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Photography and its Elements.


ISO in photography indicates how sensitive the pictures are to light, it scales usually in hundreds. The lower the number of ISO, the finer the grain produced in the picture taken. 402 more words


Cheat the light meter: under and over exposure in TV & AV cameras

We have already talked about the the Sunny 16 rule that helps us to expose properly without a light meter.

Sometimes, however, a correct exposure is exactly what we do not need: under certain conditions, is very useful to over or under expose. 640 more words



I am overwhelmingly tired today.

I want to go somewhere. I want a date with my spouse. I want to go back to bed.

I’m… 17 more words

How to Select Correct ISO Setting for Your Digital Photography?

When you as a professional photographer – amateur or specialist, analogue or digital – practice your craft or leisure activity, you will be certainly at once or one more come to be acquainted with the three letters ISO. 1,275 more words


The Basic Camera Functions You Need to Turn Off or Enable.

I’ve been teaching basic digital photography for a number of years and have students with just about every make and model camera. I have come to the conclusion that the camera menus are getting more complicated. 609 more words

Photo Advice

The Article That Makes You Think - (Using the Kindle App)

I’ve recently just downloaded the Kindle App for both Android and ISO. As I’ve never heard of the app before and never seen a use for it, my opinions have been changed. 501 more words