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"I Blame the Woman"

When a man beats his spouse for not cooking dinner,
I blame the woman,
When a male yells at a female and insults her and she does nothing but listen, 197 more words


The Written Vs. Not Written Stuff: Death by Stoning a draconian law in Islamic Ummah Part II

The collaborative series, Part II authored by Papatia Feauxzar

“And whoever among you cannot the means to marry free, believing women, then from those whom your right hands possess of believing slave girls. 753 more words


Women Fighting Patriarchy ... Against Each Other by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

It is painful to find out the lack of understanding among feminists when controversial issues are discussed, to the point that it seems we have failed in achieving a key factor: transforming the way women perceive and interact with each other. 1,050 more words


A Plea For An End To Gender Segregation In Mosques

I am tired of praying in spaces where only men are allowed. I am tired of the fact that women are always either behind us, in a much smaller designated space, or to the side of us, once again in a much smaller designated space and of course, with a barrier separating us. 814 more words


Q: "How would you respond to those who believe women's rights in Islam is equivalent to "Islamic feminism"?"

The “Q&A” posts on this site are snippets of discussions I have had, or questions I have answered, in person, by email, or on other social networking platforms, which are collated here for ease of reference. 453 more words


VIDEO: Feminism: Heroin(e) of the Masses (Malaysia)

Here is the video of my conference presentation, “Feminism: Heroin(e) of the Masses”, which I delivered at the international conference held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) by the Malaysian organisation, Wanita ISMA, on 9th May 2015. 157 more words


No More Male-Only Panels, Meetings, Edited Volumes, etc., Muslims!!

On May 2-3, 2015, a “diverse group of contemporary Muslim educators” held a meeting at Cambridge Muslim College to discuss a contemporary curriculum for the Islamic Sciences and the future of the madrasa, the Islamic institution of learning. 1,244 more words

Death To Patriarchy