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Newt Gingrich's Sharia Deportation Test

A friend pointed out Newt Gingrich’s Sharia Deportation Test to me:


I took the quiz. Result: I was told that Newt Gingrich is going to have me deported. 957 more words

Nice: a Carnage and Nativism


It happened again. France has been attacked.

On Bastille Day, 14 July 2016, France’s National Day, Mohamed Lajouif Bouhlel, who was born in Tunisia, but emigrated to France, drove a rented 19-ton lorry through a crowd watching a fireworks innocent display along the Promenade des Anglais. 969 more words


Policy Recommendations for Reducing the Threat of Islamic Terrorism Worldwide

Islamic terrorism is currently perceived in the media and by most Americans as the most significant threat to global peace. The conflict is most often seen as a so-called “clash of civilizations,” in which Western ideals of democracy and religious freedom are under attack by an Islamic “fundamentalism” which hates both. 2,561 more words

What the New Black Panther Party, Millennials, ISIS, Christian Conservatives, and Transgenders All Have in Common

Bottom Line Up Front … all of them have super-inflated disproportionate feelings of injustices committed at the hands of others. 

There was a time when… 2,811 more words


A certain amount seems to be agreed about the history of Islamic fundamentalist ideology: Saudi Arabia sought to fend off criticism of the monarchy by pouring money into the proselytizing of Wahhabism throughout the Muslim world; this intellectual milieu opened the road from one form of commitment to other, more extreme, forms of commitment; both al Qaeda and Hamas benefitted from this in the past in the sense that there existed a broad tolerance for Islamist terrorism.  580 more words

Wars Of The Middle East