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Killer Whales

I have had a recurring dream lately that I’m at sea or near the sea, and out of the menagerie of sea life, a couple of killer whales surface. 300 more words

Love Story pt. 1- Brown Eyes, Black Dragon

“There’s this moment when you’re doing something and as you’re doing it, you realize how insignificant everything is. And I was walking, carrying a box of tomatoes while my boss was in front of me on the phone talking about ice cream and cars. 489 more words


The Three H's by John Green

Names and faces

I don’t remember until

I see them return

Over and over again.

Twenty-three years of being

Without family and friends

Leaves desperation… 99 more words



SUNDAYS are kind of like the extra day of the week…kind of, sort of.  They are not reality days; they are the days that you kick back and dream of unrealistic things… 390 more words

My absence 

I felt under the weather. I pretty much shut down. I haven’t been that isolated in a long time. And this is one of the times, I was a socialite bee, I haven’t socialize that much in a while too. 375 more words


You Carry On

That’s okay
You carry on ignoring me 
I’m not your sort 
You should be happy,
You got lucky,
Born with everything you needed
While I got all the lack  81 more words


Alone! Alone!

Alone! Alone!

Amidst the whirl of loneliness
Blood was dead; brood was dead
Hood was dead; dread was dead too

Alone! Alone!
Amidst the swirl of loneliness… 47 more words