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After Paris Muslims Now Fear A Backlash

After the atrocious attacks in Paris a week ago Muslims living in France and many other European countries are now fearing a backlash from the people, and I am not surprised. 931 more words


REPORT — ISIS: The Threat to the United States

The Gorka Briefing, by Dr. Sebastian Gorka,Nov. 23, 2015:

ISIS’s attacks in Paris, the deadliest targeting of civilians in France since the end of World War II, will change the political and security landscape of Europe irrevocably. 655 more words

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Mali attack: Security forces hunting 'more than three' terror suspects

Malian security are hunting ‘more than three’ suspects after a seven-hour siege of a luxury hotel in Bamako yesterday.

At least 27 people died in the attack on the Radisson Blu… 378 more words


Mali attack: Al Mourabitoun has claimed responsibility, but who are they?

Yesterday 10 gunmen took 170 people hostage in a luxury hotel in Bamako, the capital city of Mali, killing 27 people.

Terror group Al Mourabitoun later claimed responsibility via a Twitter post. 660 more words


I Left Paris 8 Hours Before the Carnage Began

Tuesday is for Reflection

I was returning from a trip to Israel and had a six hour layover in Paris. It was a marvelous experience, life-changing for many of us including myself, and it was a shock after passing through customs to see on the monitors in baggage claim that Paris had once again been the target of Islamic-terrorists who attacked innocent civilians. 316 more words

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The Paris Attacks Were Not 'Nihilism' but Sacred Strategy

By Mark Durie, Nov. 17, 2015:

LEADING commentator Janet Daley’s article in Saturday’s Telegraph ‘The West is at war with a death cult’ stands for everything that is woeful about European elites’ response to Islamic jihad. 1,957 more words

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ISIS Supporter To Breitbart: ‘We’re Coming For The U.S.’ – ‘We’ll Shake Your Existence’

Breitbart, by Aaron Klein, Nov. 17, 2015:

Abu Al-Ayna al-Ansari, leader of an ISIS-aligned Salafi jihadist group in the Gaza Strip, said he believes ISIS will strike the home fronts of “all countries that participate in the anti-Islamic State coalition” in Syria and Iraq. 589 more words

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