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The Hebrew God Who Has No Name

The Hebrew God Who Has No Name is the title of a brand new book that I am co-authoring with my good friend John Fisk (available mid 2016). 376 more words

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Israel: Light to the Nations

Here is my vision. This is why I publish commentary on the internet via my blog and my weekly YouTube prophecy update. Jesus is the Light of the world, and He has made us light individually, but He has always purposed that Israel be a light nationally. 239 more words

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Passover: Life or Death?

Passover 101 Tonight, millions of Jews and Christians all around the world begin celebrating seven days of Passover, remembering a critical turning point of history. After 400 years of Egyptian slavery, God’s chosen people were freed to establish the nation of Israel in the Land chosen by Yehovah God. 385 more words

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UN Vote Friday to Condemn Israel

We are now at a critical crossroad in the US/Israel relationship. This week two profound and very negative choices face the Obama administration. One is the Golan issue on the Israel/Syria border. 570 more words

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I have told many of you that my daughter is a better writer than me. Today for your Saturday viewing pleasure is a link to a fun post from my youngest daughter, Andrea. 106 more words

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Good News Update

Here is some good news for your mid-week prophecy update.

  1. The arch from the Temple of Baal that was going up in Times Square on April 19 has been cancelled!
  2. 173 more words
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End of the Book - We Win!

“At the end of the day…” is an overused expression designed to close an argument. However, there is a much greater expression for believers: “I have read the end of the Book, and we win!” But, if someone asked you to show them the verses that settle the eternity question, what would you quote? 344 more words

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