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Israeli Jets Launch Air Strikes on Gaza Strip

(GAZA CITY) — Israeli fighter jets carried out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday just hours after a rocket was fired at southern Israel, an Israeli military spokesman said. 382 more words

Palestinian ICC Membership: A Political Perspective

In this interview, Tim Goudriaan and I discuss Palestinian ICC Membership from a political perspective. We touch on the reasons for the Palestinians to join the ICC; the relationships between Fatah and Hamas on the issue; the effects for Palestinians on the local level; and offers expectations on how the situation may evolve in the near future.


Post #78: The Middle East Quagmire: Give Peacemaking a Chance

The desperate state of US policy in the Middle East became apparent once again with the ISIS rout of the Iraqi army at Ramadi. It was another setback for US-supported forces and the incompetent, sectarian government that directs them.  1,124 more words

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England and Wales: Al-Nakba re-imagined

How would you feel if:

  • You were Welsh,
  • and you lived in Wales,
  • and the English built a wall between England and Wales?

And if: 286 more words


Parodies of Parity: Israel & Palestine

Parodies of Parity: Israel & Palestine


As long ago as 1998 Edward Said reminded the world that acting as if Palestinians were equally responsible with Israelis for the persisting struggle of the two peoples was not only misleading, but exhibited a fundamental in misunderstanding of the true reality facing the two peoples: “The major task of the American or Palestinian intellectual of the left is to reveal the disparity between the so-called two sides, which appears to be in perfect balance, but are not in fact. 2,067 more words


Speaking … Truce to Power Reflections of a “guilty” bystander to the Israel-Palestine conflict

Having borne witness to seven weeks of fighting in Gaza which resulted to a multilateral ceasefire and a relative media silence ever since, anyone armed with a basic, cosmopolitan civic conscience, cannot help but feel helpless and hapless even, despite or rather because of the geographical distance which shields a lot of “us” from the immediate effects of the Israel-Palestine conflict. 6,328 more words

Rev. Naim Ateek, the father of Palestinian Liberation Theology

This trip is very special as it is led by Rev. Naim Ateek, the father of Palestinian Liberation Theology and one of the cofounders of… 107 more words