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Day Seven - The Interfaith Encounter Association

Today we met with Dr. Yehuda Stolov, who is the Executive Director of the  Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA).  He brings a deep dedication to the fulfillment of the vision established over forty years ago. 531 more words


Day Six - Nation building and national identity formation

Jerusalem celebrates 50 years since re-unification.

Today, we visited Mt. Hertzl – including the Hertzl Museum – had a conversation with Dr. Ari Eitan, Chairman of The Ilan Institute, and celebrated 50th year since Jerusalem’s re-unification. 1,042 more words


Day Five - A Reason for Being

Today, we visited a Jewish museum and had a session with a Palestinian philosopher – two seemingly different kinds of events with one similar theme:  both provided an insight into reasons why Jewish and Palestinian peoples are committed to their national identities and expression of those identities in their culture and state.   1,261 more words


Trumped Up Diplomacy in the Middle East


In his first overseas trip since moving into the White House, Donald Trump is leaving behind the frustrations, allegations, rumors, and an increasing sense of implosion that seems to be dooming his presidency during its second hundred days. 1,653 more words


Day Four - A Rabbi and a Rebel

Today, we heard two stories, one, a significant individual from Israel’s past, the other a prominent Orthodox Rabbi very much involved in the current spiritual life in Israel. 1,114 more words


Day Three - An Israeli, pro-Palestinian advocacy group

Chances are you have never heard of B’Tselem; equally likely, though, is that you probably have heard from those who know of this pro-Palestinian, Israel advocacy group.   991 more words