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Israelis Shoot Another Teenage Girl

[ Ed. note – The seventeen-year-old “female terrorist” posed such a threat to the heavily armed Israelis that they just had to shoot her dead. Wasn’t any other choice. 403 more words


Song: 'We Love Palestine'

Both the song and the video provide an interesting glimpse into how people in Bangladesh view the Palestinian struggle against occupation.

Israeli Occupation

Palestinian Women Land in Jail Over Facebook Posts

Thou Shalt Not Incite

[Ed. note – The favorite word of Israeli officials these days seems to be “incitement.” In the article below you will read about Palestinian women who have been thrown in Israeli jails for posting on Facebook–a total of 28 such women have been so arrested since last October, and one of the favored charges against them seems to be “incitement.” This at any rate is what 22-year-old Majd Atwan was convicted of. 1,167 more words


Alleged Jewish Terrorist Leader To Be Freed by Israeli Government

Twenty-four-year-old Meir Ettinger, one of the primary figures in a group of Israeli settler youths believed responsible for the arson attack on a Palesinian family’s home last year, will be freed by Israeli authorities on June 1. 232 more words


Palestine Verses 2016 Poetry Competition! 

Extremely happy I won the Palestine Verses 2016 Poetry Competition! But must point out my

achievement is not my own. I am grateful to all those who supported and continue to support me in my writing when I often had little faith in myself! 136 more words

Indyk, Lowenstein, and a 'Softened' Quartet Report on Illegal Israeli Settlements

By Richard Edmondson

Towards the end of this month, the Middle East Quartet–comprised of the US, the UN, the EU, and Russia–is expected to release a report that may or may not include some unusually strong criticism of Israeli settlements. 10,343 more words


Zionists Disrupt Peaceful Nakba Day Event in London

[ Ed. note – A complete inability to self-reflect seems to be a classic Zionist behavior trait. This would appear true of the Zionists in the video above as well as of Mark Regev, whose comments are featured in the article below… 602 more words