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The 2015 Election Tel Aviv District Vote – The Most Comprehensive Report and Data in English on Tel Aviv District:

Opposition Leader Herzog led the Zionist Union to first place in the Tel Aviv district with 26.9% of the vote and picked up six seats from the district. 551 more words


The 2015 Election Jerusalem District Vote – The Most Comprehensive Report and Data in English on Jerusalem District:

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud Party won the Jerusalem District with 24.8% of the 2015 vote, which gave them about 2.5 of the 30 seats they won nationally. 1,145 more words


Netanyahu in under the wire

Crisis averted, I guess. Benjamin Netanyahu cut a deal with Naftali Bennett literally minutes before the deadline, so he’s the proud leader of a brand new… 175 more words


Bibi-sitter hanging on by the skin of his teeth

Apparent Israeli election winner Benjamin Netanyahu has until midnight tonight to cobble together a 61 seat majority in the Knesset before Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has to give somebody else a crack at the job. 752 more words


Racism in Israeli Society: Winning Elections, Spewing Hate

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu played the race card in a final attempt to get out the vote last month, it displayed to all the world how such bigoted rhetoric has deep appeal in Israeli society: The effort was successful and swept him to yet another term as head of state. 687 more words

New York Times

Bibi and Buji: A Bad Union

With all eyes on the framework agreement for a nuclear deal with Iran, and on the looming Capitol Hill battle to defend it, it is easy to forget that Israel is still in the process of forming its new government. 94 more words


The Israeli Parliamentary Elections & What They Mean For Israel-United States Relations

Yasmine Akkad

On March 17, 2015 Israeli parliamentary elections were held, resulting in the re-election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the center-right Likud party.  Despite Mr. 736 more words

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