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monday afternoon

My husband stayed home sick today.  I feel like I have no freedom to do anything.  I know I talk about loneliness and all that, but I am worried about next week.   185 more words


Once I was standing in the middle of a crowd in a subway. I wanted to jump under the train. I felt so detached from everything, and people seemed somehow artificial, as though they existed in a separate reality from me. 969 more words


What Use Is Knowledge?

“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven” ~ William Shakespeare

I was having a conversation over coffee regarding the lack of relative and informed news in the MSM, and was hit with a quote from an “enlighted” New-Ager. 671 more words


Just A Bullet.

Just a bullet. Just a gun. I walk in. The gun is stable in my hand. It is the man’s end.

The man wiggles. He tries to slip away. 177 more words


Day 117

I haven’t thought of escaping much, and even on points of complete saturation I would think of escaping ‘with’ someone.

But since yesterday, I want to go away all by myself. 61 more words

Santa Barbara, California

For those of you who read my last blog, I never got my opportunity to rest over Thanksgiving weekend.  Instead, I woke up Saturday morning, still nursing the very painful blisters that I wore with honor after my time in the backcountry of Lassen the day before.   852 more words

Answering "What's new with you?"

What’s new? It’s a simple, standard question. We all ask it and have it asked of us dozens or hundreds of times each year. Sometimes it’s like saying “Hello” and the asker doesn’t expect an answer. 264 more words