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Success of Obama’s Islamist agenda

Democrats blame Bush for “creating terrorists” by waging war on Islamists, but the only thing that creates Islamic terrorists is the teachings of Muhammad.  Obama’s agenda to weaken America and assist the Muslim Brotherhood in unleashing the Jihad has been an overwhelming success. 668 more words

Election 2016

Turkey: Container Cities, Uprooting Alevis, Fear of Infiltrating Jihadis

Since late February, locals from the predominantly-Alevi populated villages in the province of Kahramanmaras, or Maras, have been protesting government plans to build a “container city” (housing made from used shipping containers) in their villages supposedly for the Syrian “refugees.” 169 more words


Islamic State to India: “Either accept Islam, pay jizya or prepare to be slaughtered”

A shocking and chilling video with a warning to the people regarding the demolition of Babri Masjid, has been released by the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) that includes Indian Jihadis and Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, an engineering student from Thane, has been released. 176 more words


Robert Spencer responds to denunciation by Leftist Rabbi Shaul Osadchey

Recently I spoke in Calgary, Alberta, and was denounced before I had said a word by, among others, hard-Left Rabbi Shaul Osadchey. Rabbi Osadchey recently wrote a lengthy explanation of why he did this, in response to a letter he received from Brian Sander, one of his congregants. 17 more words


The Betrayal of the USS Cole

By Daniel Greenfield

“…The father of Hull Maintenance Technician Third Class Kenneth Eugene Clodfelter believed that there would be justice, but he was to be disappointed. 279 more words


Australian judge to jury in jihadi’s trial: “Islam is not on trial here”

A judge has warned a Supreme Court jury that a man accused of discussing making a bomb to start a bushfire as part of a terrorist plot was the one on trial, not Islam. 154 more words