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Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 10 - I Passed my O.W.L.s at Hogwarts

Day 3 – 11/6/2014

We got off the Hogwarts Express and headed into Hogsmeade. Hogsmeade is really well executed, but nowhere near as impressive as Diagon Alley. 350 more words


Saving on Orlando Theme Park Tickets

People visiting Orlando are often drawn in by the Theme Parks. Adults and kids alike get excited for the chance to see their favorite characters and ride awesome coasters. 652 more words

Around Town

Florida Trip: 2014-2015 Winter Break – Orlando Part II Day I

Greetings, After months of procrastinating, now I’m back to where I was born and have plenty of time in my hand, let me procrastinate some more. 2,035 more words

Experience And Opinion

Places to Visit in Orlando

Places to Visit in Orlando

LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park »Pictures of LEGOLAND Florida »

Central Florida is home to America’s favorite theme parks with so many things to do, you could go for days without doing the same thing twice. 1,359 more words


Disney Pre-Trip Report: let us in! let us in!

Did you know that some people do “resort-only” trips, where they stay in a new (to them) Disney resort, and just enjoy the facilities, restaurants, and Downtown Disney?  1,006 more words


First Date

A long long time ago, Mommy and Daddy went on their very first date. It was a double date with their friend, Ms. Jenny, on a river dinner cruise. 25 more words


Rollercoaster Enthusiast

Rollercoasters are certainly an acquired taste and I’ve loved them for years! As you stand in line and your palms start to sweat, the thought of the cart coming undone and flying off sits at the forefront of my mind.    177 more words