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Bloomberg's latest anti-Israel editorial is not only surprising, it is inane - Bloomberg says Israel is 100% responsible for the plight of Palestinians, not Hamas, not the PLO, not Abbas

Don’t look for the words Hamas, PLO or Abbas in the latest anti-Israel editorial offered by Bloomberg on in the August 21, 2018 edition of the Taipei Times on P.9 entitled “The Palestinians cannot keep living under Israeli apartheid” penned by Hussein Ibish. 585 more words

“Dark Night” and Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross

When I began to formally study theology, many friends within my Christian circle offered me a warning. Their argument centered around the idea that Christians should not become too focused on the systematic analysis of the scriptures because such studies might diminish the thankfulness we have for God’s grace and love. 1,389 more words


The Perfect One

Do you ever long in your heart to be perfect? That is, perfect in thought, words and actions, not to mention the motivations of the heart. 837 more words


How Will All Israel Be Saved?

The Salvation of Israel

In Romans 9-11, St. Paul discusses Israel’s past, present, and future with regard to salvation. He concludes by saying, “All Israel will be saved” (11:25-26). 473 more words


Learning from Isrial

Our world is in crisis mode. By 2025 it is predicted 60% of world landmasses (40/50 US States) will experience water shortage or lack of safe water. 603 more words

Environmental Protection

One Universal Faith and a Multitude of Local Religions

I faithfully believe in God; but I don’t believe in any national, international, global, or universal religion.

Jesus was sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel (i.e. 53 more words


Now Hiring - Israel Engagement Intern

Do you like to meet students on campus? Have you been on Birthright Israel before or are you looking forward to coming with us this winter? 30 more words