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Post #118: Cowgirl Diplomacy? Foreign Policy Under Hillary Clinton

America’s mainstream media, ever attracted to the splashy rather than the serious, has a new topic to occupy the time until Election Day: President Trump.  What will he do first?  1,667 more words

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Do you remember, the 17th night of September?

After months of stagnation, a rapid series of high-level political statements and diplomatic exchanges appears to have breathed some life into the moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace process once again. 1,333 more words


The Commensurability Challenge

The below is from Radical Conflict: Essays on Violence, Intractability, and Communication. Edited by Andrew Smith. Lexington Books, 2016.

The assumption that two groups are incommensurable, and locked in their culturally particular language, has some undesirable side effects such as cultural essentialism and parochialism. 729 more words

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Post #117: Evaluating Obama’s Foreign Policy Record

So you’re not excited by Donald Trump’s announcement of his first foreign-policy acts as president: building the Mexico Wall, the No-Muslims Wall, the End-of-NATO Wall, and the China Trade Wall.  2,657 more words

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Coventry commemorates Nakba

Coventry commemorates Nakba 

Saturday afternoon saw  Coventry people come together to take part in a flash mob organised by Coventry Friends of Palestine, to commemorate the Nakba. 343 more words

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What we did to the Jews

Many years ago, I came home after work. The house was dark, but the wooden floors and old plaster walls pulsed with the sound of classical music. 1,016 more words

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Our Plea to Jonathan Freedland: Treat Israel As You Would Any Other Colonial State

In Jonathan Freedland’s opinion piece for the Guardian, ‘My plea to the left: treat Jews the same way you’d treat any other minority’, he argues that in its opposition to Israel the left breaks its normal anti-racist rules. 1,325 more words