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Islamic Sharia Compliant Investment Funds - Blog Series No. 2 Islamic Sharia Compliant Investment in Shares and Equity Funds

Dealing in equity shares can be acceptable in Shariah subject to the following conditions:

  1. The principal business activity of the company does not violate Shariah principles and Islamic Moral values.
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INCEIF Study compares Islamic Banks with conventional Banks

The findings imply that Islamic banks are not different from conventional banks, except for different branding to cater for a different category of clients

(INCEIF 2016)

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Nigeria Federal Government Debut N100b Sovereign Sukuk Islamic Bond

By Moshood Ayeni

The Nigeria’s Federal Government issue of the Islamic Bond, Sukuk, is a welcome development. This is an opportunity for all and especially the Muslim investors who intend to invest in Shari’a compliant investment. 763 more words


Debunking Sukuks

Assuming one can get around the root of the matter (which you can’t since these are facts which have not been questioned, rather they have been accepted by the practitioners themselves throughout history), which is; Money is fictitious, no intrinsic value, it is fiat, it is always loaned into existence – all money is interest bearing, furthermore, money is… 254 more words


Islamic Sharia Compliant Investment Funds - Blog Series No. 1 Introduction to Islamic Sharia Compliant Investment Funds

The term “Islamic Sharia Compliant Investment Fund” in this blogmeans a joint pool of collective investments funds, wherein the investors contributes money for the purpose of its investment to earn halal profits in strict conformity with the precepts of Islamic Shariah and Fiqh (Jurisprudence), and managed by a professional fund/money manager. 277 more words


Generally traders have two prices for their wares – a cash and a credit price.   The price of an item purchased on terms is substantially  higher than the cash price. 379 more words

Buying And Selling In Islam

PRESS RELEASE: Shariah and Sin 26 - Use of IP not licensed under "Non-fulfillment of another’s rights" Greater Sin!


SoftwareWithoutSin announces new Islamic Computing Systems Standards specific to Greater Sin 26 for Islamic Finance. These standards pertain to the Software being executed, its Governance and Licensing. 356 more words