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Palestine group wins UK High Court battle over ‘terrorist’ label

MEMO (January 21) – In a blow to Israel, a British high court has ordered World-Check, a subsidiary of Reuters, to pay compensation and offer an apology to a pro-Palestine organisation listed as a terrorist group on its global online database. 1,017 more words


In the last nine months of 2018, according to the United Nations, Palestinians – many of them children – were killed at the rate of around one a day while taking part in protests along Israel’s perimeter fence with Gaza about their right to return to ancestral homes.

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Enemies of the State of Israel who says Israel State sponsored summary execution. (ODT)

Israeli Snipers Killed 180, Injured 23,000 Gaza Protesters with Live Fire since March


Several stories have been heard,of parents abruptly changing their wills.The supposed heir turns out to receive may be only 25%.All the wealth goes to a new person. 297 more words


Iranian air chief: ‘We’re ready for the decisive war that will destroy Israel’

IDF says attack on Hermon with Iranian rocket, which prompted Israeli airstrikes on Iranian installations, was planned ‘months ago’ and approved by Syria 655 more words