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Shemot Two: Meet Moses

The Egyptians are oppressing the Israelites, and Pharaoh has made a decree that all newborn male babies of the Israelites should be thrown into the Nile. 741 more words


Has anyone seen God?

The Reading from the Holy Gospel according to St. John 1:43-51

The theme of the first Sunday of Lent is the Triumph of Orthodoxy. Specifically the restoration of holy iconography in all of the churches of God. 1,066 more words

February 28

Exodus 39

1And from the needlework of blue and purple and red they made the robes used for the work of the holy place, and the holy robes for Aaron, as the Lord had given orders to Moses. 2,460 more words


An israelite site at Tel Dan shows similarities to survey system used at Temple Mount.

I can show how the Israelite sacred space at tel Dan could have been surveyed by the same system used at other middle eastern sacred spaces such as the Jerusalem Temple on the Temple Mount. 8 more words


February 26

Exodus 35

1And Moses sent for all the children of Israel to come together, and said to them, This is what the Lord has said and these are his orders. 2,620 more words


February 25

Exodus 33

1And the Lord said to Moses, Go forward from this place, you and the people whom you have taken up out of the land of Egypt, to that land about which I made an oath to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, saying, To your seed will I give it. 2,807 more words


February 24

Exodus 30

1And you are to make an altar for the burning of perfume; of hard wood let it be made.

2The altar is to be square, a cubit long and a cubit wide, and two cubits high, and its horns are to be made of the same. 3,823 more words