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Has Daesh Been Vanquished?

By Lal Khan

Mosul fell and Daesh was defeated last week. Iraqi forces and the Iranian backed Shia militias recaptured the city. The brutish Daesh fighters used civilians as human shields but the exasperated Iraqi and other military commanders inflicted massive ‘collateral damage’ i.e. 978 more words


Interview of Dr. Lal Khan by “The Socialisten”

By Lasse Bertelsen

Interview of the editor of Asian Marxist Review (AMR) and International Secretary of PTUDC, Dr Lal Khan, by Danish Marxist paper “The Socialisten”. 791 more words


5 Reasons Women Should NOT Wear The Burqa (Video Blog)

The burqa is an oppressive garment that degrades women, and has absolutely no business existing here in The West!

Here are my Top 5 Reasons why women should NEVER even think about touching a burqa!

Politics & News

Iran opposition convention pioneers call for regime change

A massive gathering of the Iranian Diaspora in a vast convention hall north of Paris voiced their compatriots’ demands for regime change in Tehran. The colossal and energetic event, staged annually by opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran ( 851 more words


On Leaving Islam

By Andrew Bolt ~

The Australian ABC presenter Sami Shah has written The Islamic Republic of Australia , explaining why he and his wife, psychologist Ishma Alvi, has left Islam. 919 more words

Public Opinion

Our Relationship with Islam

Sociologically and historically, which religious creeds have been more vs less susceptible to being co-opted by triumphalistic nationalists and such, for example, or used to otherwise cloak violent agenda, I haven’t studied, other than to learn that it’s complicated. 15,495 more words


The recent spate of murderous attacks by ‘home-grown’ Islamic inspired fundamentalists, in Europe and the UK, has led to the promotion of the concept of an ‘enemy within’. 1,501 more words