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Isn’t It Pretty to Think So?

We have only one thing in common really, Papa and I. We both cut our teeth in the word stringing game as young newspaper reporters. I think by that definition,this is where our similarities end. 313 more words


Struggle Against Myself

Life is just humming along. The next week and a half is going to be filled with all kinds of work. Heather is finishing up her Master’s Degree and looking for a new job for when her internship ends, and I’m juggling two part-time jobs as we both prepare to move across town to a new apartment on the 31st. 1,319 more words

Blog Posts

Today I apologized to my Christian Feminist Once Friend

Increasingly, I have realized how much the abuse I have endured has isolated me from other people.  It has been a very, very lonely place.  To his credit, my abuser is the one who has recently apologized for this place that he has put me in.   1,434 more words

Who knew isolation could actually make you physically ill.

Since Sunday I’ve been feeling particularly sick. I was shaking and weak to the point it was hard to walk around. I detoxed and detoxed but it had no effect or even made it worse. 276 more words

Third One's The Charm


I was quickly marched around my future school, one that was going to be my savior or my destruction, I still haven’t decided which. It was called a hospital school, kids there walked the hallways with crutches and looked pale and withered and there were other kids who looked normal, I later found out that they weren’t. 675 more words



Coffee never knew it will taste nice and sweet, but after it met sugar and milk. It became yummy. We are good as individuals but become better when we blend with the right people. 202 more words


Your fingers dig deep in my chest,

Scratching along the grooves of prime rib,

Clawing through the morsel of meat,

While each finger seeps into a pool of crimson red wine, 126 more words