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Syria: special report on latest conditions in Aleppo

Coinciding with the atrocious crimes carried out by the Assad regime in Aleppo, the outskirts of this city are also facing attacks by Assad forces and elements dispatched by the Iranian regime. 247 more words



(First published in Los Angeles –SEPTEMBER 16 1993)

The recent World Trade Center bombing in New York and the numerous attacks on other “soft targets” in Cairo and elsewhere resulting in the death of scores of innocent people have highlighted the danger of fanatic Muslim Fundamentalists. 2,296 more words

My Journey into The Heart of Terror

Title:                      My Journey into The Heart of Terror

Author:                 Jürgen Todenhöfer

Todenhöfer, Jürgen (2016) and A. O. May. My Journey into The Heart of Terror: Ten Days in The Islamic State… 255 more words


Between Moolah and the Mullah - Tufail Ahmad

Muslim community leaders of Kerala know only too well about this rapid radicalisation among the youth, but many of them are in denial. – Tufail Ahmad… 2,693 more words


Clash of Civilisations

Turkey’s self-styled Sultan and dictator for life: Recep Erdogan

In early 2013, an incident involving a 9-year-old boy named Yunus led to a rapid escalation in tensions between The Netherlands and Turkey. 2,983 more words

The Netherlands