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Policy or Personality?

“If you want to make America great again, seek the One who made America great the first time.” (Pastor Ken Lawrence),

My brother is pastor of River of Life Church in Sandpoint, Idaho. 356 more words

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Don't Feed the Animals

The food stamp program, part of the Department of Agriculture, is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever in its history. 321 more words

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Netanyahu Speaks at UN Thursday

Netanyahu: I’ll speak truth to power at United Nations: Prime Minister promises UN will hear Israeli side of the story as he departs for US ahead of meeting with President Obama.  429 more words

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Loving Death More than Life

Middle East terrorists boast that they will win because they love death more than life. What a perverse demonic bondage! Pray for their deliverance from the death cult. 391 more words

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Censoring Trump

There are a growing number of reports about the liberal media openly opposing Donald Trump’s presidential run. The latest example has dangerous implications for Jews, Christians and our American political system. 334 more words

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Yehovah vs. the god of Islam

(From the Introduction to The Hebrew God Who Has No Name, just published.)

There is a prophetic context and timing to restoring God’s Name. We are living in the day of the rise of Islam. 368 more words

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The Hebrew God Who Has No Name

My brand new book has arrived! Please consider ordering it online by clicking on the picture. It is time that we learn to use God’s name, which is Yehovah. 469 more words

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