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PayPal, You Got Me At 'Isomorphic ReactJS'

I love PayPal’s engineering department. There, I’ve said it. I have followed what Jeff Harrell and the team have been doing ever since I started reading about their… 2,348 more words


Isomorphic Apps Part 2: Node, React.js, and Socket.io

When I was a kid, I went to the movies to watch Mel Brooks’ “History of The World, Part I”. I had a great time and could not wait for the sequel (that featured, among other things, HitlerĀ on ice, a Viking funeral and laser-shooting rabbis in ‘Jews in Space’ teaser). 2,100 more words


LeetCode OJ(C#) - somorphic Strings

Two words are called isomorphic if the letters in one word can be remapped to get the second word. Remapping a letter means replacing all occurrences of it with another letter while the ordering of the letters remains unchanged. 419 more words


Learnt this week... 24 January

My friend and former colleague Adam Higgitt every Friday posts a list of “five things I have learned this week”. It’s popular and good fun – especially as Adam is not afraid of an argument if you challenge some of his claims. 340 more words

The Rainboard

Maths and music – a physical isomorphic keyboard.

This amazing device is not on the market yet but what i’ve seen, I’m super impressed and can’t wait to see it launched! 301 more words

Hartshorne 1.1.1

(a) Let . Show that is isomorphic to a polynomial ring in one variable over .
(b) Let . Show that is not isomorphic to a polynomial ring in one variable over . 152 more words