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Is it Anti-Semitic to Criticize and Boycott Israel?

Yakov Rabkin is the author of the recently published What is Modern Israel? In this essay, he takes on the question that’s affected, most recently, the Labour Party in Britain. 1,665 more words

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IPGP: Origins

I have a lot of feelings. I’m not great with feelings, I’ll let you know that upfront. In my experience “feelings” are sometimes synonymous with “issues”, e.g. 1,701 more words

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A Christian Human Rights Monitor Describes the Horrific Realities of Life Under Israeli Occupation

“Don’t they treat us like animals?”

It’s a hot friday morning, in the third week of Ramadan, and we’re at Qalandiya checkpoint, monitoring access for Palestinian women, children, and the elderly (including men over 45) who are traveling to Jerusalem for Friday prayers at al-Aqsa. 463 more words

BBC accused of obscuring the truth on Gaza

BBC accused of obscuring the truth on Gaza – Record

As one of the worlds’s most trusted sources of international news, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been accused of biased reporting of the violence in Palestine.

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A Minor Revision of Major Relevance Re: [The Electoral Presidential Choice “We the People” Are Asked to Undertake is Literally Absurd ]

With trepidations, despondency, and sadness this writer is compelled to make a minor revision of major relevance to the Argentum Post article published yesterday, July 6, 2016 and titled ”  1,147 more words

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“I promised to show you a map you say but this is a mural
then yes let it be these are small distinctions
where do we see it from is the question” 8 more words

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One of the (potentially) brighter sides of Brexit

While there’s much, good and bad, to sort out about Brexit’s impact on the UK and Europe, it may, presumably unintentionally, be good news for the Palestinians: 563 more words