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Newt Gingrich on the Islamist Threat and America’s Survival

PJ Media, By Andrew C. McCarthy On January 30, 2015:

How is our nation dealing with the continuing menace of Islamic supremacism, the ideology that catalyzes the jihadist and cultural threat to the West? 1,567 more words

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Andy McCarthy in defense of Gov. Bobby Jindal's remarks about European no-go zones

Former US Attorney, author and expert on Islam, Andy McCarthy on Saturday praised Louisiana Gov. Jindal for his remarks during a speech in the UK recently.  245 more words

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Muslim call to prayer blasted out over UCLA

American Thinker, By Carol Brown, January 18, 2015:

As we know by now, after the powers that be at Duke University decided to allow the Muslim call to prayer to be broadcast from the university chapel, they later changed their mind. 190 more words

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Washington plans favor for Shariah-run society

During the Cold War, Democrats and Republicans restricted trade with countries that denied their citizens basic freedoms.

For example, the Jackson-Vanik amendment cut off trade with communist nations that did not allow citizens to freely emigrate. 319 more words