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Israel's Money Machine

[ Ed. note — Another excellent article from Philip Giraldi about Jewish power in the US. The fact that the Russian news outlet RT is forced to register in America as a foreign agent–while Jewish billionaires raising money for Israeli occupiers are not–speaks for itself. 1,510 more words


The Balfour Anniversary

The 1ooth anniversary of the Balfour Declaration was two days ago. Below is as collection of videos, including Theresa May’s Downing Street reception of Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as comments by Palestinians given in response, and finally a commentary by British journalist Robert Fisk. 1,167 more words


Walls and Iron Curtains

By Richard Edmondson

A week or so back when news was first breaking about hurricane victims in Texas being required to sign papers renouncing support for a boycott of Israel, a friend of mine commented, “To paraphrase a Limey war criminal’s famous words,  ‘a heavy Iron Curtain adorned with 6-pointed stars is descending upon America.'” 1,563 more words


Report: Israel Secretly Using US Law Firm to Fight BDS Activists

The Israeli news site Haaretz is reporting that the Zionist state’s government has contracted with a U.S. law firm to help it in its fight against the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement. 395 more words


Report: 16 Palestinian Children Arrested, Beaten, and Confined to Cage By Israeli Soldiers

“On October 13th, 2017, 16 children and 2 adults were ambushed and arrested by the Israeli soldiers from the Givati Brigade. The 18 arrested were initially detained in a cage in checkpoint 56,  cable-tied,  kicked, and hit. 401 more words


Palestinian NGO Issues Communique to Churches, Palestine Solidarity Groups

Below I am posting the latest newsletter, emailed out on Thursday, of the Alternative Tourism Group. The ATG is a Palestinian NGO founded in 1995 and based in Bethlehem whose mission is to promote what might be thought of as “justice tourism.” That is to say, it facilitates tours and Holy Land pilgrimages  so that visitors from abroad might see for themselves the realities of the Israeli occupation. 620 more words


How Israel is Disabling Palestinian Teenagers

[ Ed. note – The article below discusses a practice known as “kneecapping,” in which Palestinian youths are targeted in their lower limbs by live fire from Israeli soldiers. 530 more words