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Mother's Day post-loss, part 1

There are no commercial Hallmark cards on the market for women who, by planned or unplanned means, have lost their offspring. I know this, yet nevertheless I looked for one when shopping for a Mother’s Day card for my own mom. 140 more words


Why I Won't Get Close to You

I wish I could be like you and simply life live.

To those who are always ready to find someone, willing to be swept off your feet and to fall head first to the greatest love affair you could ever imagine, I envy you. 999 more words


The blues and The Bruises!

We have all been through it at some point of life. some of us managed to get out of it by themselves or with some help of their loved ones. 1,139 more words


You have all these people in your life but it feels like none of them know who you really are. It feels as if no one will ever understand you or what you’re going through. 210 more words


Starlings Read The Sky

Telepathic starlings told me here name, as they dived and swirled in a blue and cherry morning.

Her name, on her heart and the rays of the warming sun, and the defiantly reflective moon now. 210 more words


Unless You Shine for Me...

And were it not for the sun

would there be dream?

Would cloud cry upon the day?

I would find, you and I, slavishly cuddled ‘round dragon breath… 134 more words


The Disciple Up Low Down on the Christian Ghetto

When it comes to engaging culture as a Disciple or followers of Jesus there’s several errors that we see over and over again in church history. 758 more words

Disciple Up