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The "Two State Solution": Irony and Truth

There is no lack of irony in the endless discussions of Israel and a Palestinian state.

One oddly neglected example is the complete turnaround of former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres. 221 more words


The Death of Free Speech: The West Veils Itself

Last week, Nazimuddin Samad sat at his computer at home and penned a few critical lines against the Islamist drift of his country, Bangladesh. The day after, Samad was approached by four men shouting “Allahu Akbar!” (“Allah is great!”) and hacked him to death with machetes. 149 more words


Was the Arab boycott imposed in response to the creation of Israel?


“The Arab economic boycott was imposed in response to the creation of Israel.”


The Arab boycott was formally declared by the newly formed…

131 more words

Dubai law firm offers job to Obama so he can learn more about tolerance of Islam

Eisa Bin Haidar clearly doesn’t know his man. He says: “A faction of the American and western media has constantly profiled Islam as a religion of terror and categorised Muslims as terrorists. 285 more words


The Koran is innocent!

“What of?”

Any taint of supremacism.

“So Mohammed wasn’t supremacist?”

Yes he was but the evidence is not in the Koran.

“It all depends on what you mean by supremacist doesn’t it?” 1,796 more words

Blasphemy Convictions Intensify in Sisi's Egypt

Despite Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s many pluralistic words and gestures, which have won him much praise from the nation’s Christians and moderates, he appeases the Islamist agenda in one very clear way: by allowing the controversial defamation of religions law, colloquially known as the “blasphemy law,” to target Christians and moderates in ways arguably worse than under the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi. 188 more words


UK: Pro-jihad terror cleric defends anti-Semitic Labour Party leaders

During an exclusive interview on Sunday, Britain’s most notorious radical Islamist preacher, Anjem Choudary, provided support for suspended Labour MP Naz Shah’s controversial Facebook post suggesting the relocation of Israel to the United States. 165 more words