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Destruction beyond words.

I just read this from Maan News Agency. It’s a very grim report and even worse than I thought.

-Eight thousand eight hundred homes have been… 566 more words

Bogus terrorism.

Israeli’s suffer perpetual bogus terrorism syndrome. Most governments wants us all to suffer from it so that they can ‘protect us’ from the constant threat of those awful terrorists. 570 more words

Gaza conflict: Erez crossing 'attacked' .

The subject header of this post is part of a BBC headline stating that Erez crossing had been closed due to rocket attacks from Gaza. So I did a Google web search and then an image search, neither of which produced any evidence of rocket attacks on Erez. 318 more words

MEDIA HYPOCRISY: Palestinian child killed no media uproar, Israeli child killed, everybody loses their minds

Hundreds of Palestinian children have died as the Israeli forces continue their mission of ethnic cleansing but the media has turned a blind eye on them, instead they have defended the genocide in Gaza and portray the Benjamin Nyatiyahu or whatever his name is as a man fighting terrorist attacks but are children and babies terrorists? 80 more words


I am alive after nine days of the Israeli Attack on Gaza!

I still don’t believe that the Israeli attacks on Gaza happened. It is incredible that I’m alive!. Everything happened like a long nightmare.. Each moment passed slowly, while my heart was beating too fast, and its pulses was like a bitter drops of water.. 253 more words

Free speech takes a back seat: Pro-Israel group demands Hamas tweet ban | ummid.com

Free speech takes a back seat: Pro-Israel group demands Hamas tweet ban | ummid.com.

The group, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), hoped to drum up support from more than its 1 million members amid an ongoing deadly conflict between Israel and Palestinians, al Arabiya reported Tuesday.

Bangladesh condemns Israeli 'atrocities' in Gaza | ummid.com

Bangladesh condemns Israeli ‘atrocities’ in Gaza | ummid.com.

The ministry of foreign affairs said Dhaka strongly condemned the Israeli action and “calls for an immediate cessation of its atrocities on the civilian population in Gaza and to ensure a reversal to normality”, Xinhua reported.