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Donald Trump says he didn't mention Israel in meeting with Russians

President Donald Trump on Monday defended himself against allegations he divulged classified information in a recent meeting with Russian diplomats, saying alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he never identified Israel in his Oval Office conversation. 1,036 more words


Donald Trump says he hopes for peace in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia visit

U.S. President Donald Trump arrived in Israel on Monday on the second leg of his first overseas trip since entering office and said he had new reasons to hope for peace and stability to the Middle East after his visit to Saudi Arabia. 798 more words


U.S. President Trump to visit Jerusalem, West Bank in a bid to revive Israeli-Palestine peace process

After an exhausting two days in Saudi Arabia, U.S. President Donald Trump travels to Israel on Monday, attempting to revive the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process with visits to Jerusalem and the West Bank. 620 more words

Present in the Book

“In the book,” he said, “writing means absence, and the empty page, presence. Thus God, who is absence, is present in the book.”

– Edmond Jabes, ‘The Book of Questions’

Israel-Palestine Conflict

Donald Trump hopes to broker peace between Israelis and Palestinians

President Donald Trump has cast the elusive pursuit of peace between Israelis and Palestinians as the “ultimate deal.” But he will step foot in Israel having offered few indications of how he plans to achieve what so many of his predecessors could not. 1,087 more words


'Never Again', Again

“There is no question that Jews tried to enter into a dialogue with Germans, and from all possible perspectives and standpoints: now demanding, now pleading and imploring; now crawling on their hands and knees, now defiant; now with all possible compelling tones of dignity, now with a godforsaken lack of self-respect. 1,863 more words

Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Revised Hybrid Model as Solution

During last two decades Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a serial of repeated failures reaching peace agreements and implementing e.g. Oslo accords, combined with varying levels of violent confrontations. 3,187 more words