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1). What is your favourite hijab?

My favourite hijab? Well I would have to say that it all very much depends on the outfit that I am wearing but my go to hijab that I wear a majority of the time would have to be my crinkle textured black hijab. 332 more words


Best of the Best


Born in the purest of Places (KAABA),
On the best of Days (FRIDAY),
Opened his Eyes and saw the best of Men, MOHAMMAD (S.A.W.), 60 more words


Defeat Them With Smile!

Never win people with arguments rather defeat them with your SMILE as they will always wish to argue wit u BUT cannot bear your SILENCE.


Priorities of Living Life to gain the Hereafter and Pleasure of Allah The Almighty. 

O you born-Muslims! You are not guaranteed a spot in Jannah if you do not think it is commanded of you to Follow the Qur-an & Sunnah. 2,515 more words


Psalm 24

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Psalm 24,this was drawn in Yerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles October 2009. I was sick and hardly attended any of the functions/trips that our group led by Christine Darg were doing at the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles. I stayed in my hotel room and listened to the Lord and drew. Looking at the illustration you see the Lion of Judah,3 Hebrew Sages(Abraham,Isaac,and Yacob) who make up the Israeli flag,the green is the Islamic terror around Israels neck like a terrible Yoke and the City of the Lord,Yerusalem in the backdrop as the sun is setting.Click on the image to enlarge,click a second time to zoom in again for more detail.

Obama’s Coalition Against Islamic State Debates Taking War Global

Obama said last year the war against ISIS will take a long time

by Kurt Nimmo | Infowars.com | April 30, 2015

0950… 477 more words


Footsteps of the Smallest Ant

In a story which Sheikh Ali At-Tantawi narrates, he says: ‘I was a judge in Syria, and it so happened that a group of us were spending the night with one of our friends when I suddenly found it difficult to breathe and felt severely suffocated. 712 more words