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Cyber insurance cover - check the small print

The insurance industry has responded to increasing cyber threats to client details, business strategy, financial details, intellectual property, passwords and employee information by offering cyber insurance to supplement existing insurance arrangements.  290 more words

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Data encryption

Sensitive information needs protecting from unauthorised access. Paper records such as staff details can be locked away. Information held electronically needs to be encrypted, the device it is held on may also need to be encrypted to provide another layer of security. 269 more words

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Will the publishing of UK cyber crime statistics be the wake-up call to take action?

  • 2.5 million reported incidents of cyber crime
  • £16 billion losses from cyber crime
  • Credit card details selling for as little as $5

The Office of National Statistics is now including… 150 more words

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Security GRC Challenges: System Assessments - Security Vs Delivery

First of what may turn into a series of GRC day job related posts. Here I’m highlighting challenges for anyone involved with system security audits or assessments. 1,400 more words


October 2015 is European Cyber Security Month #CyberSecMonth - tips to improve security

In the EU it is Cyber Security Month. In the USA it is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  It is good to see the promotion of good practices, anything to reduce risks to businesses and individuals is welcome. 889 more words

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Information Security - don't forget about paper

Over the past few weeks, I have been talking to a lot of small businesses about Information Security. Every time I get a reaction along the lines of ‘it’s an IT issue’. 219 more words

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Sharing some information is the price for having 'free' anti-virus software

Protecting your business and personal information is a fundamental part of information security. If you pay to use software or a cloud-based service, there is no reason for any information to be passed on. 220 more words

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