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Trend Update: UN Votes to Divide Israel, Jerusalem, and Golan Heights, December 2016

November 29, 2016: The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People was observed by the United Nations each year. This is the anniversary of the General Assembly’s 1947 adoption of the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine. 78 more words


'Is criticising Israel anti-Semitic?' Greenstein attacks a straw man

Greenstein: “the state of Israel was Hitler’s final victory”

By Zac

Tony Greenstein, who is suspended from Labour for alleged anti-Semitism, was the only speaker at a meeting entitled ‘Is criticising Israel anti-Semitic?’, hosted by Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). 896 more words

Middle East

Israel Reportedly Strikes Arms Convoy Near Damascus

Arab media reported overnight that Israeli aircraft had entered Syria and bombed an arms convoy near the capital of Damascus.

The Syrian regime’s official news agency confirmed the strike, and accused Israel of trying to “divert attention from the successes achieved by the Syrian Arab army and to raise the deteriorating morals of the terrorist gangs,” by which it meant all rebel groups in the country. 70 more words


Significant Roman Inscription Found On Mediterranean Rock Off Israel

A large rock discovered on the Mediterranean seabed off Israel earlier this year has on its surface a 1,900-year old inscription naming a Roman ruler of Judea whose identity was unknown to modern researchers. 320 more words

Amazing Discoveries

Tel Aviv: on a mission to unlock the family secrets (1)

I feel ambivalent about coming to Israel: I would never had considered coming here had I not learned about my Jewish ancestry. As a girl I was an avid boycotter of Jaffa oranges and supporter of Palestinian rights, and closed my mind to it – no doubt out of ignorance as much as anything else. 1,337 more words


Op-Ed: Warriors Aid Israel Fire Crisis

In the past week, over 1,000 homes were destroyed and 70,000 evacuated due to a wave of arson attacks in Israel. The over 100 fires also engulfed more than 30,000 acres of land. 257 more words

School News

Hebrew Academy Advocates for Israel at AIPAC

On November 13th, 7 students from the Hebrew Academy went to Washington D.C. for the AIPAC Schusterman Advocacy Institute High School Summit to learn about Israel advocacy and how to lobby effectively. 285 more words