Ramadan 2018: How to get your children involved!


As the Ramadan countdown comes to an end and we enter into this blessed month, I would like to take the opportunity to share with you some of what I have put together for my 5-year-old daughter to do throughout the month. 263 more words


The Night Journey (Shab-e-Miraj)

Asalamu Alaikum,

As the month of Rajab is coming to an end, the miraculous 27th night of the Israa (Night Journey) and the Miraj (Ascension) are upon us. 161 more words


Unit study: Iman

This week we started our unit on Iman. We talked about what Iman means in English and Arabic and then discussed the 7 pillars of Iman. 833 more words


Introductory Materials for Islamic Study

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

Those of you on my newsletter list (want in? Here’s the LINK) will remember that a little while ago I sent our a survey to see what y’all were loving and wanting more of as far as content from me. 699 more words


Dunia oh dunia

Seorang ulama memberikan nasihat yang sangat baik dan bermanfaat
Tentang dunia

Syeikh Abdulloh Mas’ud di Generus Nusantara Boarding School Kendal, 25 Mei 2017
1. Tidak semua orang yang ingin kaya itu pasti kaya. 231 more words

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