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Islamic Finance

Risk sharing or risk transfer?

In Islamic finance investors make funds available to entrepreneurs on the basis of risk sharing rather than by means of contracts that confine all risks of business enterprise to the entrepreneurs. 75 more words

Issues In Islamic And Conventional Finance

Articles on MENA jobless rate, Islamic finance, and Estonia

Phil researched and wrote three articles for the latest edition of EMEA Finance magazine looking at issues in the Middle East and eastern Europe.

In a long feature based on a major conference held in Morocco and follow-up interviews, Phil looked at the challenges posed to the North African region from high rates of unemployment, especially among the youth, and what countries and agencies can do to tackle that. 187 more words

Act of faith: Islamic finance

Around 225m of Indonesia’s citizens are Muslim, more than anywhere else, from a population of 260m. Yet sharia-compliant lenders account for only 5.8% of total assets. 127 more words

The Economist

Issues in Islamic and Conventional Finance

The analysis presented here argues that the problems afflicting present-day economies arise primarily from the use of interest-based banking. Analysis shows that, in contrast to the teaching of mainstream economic theory, interest as an incentive for ensuring an efficient allocation of resources simply does not, and cannot, achieve results that are in any sense comparable to those that may be achieved when profit is used for the purpose. 55 more words

Islamic Finance

FinTech Hive programme now includes Islamic finance

FinTech Hive at DIFC has announced that its upcoming programme will expand its themes to include insurance, Islamic finance, and regulatory technology services.

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Trying to Help the Student Loan

Student loan is a solution proposed to make students who are financially weak become able to reach higher education which is costly for them. However, this solution creates other problems, that’s why it is still debatable whether this loan idea is good or not, but here I only want to emphasize about one problem: the usury (riba). 834 more words


Outpacing the Mainstream: Islamic Economy Food and Lifestyle Sector Expenditure to reach US$3 Trillion by 2022

Islamic Finance

Outpacing the Mainstream: Islamic Economy Food and Lifestyle Sector Expenditure to reach US$3 Trillion by 2022

| 04 February, 2018 | General

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