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What Would Jesus Drink?

I recently was at a tasting that included D’Angelo Aglianico del Vulture. This red wine is made with 100% Aglianico (ah-YAH-nee-koe)  grapes. During the tasting it was mentioned that Aglianico is one of the grapes that is on a short list of wines that may have been served at the Last Supper! 1,074 more words


Stormy Beach Camping

There was a time when I thought I’d be a person who is really in to camping. In my early twenties, I slept outside in a tent a few times — along the Rifle River in Michigan; in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland; one night on the Appalachian Trail, that time on the lawn of an A-frame house in Woodstock, Virginia when I woke up in my steamy tent with a corneal abrasion. 583 more words


2012 Jezreel Valley Winery Israel Red Blend 750 mL

A Red Blend wine from Israel which is composed of 40% Carignan, 40% Syrah and 20% Argaman grapes. Israel, located in the fertile crescent of the old testament, has become very well known for its wine production over the decades. 229 more words


I want your input for market research Re: Israel. Thanks!!

Currently, I am conducting some market research to better understand Christian and Messianic attitudes toward Israeli products.  Specifically, this research is to help guide a team of Messianic believers who feel led to help Israeli agriculture producers to be more profitable and extend the reach of their businesses. 126 more words

A Thought...

Tzora Vineyards Winery and the latest releases

Well, I have finished all the KFWE posts, and my past personal wine tastings posts, and now it is time to get back to posting about wineries I visited on my last trip. 1,895 more words

Kosher Red Wine

Day Trip to the Galilee

I’ve been at the new job for a little over a month now, and while it’s been interesting so far, it hasn’t left me much time to write (as evidenced by the lack of updates on this blog). 576 more words