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Zionism's Ongoing Campaign Against Free Speech

Shurat HaDin, the Israeli legal organization that has used the tactics of “lawfare” to wage battles against Gaza flotillas and others whom Zionists want to put a stop to, is this week holding a training seminar focusing on the BDS movement. 893 more words


“In Israele, ci muoviamo in mezzo ad assassini e torturatori”

di Amira Hass

L’atto di censura nei confronti del Teatro Al-Midan – scrive la giornalista israeliana – scaturisce “dall’invidia della capacità dei nostri assoggettati di vincere l’oppressione, di pensare e creare, sfidando la nostra immagine di loro come inferiori” 899 more words

Boycotts and Divestments are not 'Anti-Semitic'

[ Ed. – Almost every year we see one church denomination or another taking up the issue of whether or not to divest from Israel. Far too often these measures have been defeated, usually narrowly, by Christian Zionist factions with the different denominations. 115 more words

Israeli Occupation

Gaza Flotilla Crew 'Chased and Hounded' in Greece (Where's Syriza?)

I guess Syriza, the ‘ruling party’ in Greece, is too preoccupied right now clawing their way through the maze of negotiations with their EU overlords to worry much about the Gaza flotilla. 1,137 more words


Israel's Dangerous Game with Syria's Islamists

By Richard Silverstein

Recently, Israeli TV aired an interview (Hebrew, at the 2:00 mark) with a wounded Syrian fighter who was treated in Israel after being evacuated from the combat zone.   131 more words


Galilee Church Burned in Arson Attack; Settler Suspects Released

At about 3 a.m. on Thursday morning a group of what apparently were Israeli Jews attacked a Christian church located on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee, setting it on fire. 1,953 more words


A Tale of Two Killings: The NY Times Reveals Its Pro-Israel Bias

When a 22-year-old man died under an Israeli army jeep recently, The New York Times virtually ignored the incident. Now come reports of another death in the West Bank, and the newspaper has given notice with an article appearing both online and in print. 625 more words