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Having epilepsy and being stopped driving, I gradually became isolated. Epilepsy impacted much of my life and that of my family. It affected views of others and my safety. 457 more words


Five Houses Down

Remember to close your curtains after dark. If I’m passing by an open window, I’m going to slow down and see what I can see. Though I’ve been rewarded enough through the years to continue indulging my guilty pleasure, it matters not what someone might be doing. 1,030 more words


woke up on the edge

of the cliff

unsteady feet

sliding on the loose gravel path

leading no where

I know that I


should… 107 more words


Darkness enclosed.

When we’re growing up, we’re told stories of dark entities hiding in the closets of our childhood rooms; but we’re never warned of the demons that will eventually enclose us, wrapping their long, slender arms around our already-fragile bodies, and pulling us into them, merging our beings. 66 more words


applied science


offering endless

to shun

© Anthony Gorman 2017

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Never Realised..

I never realised I was so irritating, not until today.

Maybe it’s because I care a little too much, or maybe it’s because they don’t care at all. 110 more words


Come and go

I see people move in and out of relationships with people with such ease, I envy it. I don’t know what it’s like to move on so quickly. 412 more words