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Societies Under Siege: A Reply

I am extremely grateful to Elin, Clara and Katie for writing such thoughtful and  thought-provoking engagements with Societies Under Siege, and to Joe Hoover for kindly organising this forum. 1,519 more words

International Relations

The Myth of Incitement

This article was written and researched by a Davidson student who travelled to Jerusalem, but would like to remain anonymous

Several weeks ago, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Dennis Ross—former advisor to both George H.W. 645 more words


عصر حاضر کا فرعون

فراعنہ مصر کی آفاقی بدنامی کے دیگراسباب و مشاغل میں قوم موسیٰ علیہ السلام [بنی اسرائیل] میں موسیٰ کی پیدائش کو روکنے کے لیے ہزار ہا بچوں کا قتل عام بھی ان کی بدنامی کا اہم محرک تھا۔ قدرت نے موسیٰ کو فرعون کے گھر میں پروان چڑھا کراس کی تمام آہنی تدبیریں الٹ دیں۔


Israeli forces in disguise — one posing as a woman in labour — killed a Palestinian man in West Bank hospital

RAMALLAH, Palestinian Territory — Israeli forces disguised as locals killed a Palestinian man on Thursday during a raid at a West Bank hospital, a Palestinian hospital official said. 431 more words


Conceptualising and theorising antisemitism and racism - new paper

Conceptualising and Theorising Antisemitism and Racism: The Structural Context of Israel-Palestine, Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies 14.2 (2015): 149–164 (pdf available).


This paper provides a basis for re-examining the contemporary connections of antisemitism and racism through an examination of the conceptual and theoretical parameters of the concept of racism. 146 more words

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