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Israel’s apartheid regime salutes Nick Cave

Musician and writer Nick Cave declared at a press conference on Sunday that he wanted to ‘make a principled stand’ by crossing the Palestinian boycott picket line, dismissing widespread calls to cancel his group the Bad Seeds’ two concerts in Tel Aviv.   1,007 more words


Israel isn't Real: The Exposed Will-to-be of the Lobby Dependent State

Colin Liddell

Let me be very clear here: I like the Jews and I like Israel. I especially like the fact that the state of Israel was essentially a colonial state founded at the very time (1948-1967) when the tide of history was flowing most strongly against colonialism. 672 more words


The Big One

As no less than Richard Spencer has documented, the defining feature of the post World War II conservative movement has been the purge of “anti-semites,” an “anti-semite” being anyone not openly and slavishly philo-semitic. 1,977 more words

‘Disappointed’ AIPAC targets Gillibrand for removing her name from boycott bill

(Note:  The following first appeared this morning in Mondoweiss, at http://mondoweiss.net/2017/08/disappointed-gillibrand-removing/.)

At two town halls late last month, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand promised to reconsider her co-sponsorship of Senate Bill 720, the Anti-Israel Boycott Act, after a number of her constituents raised free speech concerns, to rousing applause, seemingly without dissent. 709 more words


Israel Lobby Pays the Political Piper, by Jonathan Marshall

There are two open secrets about Israel that both journalists and people in government are reticent to talk about. Israel has a substantial nuclear arsenal, and it has a highly effective lobby in Washinton. 380 more words


Why my vote for Corbyn on June 8, will *not* be an endorsement of the Labour candidate

By Daniel Margrain

On May 4, 2017, the free weekly newspaper, Barnet Press, reported on the announcement of the three Labour candidates who are to contest the seats in my area at the forthcoming General Election. 2,642 more words