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Hate-Filled Wacknutter Michael Ben Ari Makes it Mainstream

A while back, several years ago actually when Michael Ben Ari was in the Knesset, he had a tizzy about something that the Supreme Court did or other and called them a “Junta.” I have a strong dislike for Ben Ari since he embodies collective ignoramus anger. 521 more words

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No More Torture

When my sister was about four or five years old, she had long, thick, blonde, curly hair that hung down almost to her waist. Every morning, as my mother brushed her hair (that was in the days when one brushed out curly hair), my sister would cry out in pain: “You’re torturing me! 726 more words


Here's your judicial activism, Sen. Cruz

Ted Cruz brought it up, so I’ll continue running with it.

The freshman U.S. senator from Texas accused the U.S. Supreme Court of engaging in “judicial activism” when it refused to review state cases relating to same-sex marriage. 332 more words

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No Apartheid in Israel? Jewish State's Supreme Court Upholds 'Admission Committees'

“The upholding of this law means that the Israeli court system, along with the state, supports the practice of segregation within Israel and against Israeli citizens of Palestinian origin.

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signing and singing

More than a year ago I signed a petition on Change.org, petitioning the Israeli authorities to “Save the valley in Cremisan: Support bridges, not walls.” 470 more words

Beit Jala

Rajabi building update: Israeli court decides in favor settler ownership

The Rajabi building is located in Wadi al Hussein and also between the Kiryat Arba settlement and the old city of Hebron. Photo EAPPI/M. Prisco. … 242 more words


Israeli Supreme Court will hear Cremisan case today

The Israeli Supreme Court will hear the Cremisan court case today.  This is the final hearing in an 8-year long battle against the building of the separation wall in the area west of Bethlehem known as the Cremisan valley.   98 more words

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