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Ayudame is a word i’ve found myself saying a lot these past few weeks.

In Spanish it means “help me” but in my language I’ve either gotten myself into a situation I don’t know how to get out of, I have completely forgotten a phrase in Spanish that I desperately need, or a word I write in my notebook and slide over to a fellow intern as we’re sitting in Spanish class re-learning the alphabet for the 4th time since we’ve been here. 371 more words

Obama-Nation - Breaking The Law of God

King of kings’ Bible

Deuteronomy 17:14 When thou art come unto the land which the “I AM” thy God giveth thee, and shalt possess it, and shalt dwell therein, and shalt say, I will set a king over me, like as all the nations that about me; 101 more words


Fox Byte 5775 #46: Eikev (Because)

Fox Byte 5775 #46: Eikev (Because).

I look forward each week to Al’s commentary on each parasha.  I enjoy his writing and deep thoughts that challenge.  28 more words


Is Yeshoah (Yeshuah) Ha Moshiach? Jesus Christ

In the past i have seen discussions about whether, Yeshuah is Moshiach or not. I never elaborated on the topic. Today, i will. In the process of elaborating on Yeshoah, we notice with the new testament, most things expressed by Yeshuah and, the Apostles or Prophets are in parables or metaphors. 4,465 more words


The name Saul and the latin word Sol, meaning ‘sun’ are practically the same word.  Is it possible that what has been interpreted as ‘Sun Worship’ is actually symbolism for King Saul. 2,994 more words


The King of Y'srael. Part-One.

Two Israelis.

One would never reading this for the first time consider that we are going to talk about the bible or Jesus/Yeshua. People forget what they read in their bibles or they are so deluded by false theology that they refuse to see the truth! 50 more words

Parashah Korach (Korach) Numbers 16 - 18

This parashah starts with Korach, a Levite, coming together with Dathan and Abiram (both from the tribe of Reuben) against Moshe and Aaron, especially Moshe. They accuse Moshe of going too far and placing himself above them. 1,489 more words