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Unearthing the past for the sake of Zion

Generally speaking, ancient artifacts tell a particular story of a particular people. Tellingly, there are no archaeological Palestinian Arab sites – but there are plenty of Jewish ones. 822 more words

Israeli-Arab Conflict

Book Review: "Judas" / by Amos Oz

I knew that Amos Oz was an Israeli writer, but that was about it, and I’d never read anything by him. On a recommendation (my therapist’s actually) I thought I’d give it a try, as I’d always had an interest in Judas, and am so glad I did. 651 more words


So-called Palestinians have no history in Israel – except as terrorists

Until it is acknowledged by the UN and other bodies that the Jewish people and not the Arabs are the indigenous inhabitants of Eretz Israel, it is going to be difficult to break the impasse of anti-Jewish prejudice that is the real obstacle to peace. 1,891 more words

Israeli-Arab Conflict

Exposing deception: The cult of Palestinianism

It is crucial that the Palestinian deception is exposed for what it is – an anti-Semitic, terroristic, racist cult that spreads Jew-hatred, legitimizes murder and destabilizes societies. 706 more words

Israeli-Arab Conflict

The nations hate Jews – and that’s why they want a Palestinian state

A Palestinian state is in contention only because it satisfies the world’s antisemitic bloodlust

By Richard Mather

Syria is dying, Islamists are murdering European civilians, ISIS and affiliated groups are on the rampage in the Middle East, food and water are in short supply in Africa.  759 more words

Israeli-Arab Conflict

Op-ed: UN vote may actually accelerate Israeli sovereignty in Judea-Samaria

The Security Council votes on resolution reiterating its demand that Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities. The vote was 14 in favour, with one abstention (United States). 732 more words

Israeli-Arab Conflict

Palestinianism: When people of all faiths (and none) conspire against Israel

People who call for Jews to be exiled from the Land of Israel are evangelists for a new quasi-religion called Palestinianism, which has positioned itself as the most contemporary of interfaith ideologies. 1,686 more words

Israeli-Arab Conflict