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Y-Sing Liau

| Updated Jan 6, 2017

The Koran forbids charging interest or paying it. Yet even strictly observant Muslims can participate in modern-day commerce. 845 more words

The Muslim Times

Muslims Mourn Gold Price

A major announcement in Islamic finance has been sidelined by a sharp turn in market conditions. Guidelines by industry regulators now define gold-use standards for Shariah-compliant banks and asset managers. 111 more words

Islamic Finance

Sharia banking: Supporting establishment of KNKS

Fadhil Akbar Purnama | Published in The Jakarta Post on Fri, December 2 2016

This has been a remarkable year for the development of Islamic finance in Indonesia. 988 more words

Islamic Finance

Ways to Support Muslim-owned Businesses by Amina Salau

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

I’m often amazed at the solidarity between Muslims. Even when we are strangers, the brotherhood has a way of bringing us together. This feeling of brotherhood is also what I feel whenever I see Muslims running a business, either as their own, or managing a business that caters to Muslims. 637 more words


The New Islamic Gold Standard Could Send Gold Prices Skyrocketing

November 17, 2016

From GoldCore: A new Sharia Gold Standard set to debut in December could be the next big catalyst to push the yellow metal to new highs. 3,532 more words

The Muslim Times

"Khan contends that [...] '[n]either the [Deed of T]rust nor the Co-Ownership Agreement permit[s] the Co-Owner to obtain a deficiency judgment."

Khan v. Burson

Appellant purchased a home thru a deal with Guidance Residential, entering into an “Islamic Home Acquisition Transaction and Co-Ownership Program”. Appellant defaulted on his obligation to pay, and trustees initiated a foreclosure action. 27 more words