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Girls (Serial Experiments Lain: Layer 02)

(Weird Layer 01 HERE)

A city street in what is presumably Tokyo. Night life is abundant and people swarm the alleyways and corridors of the underworld looking for gratification and meaning in their otherwise vapid lives. 1,564 more words


Running away
Has always felt like home.
As if the real one
Has been a place
Of broken dreams
And haunted angels.

Running away is lonely… 17 more words

Turn Away

Start again, this time without infringing upon the rights of others.

I don’t like this and want to go home. I kind of want to kill myself at the moment, and then there is an other sadness that is incompatible with the rest of me. 643 more words

New DIY MFA Article on Isolation as a Literary Theme

In my latest Theme: A Story’s Soul post at DIY MFA, I dive into a literary theme that’s difficult for writers to explore and painful for characters (and people in real life) to experience. 115 more words


breath of spring

the light-

breath teases

neck long
been kissed,


she’s missed.

© Anthony Gorman 2018

Hands In The Garden

When depression screams, "Run!"

Having depression feels like a cyberhacker changing the coding of your brain. You’re wired one way, and then the next minute, you’re an entirely different person. 643 more words

How Pets Become Family

When illness strikes, the world can begin to feel lonely. It’s no secret that isolation is a side effect of illness; often one we don’t talk about enough. 501 more words