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My bike starts to become Trigger's Broom, and other stories

I started this post earlier in the week. Had I got much further than the title and actually published it, you would have been swept away on a sea of optimism and excitement. 1,514 more words


Crumpetisms - how dare this racism still exist

This is deemed bbc news (my blog) -my head hurts

Oh dear somebody is racist* to crumpets (my blog) how does the bbc find these… 25 more words

Media Rants

Musculoskeletal Therapy and the Pelvic Floor - Diane Lee

Welcome to our first guest post on the Forum!  Below, you will read about a recent complex case that our previous podcast guest, Diane Lee, managed with some sound clinical reasoning.   1,875 more words

Manual Therapy

15 Big Words Worth Knowing

“Adults who use big words in order to seem intelligent are annoying, especially those who are not intelligent.”

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

It may be hard to disagree with author Mokokoma Mokhonoana on someone using big words in order to impress others. 1,011 more words


【1.0 筆記】採購經理人指數 (PMI) - The Importance of Purchasing Managers' Index

  • 什麼是PMI (採購經理人指數)?

PMI 是一種綜合性的經濟指標,分為製造業和非製造業PMI。該指數的構成,是透過調查各產業採購經理人對未來景氣的預期,包括生產、新訂單、存貨、人員配置、出口進口訂單…等項目,反映了當前製造業狀況、就業、和物價狀況,被視為對未來景氣預測的重要指標。

  • PMI 編製單位

主要的編製單位有美國的 ISM (Institute of Supply Management)、中國官方數據 (國家統計局) 和非官方數據 (匯豐銀行) 、新加坡的ISPMM、和英國民間企業 IHS Markit。

台灣由中華經濟研究院發布。目前全球有超過30個國家有PMI 數據。

歐元區的PMI由IHS Markit 發布,每月調查3000家製造業的採購經理人,以8個國家德、法、義、西、奧、荷、愛爾蘭、希臘 (佔歐元區總製造業活動 90%) 為主。 160 more words

News Vocabulary 新聞名詞解釋

Synchronize Active Directory Groups with Ivanti Service Manager Contact Groups

This document shows a step by step procedure to sync your AD Security Groups and their members to Ivanti Contact Groups workspace.

  • In order to start, we need to create a couple of fields on the Employee and ContactGroup business objects and change the related Forms: …
  • 1,573 more words
AD Group

Pembahagian Fi'l pada sudut Mabni & Mu'rab

Untuk menguasai kemahiran mengI’rab ayat, perkara yang perlu difokuskan adalah memahami kaedah Mabni dan Mu’rab.

Kalau menurut saya, perbahasan Mabni Mu’rab adalah perbahasan fasa kedua setelah dikuasai istilah dan kaedah asas berkaitan kaedah bahasa Arab. 122 more words

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