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By all means, let's keep giving these guys more settlements


A one-and-a-half year-old Palestinian infant was burned to death and three of his family members were seriously wounded late Thursday night after a house was set on fire in the village of Douma, near Nablus.

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Is something big about to happen at al-Aqsa/the Temple Mount?

Speaking of Israel and Palestine, there seems to be a growing concern that the Israeli government may do something to change the legal status of al-Aqsa… 547 more words


Hamas may need a new sponsor

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when Saudi King Salman took a somewhat surprising meeting with Hamas’s political leadership? Well, it seems that Hamas might have had… 546 more words


Just in time for Jonathan Pollard to live in one of them!

You couldn’t make this stuff up: a day after the Obama administration announced that convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard will be released from prison in November, Benjamin Netanyahu expresses his gratitude… 342 more words


The Iran nuclear deal

I should have had this post up at least ten days ago but Greece and other things (e.g. work) got in the way. I’m not sure I have anything original to say about… 4,657 more words


I lived by his side, now meet stray people, a play about an occupation -- on the anniversary of Austen's death

Breaking the Silence (see below)

Dear friends and readers,

From a long-time Trollope and Net friend who I’ve seen three times in Oxford now — we read Eliot’s… 1,675 more words