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Former Disciple of Anjem Choudary Explains His Own Radicalization Process

A former disciple of radical imam Anjem Choudary reflects on how his childhood traumas and broken home led him into drug use and dealing in his teen years, ultimately landing him in prison. 1,367 more words

Islamic Supremacism

Archbishop of Canterbury Says It's Time to Stop Saying ISIS Has "nothing to do with Islam"

The Archbishop of Canterbury, leader of worldwide Anglican communion, has made a speech in Paris in which he intimated that the Islamic State might have something to do with Islam. 592 more words

Collapse Of The West

What Will Replace ISIS?

Before long the same administration that declared the fighting in Iraq over several times will claim victory over ISIS. The timetable for its push against the Islamic State appears to have less do with the victimized Christians and Yazidis who have been prevented from coming here as refugees in favor of Syrian Muslims than with the Clinton presidential campaign. 141 more words