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Insurance coverage for drone use is coming

Although only one Schinnerer policyholder has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to use unmanned aircraft as part of the firm’s provision of professional services, the insurance industry is moving forward on preparing coverage for drone use. 346 more words

It’s Time to Celebrate: ISO 9001 Certification Audit with No Findings

Golden Promise Equipment (GPE) manufactures flow meters and pumps for a wide variety of industries. Located in New York with a factory in New Jersey, GPE aims to sell quality products to distributors, agencies as well as end users worldwide. 295 more words

ISO Certification

What is Quality Management System?

We often see, that a company declares itself that it’s an ISO 9001 certified company. Have you ever wondered what it means? To understand that we must have a knowledge about Quality Management system. 236 more words

Lean Maufacturing

Understanding your gears

Recently I learn from a pro the need to understand the strength and weakness of your lens, your gears.

It was quite a good enlightment, at least for lens. 64 more words


The Vintage Fashion Expo - the Power of ISO

I had early morning plans today which fell through, so I picked up my camera and headed back to the Vintage Fashion Expo for another attempt at capturing some half-decent images. 499 more words

Amateur Photographer

Lesson #1: The Exposure Triangle

The first thing you need to know about photos is It’s all about light and to get a picture you have 3 ways to “get” the light, This is called the Exposure Triangle. 652 more words


ISO Light Test

This week in my photography class we are learning about the relationship between light, ISO and shutter speed. Our first workbook task was to examine how our camera performed under different ISO settings with daytime light outdoors, daytime light indoors and evening light indoors. 132 more words