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Revival of Ottoman Empire?

500 Year Anniversary! For several months (here and here), we watched the seismic changes in Turkey. Now a new line has been crossed. This Wednesday (8-24-16) Turkish tanks invaded Syria. 221 more words

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End of Season Sale: Pay Now Play Later?

Doreen and I were just discussing this. By announcing that foreign governments will not be able to buy influence through the Clinton Foundation if Hillary is elected, they have made it clear. 284 more words

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The Turkey is Coming Home to Roost

Ok, so maybe my title is a little too cute? But my topic is quite sober. The rise of Islamism in Turkey this summer and the feeble “coup” attempt has secured… 626 more words

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He is Able


He is able

He is able to do what we ask

He is able to do… 198 more words

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Vote for Us, We Killed More Israelis

Hamas? No. Hezbollah? No again. ISIS? Not even close. This campaign slogan comes from our friends at the Palestinian Authority. These are the same Palestinians to which Israel is expected to give half of their land. 467 more words

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Trump, Brexit and Christian Zionism

We are finished with our wonderful and fruitful New England ministry trip. We catch the train home tomorrow. Here is an excellent article for your consideration from Brian Hennessy in Israel Today Magazine. 76 more words

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The Democrat Bible

Every four years the Democratic Platform becomes more anti-Israel. Why is this? It is a natural result of leftist liberal ideology. It is very clear in liberal churches, which deny the literal authority of Scripture. 447 more words

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