo, relixión, interseccionalidade - Feminism, religion, intersectionality

Comezamos a andadura deste blog cun artigo da académica Sara Salem, publicado en The Postcolonialist, arredor das tensións existentes entre as correntes principais do feminismo occidental e as mulleres crentes e as relixións. 7,639 more words

Feminismo Islámico

Zaynab Al-Ghazali


“Islam has provided everything for both men and women. It gave women everything —freedom, economic rights, political rights, social rights, public and private rights.

2,086 more words

Feminism in a Hijab?

Before you skim through this article and come at me with blazing guns, take a minute to breathe. Count to 10 and tell yourself that this article is an opinion piece. 851 more words