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Islamic Jihad: Intifada 3 Has Begun, Harming Al-Aqsa a Red Line

The Islamic Jihad resistance group has claimed responsibility for sending the 19-year-old Arab martyr who murdered two Israelis and wounded two others in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday night. 259 more words


Thousands 'Like' Facebook Page Honoring Jerusalem Terrorist

A Facebook page set up in honor of the Palestinian terrorist who murdered two people and injured three others – including a mother and her two-year-old baby – has already gained more than 2,000 likes. 131 more words


Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for attack killing two Israelis


Israeli security forces and emergency services gather around the body of a Palestinian after he carried out a stabbing attack in the old city of Jerusalem on October 3, 2015… 78 more words

Prominent Norwegian Mullah Shamelessly & Finally Tells Full Truth of Islam to Norwegian Reporter

As Obama is welcoming 10,000 Syrian Muslim refugees to our lands, the once brazen Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper that published the infamous cartoons of Muhammad has finally bowed to Islamic terrorism.   305 more words


Europe’s Migrant Crisis Is Simply Muslim History vs. Western Fantasy

Progressive Europe erased or rewrote its own history. Now they can’t recognize an invasion by people to whom history is everything.

PJ Media, by Raymond Ibrahim, September 29, 2015: 1,143 more words

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Arabic-speaking woman on Budapest train eavesdropped on “refugees” who wanted to take passengers hostage

The Muslim Issue

“…Aida Bolevar knew how to speak Arabic and had been living in a Muslim country for five years. The “refugees” did not know that. 137 more words


Israel strikes Syria

Heavy fighting in Syria sent two stray rockets into Israeli-occupied Golan Heights

Israel bombs Syrian army positions in response to ‘misfired’ rockets that landed in the Israeli-occupied territory. 317 more words