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Taliban in 2015

Few days back, the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) released the details of their involvement in Taliban led operation Azm. IJU is a splinter of IMU (Islamic movement of Uzbekistan) and affiliated with Al-Qaeda. 94 more words

Treasury Targets Networks Linked To Iran

Today the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced actions targeting a diverse set of entities and individuals located around the world for evading U.S. sanctions against Iran, aiding Iranian nuclear and missile proliferation, and supporting terrorism.  3,669 more words

Door opened to challenge to U.S. surveillance law

Civil rights advocates said a procedural move by prosecutors could result in a challenge to the controversial U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. On Friday, the DOJ formally notified a Colorado terrorism suspect that evidence gathered under the FISA law would be used in his prosecution on charges of providing material aid to a group called the Islamic Jihad Union. 170 more words

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Feds obtained warrantless wiretapping by misleading court

“By withholding notice, the government has avoided judicial review of its dragnet warrantless wiretapping program for five years,” an ACLU attorney wrote about how the Justice Department misled the Supreme Court in its use of surveillance law. 356 more words

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Warrantless surveillance evidence to be used in US terrorist case — RT USA

In an unprecedented move for the US legal system, the federal government has notified a suspect in a terrorist case that it is going to use information intercepted through warrantless surveillance as evidence against him. 531 more words


Justice Dept.'s Warrantless Surveillance Case Setting Up Supreme Court Test

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department says for the first time that it intends to use information gained from one of the government’s warrantless surveillance programs against an accused terrorist, setting the stage for a likely Supreme Court test of the Obama administration’s approach to national security. 471 more words

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Al Qaeda Re-emerging

By Matthew Ernst:

While the U.S. has undoubtedly had many successes fighting Al Qaeda (AQ), AQ is re-emerging due to a wide array of regional alliances. 547 more words

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