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It is time that the nation demanded that not one more dime should be sent to any Islamic country that is not openly and purposely fighting against radical Islamic extremists.  765 more words


A Rose and ISIS

Both Shakespeare and Gertrude Stein observed that the name by which we call a rose is immaterial – and they’re both right. A rose by any other name does smell just as sweet, and it is a rose – regardless of what we call it. 460 more words

Islamic Fundamentalism

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Basically, therefore, belief is grounded in the field, which resembles a game. The field presupposes some rules of the game and the presence of interested players, both of which further presuppose a fundamental belief in the value of the game. 517 more words


My fellow Americans

I know I date myself in that I cannot use that expression without first envisioning Richard Nixon.  But at times that is just the right expression because it does remind us that we are all in this together as fellow Americans.  586 more words


Do not go to political sleep

I know that there are many things that I write which probably go straight into the ‘round file’.  It is clear that I am neither a fan of Barack Obama nor any of his agenda.  694 more words