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Day 6 - Jerusalem Old City

Today we woke up just before 7 to gather our stuff and meet our driver outside to take us to the Allenby bridge border crossing. The drive took about an hour. 764 more words


Art of the Deal!

I realized this week that for me, the Platonic ideal of a heartbreaking debacle is the sight of the US military high-tailing it down the road like scalded cats, fleeing the field, while the strike aircraft are called in to bomb their former outposts, destroying God knows what they had to leave behind in their mad scramble to leave. 1,415 more words


Russia's Mideast Rise, Fading of Pax Americana Presents Threats, Opportunities, Israeli Media Says

Sputnik – 18.10.2019

Earlier this week, as US troops abandoned positions in northern Syria under the de facto control of local Kurdish forces amid the Turkish onslaught, Russian peacekeeping patrols quietly began operating in Manbij, northern Syria in a bid to prevent fighting between Turkish and Syrian Army forces.

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Jerusalem - The Holy City

We hired a car to take us from Amman to Jerusalem. Problem is at the border you have to go through 5km of no man’s land so once you get to the border you have to leave the car, go through Jordan border patrol, get on a bus to take you through no man’s land, go through Israel border patrol, then find your next driver on the other side! 1,483 more words


Israel Next-Why?

Back home, surrounded by my familiar things, I continue to learn, to wander in my mind back to India. The Hindus divide life into four stages. 435 more words


How Israel Uses Bollywood to Whitewash the Occupation

Between Tuesday and Thursday this week, Bollywood actors are travelling to Israel for the Indo Fest TLV, a “cultural showcase” touted as the biggest event in the history of India-Israel cultural relations. 1,664 more words