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This week on Wizardof.il FB- IRAN - July 21st

This week, the main topic is Iran, Iran and again, Iran. And some more Iran. The United States signed a ridiculous agreement with Iran, in which they basically capitulated to all of Iran’s demands, removed sanctions and paved the way for the most dangerous country in the world to acquire the means for destroying the world. 1,754 more words

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This week on Wizardof.il FB page- June 30th (Double feature)

I’m calling this week’s post a double feature because due to army reserve duty last week, I didn’t have time to post last week’s post. Yes, here in Israel we have army reserve duty. 3,467 more words

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This week on Wizardof.il FB- June 15th 2015

The big scandal of the past few days has been the question of whether or not the Israeli government should be funding cultural events even though they go against the core principles of the country. 712 more words

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This week on Wizardof.il FB- June 8th

This week, the “drizzle” of rocket fire continued in the south. Israelis are worried that we may have a repeat of last summer. And in the meantime, life goes on. 1,249 more words

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This week on Wizardof.il's FB

While I write posts rather sparingly these days, I do share links and statuses on Facebook quite a lot. I’m starting a weekly blogpost, in which I’ll bring the updates from the past week. 985 more words

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Say again? Who wants to help us?!?

I’ve belonged to the Hebrew University community in Jerusalem for eight years now, so you can take my word when I tell you that when various faculties hold extra-curricular lectures during class time, they usually don’t expect more than 20 or so students, who just happen to have a free period, to show up. 1,660 more words

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BRET STEPHENS: Israel’s Minister Without Apologies

Wall Street Journal: A rising conservative star says the old formulas for pursuing peace with the Palestinians are obsolete. The two-state solution? Not anytime soon. 78 more words