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Some questions for Salma Yaqoob

April, 2010: Respect leader (at the time) Salma Yaqoob’s campaign in Birmingham Hall Green.

The former leader of the Respect Party, Salma Yaqoob, has re-emerged from a period of relative obscurity and has evidently become a member of the Labour party. 770 more words

Labour Party

UK Trade Unions Stand Against Turkish Invasion of Syria.

Protests in the UK At Turkish Invasion.

Arms dealer shut down at BAE Filton! Blocking the entrance to multiple businesses who trade with Turkey.

Action carried out by comrades of British martyr Anna Campbell to show that business as usual is not ok when UK kit is being used to bomb the heroes of Rojava!

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European Left

Operation Peace Spring is launched, what now?

The long anticipated Turkish offensive against north-eastern Syria, code named Operation Peace Spring, is now under way. Ankara has reportedly informed Damascus beforehand. However the latter isn’t thrilled about the Turkish endeavor on Syrian soil, nor about the intended target, the Kurdish YPG movement that accordingly to Ankara is affiliated with the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK. 1,266 more words

International Politics

Trump Betrays the Kurds: Solidarity with the Kurdish People!

French Communist Daily Stood by the Kurds in their Hour of Need.

L’Humanité had a special correspondent on the ground during the jihadist genociders’ siege of Kobane. 825 more words


An Angry Shade of Blue in France's (Real) Great Debate

Last year, reacting to the escalating turmoil of the Gilets Jaunes movement, Emmanuel Macron launched a campaign of Great Debates – country-spanning town meetings, if you will, led personally by the ‘who needs sleep?’ President. 1,339 more words

Political Entryism: Rise of the Islamist

This is Andrew Scheer, leader of Canada’s Conservative Party. This video was originally posted to his Facebook page, and removed, shortly afterward.

Source: http://riseoftheislamist.com via The Quiggin Report

Government & Politics

The Gangstalking Of White Heterosexual Males and Females

Gangstalking in minds and imaginations of conspiracy theorists is a government conspiracy that is vast and unimaginable. However with me I don’t see it as a government conspiracy like I used to because it took years of research to finally realize that gangstalking is used by criminals, terrorists and radicals. 325 more words