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Raise a Glass: Toasting 101

Everyone I know drank to someone’s health (or prosperity, or a new job, or world peace) in the last two weeks – but did we do it correctly? 550 more words

2017 kosher wine year in review

Well, it is another Gregorian year and though there have been many new things going on in the world of the kosher wine world, they are all small in comparison to the larger fact that not much has changed. 5,863 more words

Kosher Wine

1848 // יקבי ציון

יותר מזה אנחנו לא צריכים

שתבוא עלינו לטובה שנת 2018

 נדיבה, פוריה ובריאה

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Psagot Winery "Edom": Israeli Wines Are For Real

From the website of the brilliant Israeli winery, Psagot

The Psagot Winery is located in the northern region of the Jerusalem mountains, an area ripe with awe-inspiring remnants of biblical-era vineyards and wineries. 1,653 more words


The 2017-2018 kosher wine tasting event season is upon us!

When most people think of seasons – they think of either the 4 environmental seasons, or the holiday seasons (Jewish or otherwise), and then there are the more obscure – seasons, like the kosher wine tasting season. 1,250 more words

Kosher Wine

Kosher Wine bars in Jerusalem

I am not sure what is in the air, but at least 5 people asked me about kosher wine bars in Jerusalem this past week, like really?? 962 more words


Mountains Meet the Mediterranean at Galil Mountain Winery

Galil Mountain Winery in the Upper Galilee region of Israel is making some very food friendly wines. Their wines are as open, welcoming and understatedly as lush as the scenic vistas from the region. 570 more words

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