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IFRS for Islamic finance – Development is needed with no delay

by Mezbah Uddin Ahmed

In just a few decades since inception Islamic finance established itself as an important element of the global financial industry. The reach of Islamic finance currently extends to not less than 70 countries. 1,672 more words

Ribā, Bank Interest, and Islamic Banking: A Summarised Response to Fundamental Questions

by Mezbah Uddin Ahmed


Prohibition of ribā in the Qurʾān and in the ḥadīths of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the central principle that necessitates the establishment of Islamic banking to serve the financial needs of present day Muslims. 2,903 more words


Skema Syariah untuk Pemula, that’s sound interesting.

This writing bermula dari menulis kata kunci di google ‘ORI atau SUKUK’ dalam rangka research data investasi jangka panjang. 615 more words

Bangladesh: Islamic banking continues to grow

by Mezbah Uddin Ahmed

The Central Bank of Bangladesh released the Q4 2014 Islamic banking development report. Total Islamic banking deposits and investments reached 1,441.49b BDT and 1,239.50b BDT at end of Q4 (1 USD = 78 BDT). 273 more words

Daud Vicary Abdullah talks China, AIIB, and the suitability of Islamic Finance in funding Mega Projects

Daud Vicary Abdullah, President and CEO of the International Centre for Education of Islamic Finance (also known as the Global University of Islamic Finance) discusses China, AIIB, the suitability of Islamic Finance as a means of financing mega-projects, and whether Islamic Finance is simply a niche or a genuine alternative to conventional banking. 299 more words


In numbers: Islamic banking in Bangladesh

by Dr. Romzie Rosman and Mezbah Uddin Ahmed

As one of the earliest Islamic banking player in the region, Bangladesh has the advantage of experience and demographics. 408 more words

READ: The Quranic System of Sustenance

Another text exploring how an alternative system could, in theory function, although this is simply one interpretation. By G.A.Parvez


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