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Would your Business Continuity plan work?

A business continuity plan exists to deal with situations that you hope will never happen.  You cannot predict every scenario where it could be required, but a risk assessment should have identified those that are more likely. 334 more words

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Actions taken against servers and mobile devices

A report by the Aberdeen Group on full-disk and file-level encryption includes information on actions taken against servers and endpoints. An endpoint being a laptop, mobile device, removable media etc.   300 more words

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Be ready for Patch Tuesday, but also be ready to patch on other days

If you work in an IT team, you may have highlighted the Patch Tuesday days on your calendar when Microsoft release updates. Being ready to test and roll them out will give your CTO a good feeling that actions are being taken to address security concerns. 213 more words

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Security for the Internet of Things

Every device connected to the Internet is a potential threat to information security. In the new world of the Internet of Things (IoT), there could be… 392 more words

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How many companies would pay Ransomware hackers?

If Ransomware did get into a network 31% of companies say they would pay the hackers to regain access to their data. This figure is from an… 177 more words

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Windows 10, is WiFi Sense sensible?

Windows 10 will be here in less than a month. The WiFi Sense feature, copied from Windows Phones, may be a security issue that allows unauthorized people access to some WiFi networks.  273 more words

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NEWS: Highest Information Security Tick For Unicorn

Unicorn Training’s information security standards have once again been ratified as being at the highest level following its latest annual British Standards Institution (BSI) ISO27001… 374 more words