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Post #133: Left Unsaid at the Third Debate

Donald Trump waited one day before delivering the punch line to his sad joke, “I will keep you in suspense” about respecting the election results.  “Unless I win,” he said to great applause from his supporters.  625 more words

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Israeli rights group urges UN to end Palestinian occupation

An Israeli human rights group urged the U.N. Security Council on Friday to take decisive action now to end the country’s occupation of Palestinian territory. 342 more words


Nobody could have seen this coming

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

The Obama administration on Wednesday castigated the Israeli government for approving plans to create a new Jewish settlement on the…

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Israel-Palestine: Why the peace is elusive

Former (twice) Prime Minister of Israel, Shimon Peres, died on September 28, 2016 and was buried three days later, but prior to that he was sick, possibly in coma, for years.  1,421 more words

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Shimon Peres, R.I.P.

I hadn’t intended to write an R.I.P. post on him, as I didn’t have anything in particular to say. I had a generally positive view of him during the ’80s and particularly into the ’90s and Oslo, viewing him as a man of peace and all that—I was initially taken in by his overhyped… 657 more words


Speaking ill of the dead

Shimon Peres, who died on Monday at the age of 93, spent much of the last couple of decades of his life paying lip service to the idea of making peace with the Palestinians, and so it’s much easier for world leaders to… 566 more words