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Adam and Eve 

How many of us truly understand what happened in the garden with Adam and Eve? I mean what I was told is God told them not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil or they would die and then Eve ate the apple because the snake told her she wouldn’t die. 2,366 more words


Hip hop. The Final Bondage Of Israel. 

​Oct 19th 2015

I was sentenced to 90 days in Berrien County jail. I couldn’t believe I has ended up back in this place. I swore I’d never get caught back into this system, and yet hear I am. 7,476 more words


Samson and Delilah (the Israelite Woman)

In the book of Judges, we encounter the mighty Israelite judge, Samson. He is perhaps best known for his herculean strength. Yet, he is also known for his weakness for women—especially Philistine women. 1,395 more words

Biblical Studies

Flour of the Hour

Graphic by Anna (Thistle) Droege

Flour of the Hour

As long as half the tortilla flour component is either wheat or masa, a successful tortilla will emerge, comrade… 385 more words


Mother of a Rapist

Heart of the Story: After Saul dissolved David’s marriage to Michel, David married Ahinoam.

Story Line: After King Saul married Michal (Saul’s daughter and David’s first wife) to Paltiel, David married Ahinoam. 433 more words

Obscure Characters


4 On hearing this answer, I sat down and wept; I mourned for several days, fasting and praying before the God of heaven. 5 I said, “Please, Adonai! 268 more words


June 5 @ Exodus 37-40

Exodus 37-40 (NLT) 

Discover His heart: He stirs and moves our hearts to join with others to accomplish great feats 

@ Exodus 39
“And so at last the Tabernacle was finished.”(32)  Whew!  492 more words

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