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The Islamic State state of mind...

ISIL has always been significantly different from all previous jihadist organizations in one all important way. It always asserted the establishment of the Caliphate as its mission right up to declaring itself to be… 362 more words


History is still talking,are we still listening?

This is one of those just type the thought out kind of post. I am a huge proponent of the importance of history and there are so many events unfolding that begs the titles question. 82 more words

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Spheres Alive!

If I were to say only one thing about the recent agreement upon a framework of a policy in the P5+1 drama it would beĀ  677 more words

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A Picture Worth any Number of American Lives...

As the assorted conflicts now prove to be the regional power and religious lunacy based conflicts that they are this picture says it all.

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One of many maps Americans need to reacquaint themselves with...

Since the USA is either dragging its feet along or is being aggressively and unwillingly dragged into it the war between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran I thought my fellow Americans might want to see where their kid might very well end up dying. 318 more words

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What You Mean we going to War?

No we’re going to war in Yemen

Well maybe not us (USA) but a bunch of other folks sure the hell are and what that means for us is something we should look deeper into. 853 more words

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#letter4u is a farce...

So waiting for a table at a restaurant last night I found myself scrolling through Twitter. I found via the BBC a retweet fest rooted in Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khomeini Letter 4U campaign that looks to demonize the West and call upon the youth of the West to get into touch with Islam and the evils of the West yadda yadda…… 304 more words

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