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Bibi's speech proves Barack's point

Barack Obama had it pegged. Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech today before a joint congressional session will play well in Israel and because of the proximity to the upcoming election, it was totally inappropriate for the Israeli prime minister to make such a speech in that venue. 275 more words

Barack Obama

"The Catastrophe Bibi Is Courting": Bolstering His Re-Election And Pushing For War, He Should Be Careful What You Wishes For

So Bibi Netanyahu did not back down, and he’s here now in the United States, and he’s giving the speech Tuesday. In doing so, he has forced a true low point in U.S.-Israel relations. 1,042 more words


On U.S. visit, Netanyahu warns an Iran deal could threaten Israel's existence

By Dan Williams and Matt Spetalnick

WASHINGTON Mon Mar 2, 2015 11:19am EST

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference in Washington, March 2, 2015. 376 more words

European Jewish Congress President, Moshe Kantor Trying to Influence Israeli Elections

The controversy surrounding Israel’s March election has reached a fever pitch, with everyone from foreign governments and lobbyists to wealthy individuals chiming in. Front page scandals such as the American Republican party’s “intervention” have eclipsed the less topical scandals, but every day brings new chaos on a scale that only “hot topics” like Israel can amass. 314 more words

"Viva La Incompétence!": Boehner's and Bibi's Blunders 'Liberate' U.S. Foreign Policy From NeoCons

It’s all happening because I am completely ignoring every urge towards common sense and good judgment I’ve ever had–George Costanza, “Seinfeld”.

President Dwight Eisenhower warned against the growing power of the military-industrial complex, but even the former 5-star general Supreme Allied Commander in World War II couldn’t do it. 906 more words


"Ham Handed Politics": Netanyahu Becomes Political Player, So Kerry Treats Him Like One

Secretary of State John Kerry testified on Capitol Hill yesterday, and going into the hearing, it was widely expected that he’d tout the importance of international nuclear talks with Iran. 529 more words


Who cares about the Israeli elections?  

Don’t mention the ‘p’ word in the Israeli elections. It won’t turn heads and it would only bring a shrug of the shoulders and a rolling of eyes. 339 more words