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Impara a conoscere le spie che iniettano propaganda israeliana nella tua fonte di notizie

Gli attivisti di solidarietà per la Palestina “combattono per i cuori e le menti della base popolare”, ha detto e ha affermato, “ci siamo appena svegliati e dobbiamo fare molto velocemente.”  Copertina – Sima Vaknin-Gil, ora responsabile della direzione del ministero anti-BDS di Israele, un tempo era direttrice della censura militare. 2,241 more words

Joe Kennedy Sponsors AIPAC's Bill Penalizing Free Speech on Israel

With Trump as president, it is easy to forget that even some of those Democrats most vocal in their opposition to him are themselves pretty cowardly, often willing tools of their own favorite special interests. 429 more words

American Public Opinion About U.S. Aid To Israel and Other Top AIPAC Programs


Grant F. Smith

Dale Sprusansky: Grant Smith is the director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy–again, the co-sponsor of today’s event. 2,538 more words

Bad Moon Rising, by Philip Giraldi - The Unz Review

Tom is completely owned by the Israel Lobby.

Haley really is stupid. And ambitious. And is also owned by the Israel Lobby, which appears to be a thread that runs its way through all the Trump foreign policy appointees. 606 more words

Were Corbyn's comments comparing Israel with ISL anti-Semitic?

The Labour Party has been accused of anti-Semitism several times in its history, with the most recent row arising after it was discovered Naz Shah had shared anti-Semitic posts on her Facebook account before being elected as an MP. 954 more words


Israel’s apartheid regime salutes Nick Cave

Musician and writer Nick Cave declared at a press conference on Sunday that he wanted to ‘make a principled stand’ by crossing the Palestinian boycott picket line, dismissing widespread calls to cancel his group the Bad Seeds’ two concerts in Tel Aviv.   1,007 more words


Israel isn't Real: The Exposed Will-to-be of the Lobby Dependent State

Colin Liddell

Let me be very clear here: I like the Jews and I like Israel. I especially like the fact that the state of Israel was essentially a colonial state founded at the very time (1948-1967) when the tide of history was flowing most strongly against colonialism. 672 more words