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Russia looks to replace Western Loans with Islamic Finance

Islamic finance could help Russian companies hit by Western sanctions to gain access to credit, Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the predominantly Muslim-populated Russian republic of Tatarstan, said at the Kazan Summit Forum. 454 more words

Islamic Finance

Do you provide services for halal travel deserving of an Islamic Economy Award?

Author: Blake Goud

Halal travel is an area within the Islamic economy where many different product sectors overlap to provide the services demanded by Muslim travelers and destinations. 508 more words

Islamic Finance

Malaysia A Thriving Hub For Islamic Finance/Capital Market

The future and continued progress of Islamic finance in Malaysia would very much depend on the industry resourcefulness to build and maintain an innovative, competitive and inclusive Islamic financial industry, according to Bank Negara Malaysia Deputy Governor Datuk Muhammad Ibrahim. 644 more words

Islamic Finance

CIBAFI (Bahrain-based) Strengthens Role in Islamic financial Services

A new strategy will see Bahrain-based General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI) strengthen its role as an advocate for the Islamic financial services industry with international standard-setting organisations and regulatory and supervisory authorities. 431 more words

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Latest news about Islamic funding in Middle-Eastern aviation

Much has been said about the outstanding emergence of Islamic finance. But what is happening in aviation industry recently is something that is not getting unnoticed by analysts and observers. 328 more words

Islamic Finance begins to find a new home in Singapore

On June 3rd the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced that it will further develop its Islamic finance capabilities, making a strong statement to markets and industry players. 691 more words


The Adam Smith Institute on Islamic Finance

I find it remarkable how many non-familiar observers can quite easily spot the obvious spade in Islamic Finance practices, and call it a spade. However, for them to then completely ignore the issue that the source guidance (the final proclaimation and criterion; The Qur’an) never accepted any favourable position on RIBA (not interest, in any form, simple or compound), and that the deceit or falacy here should be put only at the doorstep of the commercial banking industry and its proponents who invented this fraud. 416 more words