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When my things began creeping at the foot of my bed

I started keeping things by my pillow

And when I stepped off my bed the books I hadn’t read were stacked to my knees the letters friends had written me poked out underneath… 111 more words


Give it to me

Tell me I’m not tired
Please, feed me that line
Give me your expert input
With rapt attention here’s my time

Tell me it can all be fixed with a happy, little pill… 102 more words

Dealing With Depression

I like it here.

“I like it here,” she whispered, chuckling, not knowing if he heard her. “Really do – do you?” Looking up from where she sat cross-legged on the floor, she brushed her hair out of her face and focused her gaze on – on no one in particular. 190 more words


Forgotten tenet

Marsh grasses brittle

made soft guided by

the gentle oscillating

long fingers of a

crepuscular breeze

fold under foot

and nothing

stretches forever

until the dying sun… 124 more words


a little nothing

a little

lonely wisp
of ivory string,

stripped from
ripped raincoat

at rest on
tip of

or left to

© Anthony Gorman 2018

Hands In The Garden

Two Halves

Two halves
You may think these words are heavy
It’s hard not to be with mental illness
Most would of stopped reading by now
Some stayed just to be curious… 186 more words

Just for Me

My birthday was April 26th. A big one. And I don’t ask for much from the Baby Mama but I desperately needed that weekend for myself. 408 more words