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Lost & Found

It struck me suddenly, out of nowhere.

I was sitting in a guest lecture, half-listening to the speaker, a celebrated lawyer, while my mind wandered about in idyllic loops of thoughts in a manner that is characteristic of a final year been-there done-that student. 1,604 more words

A Feminist Islam is biased Islam - but what's a Patriarchal Islam?

While many Muslims prefer to deny this, Islam is *not* a simple religion (no religion is a simple religion), and there’s no such thing as just one Islam–okay, fine, one… 1,550 more words

Death To Patriarchy

"I Blame the Woman"

When a man beats his spouse for not cooking dinner,
I blame the woman,
When a male yells at a female and insults her and she does nothing but listen, 197 more words


Menstruation, Ramadhan, and Patriarchal Ideas about Piety, God, and Purity

Ramadhan mubarak, everyone! I hope everyone’s been having a beautiful month of spiritual rejuvenation and reflection, connecting with their Creator (for any and all to whom this may apply), and I hope we’re all making the best of these last ten days as we approach the end. 3,079 more words

Death To Patriarchy

The Link Between Authority and Knowledge - or: how knowledge is gendered

Nobody believes me when I say authority has everything to do with gender (well, okay, some people do believe me, especially the Muslim feminists – God bless you all!). 649 more words

Death To Patriarchy

The Written Vs. Not Written Stuff: Death by Stoning a draconian law in Islamic Ummah Part II

The collaborative series, Part II authored by Papatia Feauxzar

“And whoever among you cannot the means to marry free, believing women, then from those whom your right hands possess of believing slave girls. 753 more words

Islam And Shariah Matters

Women Fighting Patriarchy ... Against Each Other by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

It is painful to find out the lack of understanding among feminists when controversial issues are discussed, to the point that it seems we have failed in achieving a key factor: transforming the way women perceive and interact with each other. 1,050 more words