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He lost the woman, and he lost his religion

Ibn al-Qayyim (Rahimahullah) narrated:

It is reported that in Egypt, there was a man who would maintain the mosques, making the call to prayer, etc. He was, by all outward means, an obedient person and devout worshipper. 210 more words


Muslim Struggles?

While people are bashing a religion that they most likely have no decent knowledge about, they could be doing something productive, like helping the poor, donating their time to a local food bank or even just cleaning up the street that they live on. 856 more words


IBN UL-WAQT (Son of Time)...a must read for all

Now this is very interesting…IBN AL-WAQT (Son of Time)…a must read for all

Deputy Nazir Ahmed was one of the earlier Muslims ICS (Indian civil Servant) who passed the exam during the early days of British Raj. 417 more words


Why Illegitimate Children Are Kept Away From Some Posts?

Why Illegitimate Children Are Kept Away From Some Posts?

Question: Whereas we know that the children born due to illegal relations have no role in their illegitimacy and have not committed any sins, then also according to Islamic traditions they are not treated fairly. 1,184 more words


Islamic State settles into Ramadi, but the lull unlikely to last

Shi’ite paramilitaries riding military vehicles travel from Lake Tharthar toward Ramadi to fight against Islamic state militants, west of Samarra, Iraq May 27, 2015. Reuters/Stringer left1 of 4right

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