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Palestinian Football Association Withdraws FIFA Ejection Proposal on Israel

Israel Retains FIFA Standing Despite Shootings of Palestinian Football Players

The Palestinian Football Association today withdrew its measure to have Israel suspended from FIFA, the world football association whose top officials are now under indictment by the US government. 1,323 more words


US Attacks FIFA Just Days Before Vote on Israeli Suspension from the League

By Richard Edmondson

Is the US prosecution of FIFA politically motivated? If so, the message being transmitted isn’t very subtle. 799 more words


Another Violent Attack on a Palestinian Family

‘God gave us the right to kill Arabs and we love it’


On the 23rd May, settlers in Al Khalil (Hebron) blocked the entrance to Hashem Younes Azzeh’s house and attacked his family. 78 more words


'Judaism is not Zionism'

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

“Judaism is not zionism” is a categorical statement on which avowed anti-zionist progressive Jews, many of them self-declared atheists, agree completely with avowed anti-zionist religious Jews — mostly the “Torah Jews.” 80 more words


Today is Nakba Day in Occupied Palestine

Today is Nakba Day in Occupied Palestine. Israelis marked the occasion by spraying people with skunk water and firing live rounds, tear gas, stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets. 12 more words


Shepherds in Palestinian Village Appeal for International Help

Recently the Vatican officially recognized Palestinian statehood. This is not a radical step by any means. The Vatican is simply taking the same action which the UN General Assembly already took several years ago. 652 more words


Palestinian Woman and her Children Attacked by Settlers

Raging settlers attack a mother and her children…another day in Occupied Palestine. Meanwhile, an Israeli politician who has referred to Palestinian children as “little snakes” … 122 more words