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#FYI: A Cathedral and a Mosque Engulfed in Fire; One Ravages the Past, the Other Threatens the Future

April 17th, 2019

While fire ravaged Notre Dame, another historical place of worship, al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, fell victim to a fire of an unknown origin. 961 more words

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We must recognize that we are living in very dangerous times.  And, religious fanaticism is making these times even more perilous.  Christians, or those who claim to be Christians MUST STOP their misguided, even criminally INSANE efforts to bring about the so-called "end times".  You fools are making the world a more violent place for all.

Netanyahu vows to be prime minister for 'Jews and non-Jews as one'

In a luxurious event marking his elections win, the prime minister says he won’t be deterred by Israeli media’s ‘explicit threats,’ adds ‘many’ Arab leaders called to congratulate him; all while pop star serenades Netanyahu and his wife with a love song… 7 more words


In show of solidarity, Trump defends and protects Israel from International Criminal Court

The United States has made it clear that no international court, especially those led by human-rights violators, would threaten it or its military personnel. It has also made clear that Israel sits safely under American protection…



Growing up under threat of rockets, teens speak out as they prepare for military service

From infancy, and for the past 18 years, life, was a cycle of rocket attacks and out-right war; as they head into adulthood, teens are sure calm will continue to elude the area… 7 more words


Robert Fulford: Why the Arabs are ready for peace with Israel

“Israel is a reality, Arabs and Israelis must negotiate their future together.”

When those words appeared on my screen last week, they looked like good advice from a European or American source, the kind of advice that Arabs usually ignore. 602 more words

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WARRIOR FOR ISRAEL: Even Before He Was Inaugurated, Trump Fought to Block Anti-Israel U.N. Resolution, Report Says

Even before he was inaugurated as the President of the United States, Donald Trump was fiercely pro-Israel. In December 2016, after he was elected but not yet inaugurated, he reportedly worked with foreign governments to urge them to oppose a U.N.

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