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Foggy Quay and Lots of Jellyfish, Isle of Lewis

So, this place! On a particularly foggy morning in the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, we went for a drive around and ended up mosying around here, probably the antithesis of a Meditterranean beach. 179 more words


The stones of Callanish / Calanais

I have neglected to follow along with Katharine Stewart’s A Garden in the Hills recently, as I’ve been posting about my trip to Harris.  Interestingly, her essay for the 1st of May overlaps with something I wanted to show you:  standing stones.  862 more words


Whisky on the outer hebrides

In about six weeks time, I’ll be wandering and roaming and romancing the Outer Hebrides. These Hebrides are the islands to the west of Scotland (next stop from there: Canada). 228 more words


...It's marathon week!

I’m not entirely sure how this week has come around so fast, but it has – MARATHON WEEK!

The hardest part has been resting, I’m an ‘ants in my pants’  kind of person (if that kind of person exists), I find it really hard to sit on my bum and do nothing.   456 more words

On the New Moon: A Letter to My Inner Child

At some point, we all have to take back the reins and provide for ourselves whatever we unknowingly or knowingly were never given as children. 158 more words

Moon Lodge