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The Ceylonese Origins of Sri Lankan Cricket

Michael Roberts, courtesy of Himal Southasian where it appeared in Vol. 20, No. 7 in 2007

Modernity took firm root in Ceylon under the imperial aegis of Britain. 1,887 more words

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Sri Lanka Today in Indian Ocean Politics

Kabir Taneja,  25 January 2015, in The Diplomat, where the title is “A Game Changer for China and India in Sri Lanka?”

India may be celebrating the election result in Sri Lanka, but China is in the region for the long haul. 1,440 more words

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Homilies for Lanka's Immediate Future -- Friday Forum

In the Sunday Island, 25 January 2015. with title as ““Friday Forum on Independence Day and other urgent concerns

The Presidential election of January 8, 2015 saw a resurgence of the democratic process in Sri Lanka, driven by an electorate which, in unprecedented numbers, exercised its franchise to choose not merely a President, but the future it wanted for the country, the Friday Forum said in a statement issued last week. 694 more words

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EPW reviews Lanka's Economic Situation

Economic and Political Weekly as presented in Daily News, 23 January 2015

While the election victory for President Maithripala Sirisena was due to a unique political moment that united minorities and many in the Sinhala electorate to vote out an authoritarian regime, expectations of major change in economic policy need to be tempered. 1,321 more words

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Sri Lanka moves into 2015 in the Vice of a Potential Foreign Debt Trap, says Sanderatne

 Nimal Sanderatne, courtesy of the Sunday Times, 4 January 2015,where the title is “Reduction of massive foreign debt burden imperative in 2015″

Irrespective of whether voters choose continuity or change on January 8, the economic challenges this year are formidable. 965 more words

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Jayasuriya and Senaratne: Brief Comments on Razeen Sally's Evaluation

Sisira Jayasuriya, 22 December 2014

Dear Michael, I am with Razeen on this – on the pessimistic side. The boom in SL is temporary, based on a credit bubble and a public sector investment boom that is very wasteful and linked to policies that undermine the long term viability of Sri Lanka’s international competitiveness in global markets, hence unsustainable in the long term, particularly in the context of the current global situation. 164 more words

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Gerald Peiris in Slashing Critique of Sally's Evaluation of Sri Lanka's Political Economy

Gerald Peiris, 18 and 20 December 2014


This is unadulterated ‘Common Opposition’ propaganda and wishful thinking.

My prognosis is that things are proceeding much better for MR than initially expected, and he will win with a comfortable, (but smaller than in 2010) margin. 972 more words

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