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Al Khidr and Musa (AS)

It was the time when Israelite followed Musa (AS) and time to time Musa(AS) address them and tell everything that everything Allah(SWT) revealed upon him. Every bit and pieces of knowledge he knows he delivers during his address to Israelite. 1,347 more words

Stories From Qur'an

Israelite Never Heard of The Great Minoan Eruption of Thera Volcano

Interesting enough is that the Egyptians, and even the Chinese, recorded the Minoan Thera great volcanic eruption which occurred between 1642–1540 BC, while the Israelite never heard of it. 24 more words


Phillip Medhurst presents Dalziels Bible Gallery wood-engraving 29/69 The Israelites in Egypt – Water-carriers after Sir Edward John Poynter

From a design by Sir Edward John Poynter (British 1836-1919) in “Dalziel’s Bible Gallery” – 69 wood-engraved illustrations of subjects from the Old Testament after various artists. 120 more words


Small but necessary . 

Where was this place when I was making my case . Where were you when I wasn’t playing it safe and when I had words of no mercy written upon my face . 209 more words

Small but necessary . 

To the world I live in , on the earth I breathe on and to the kingdom I’m underneath . I pray for the world and all of it to keep . 106 more words

Totally Religious But Skeptical

There is a fine point between cynicism and skepticism.  It is like fine point between going forward in a faith community with an engaged mind with critical thinking like the Drive gear and being too passive with ones mind on Neutral.  1,236 more words