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ambergris entry three, dated 20 april 2018

Strange thing happen today. I am walking with big bag fill of vegetable in thamel i am actually crossing street and man using cycle come and hit me with cycle. 307 more words

Issue 3


Take a deep breath and
Lean into your sisters
They will cradle your weariness and
Weave flower crowns out of every strand of hurt
That you didn’t know what to do with, or do without. 65 more words


I am Canadian

I am Canadian!
Politeness draped like doilies
Always fresh always
Dripping with I’m sorrys
Smile spread like butter
On an apologetic face.
Thank you notes tucked… 200 more words


White Girl

White Girl
I am a minus
A blank
A missing something
I am stupid and sexual
I am easily discarded
Before you go to find your wife… 127 more words



Here’s your receipt madam
Look it has lengthen it has overgrown like a desperate tree on death row
It slides down to meet the skirt of your vintage dress and then down to your pure leather shoes… 46 more words



By Salha Al Ameri

Loud sighs, loud yells, and even louder tears
I push, she pulls, and we crash in an embrace.
Her shoulder a soft armrest for my weary soul… 75 more words


Get off my lawn

You people with your cheerful laughter
Your half-hearted jokes and your synchronized steps
Your self-help books and favorite Ted-talks on self-appreciation
Your reusable coffee mugs and unlimited enthusiasm for life… 97 more words