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The Mont Pèlerin Society unpacked as a Neo-Liberal Trojan Horse

Memehunter, in an article presented on 29 October 2012, entitled “The Mont Pèlerin Society: The Ultimate Neoliberal Trojan Horse”…. Far from being merely a “debate club”, the Mont Pèlerin Society is an elite globalist organization that played a leading role in shaping the economic policies of several countries and in creating numerous think-tanks devoted to propagating the theories of the Chicago and Austrian schools of economics. 2,095 more words

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Colourful History of a Historian -- Adilah Ismail's Reading of Thuppahi Roberts

Adilah Ismail: “Colourful history of a historian,” in the Sunday Times, mid-2015http://www.sundaytimes.lk/150607/plus/colourful-history-of-a-historian-152007.html

Looking back on his ‘going-down memory lane interviews’ with retired Britishers and Sri Lankans who served mainly in the Ceylon Civil Service, Michael Roberts who was in Sri Lanka recently, talks to Adilah Ismail about the beginnings of a passion… 1,555 more words

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An Old Marriage with Deepening Ties?

Gamini Ilangakoon, in the Daily News, 14 January 2016, with his chosen title being “Harbinger of Democracy, Diplomacy and Development”

The Government’s Economic Policy Statement was made by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in Parliament on November 5, 2015. 2,269 more words

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Swallowing Soros hook, line and sinker

Philip Fernando

For George Soros Sri Lanka is ready to be plucked and diverted away from the Chinese orbit. To the Sri Lankan national electorate, saddled with a recent mandate overtly lope-sided with a Northern tilt and needing a durability strategy, Soros seems to offer a way out. 1,620 more words

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A Classics Man on The Depressing State of Lanka's Politics

Diogenes in The Island, 2 January 2016, where the title is “Politics: The inelegant art of ‘immoral ‘suasion!”

Percipient readers of The Island would expectedly be dismayed, when they look around and observe the intriguingly disturbing developments taking place in the local political scene. 707 more words

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Sri Lanka as an Investment Frontier -- Mark Mobius

Mark Mobius, 18 December 2015, with title Sri Lanka could be the next big investment frontier …. http://mobius.blog.franklintempleton.com/2015/12/17/travels-in-sri-lanka-the-political-and-investment-climate/

My team and I recently traveled to Sri Lanka and saw firsthand its great appeal as a tourist draw. 2,480 more words

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Goodness Gracious Me! How Siri-Ranil-Paalam has boxed itself into a Corner

N. A. De S. Amaratunga in The Island, 3 December 2015, where the title is “Government’ Dilemma” …. http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=136400

The government seems caught up in a quandary of its own making. 1,028 more words

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