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Burial Plane - A.W. Terry

Artist’s Note: “The image is a visual metaphor that represents the separation in space that we place between ourselves and that which we bury. Underneath, within, behind, inside, below; we bury things, both physically in the world, and emotionally in the mind. 121 more words

Issue 3

Fabrice Poussin: Three Photographs


Death of the Artist

Home Once

Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Most of the time he feels like a newborn in a strange world moving at the speed of light.   41 more words

Issue 3

R.J. Fox: FBI's Least Wanted

FBI’s Least Wanted

A couple of years ago, I ventured into Detroit for a scouting expedition for what I thought was going to be my first feature film – a gritty, crime drama using Detroit as a backdrop. 3,204 more words


Marnie Cozzens: rugburn


because it’s just,

i can’t ever turn my mind off

because it’s on a constant live stream projecting onto nothing

because everything is a fragment… 722 more words


Isabella Barricklow: Two Poems


There is a word for the exact moment that you are suddenly very aware of your own heartbeat.

It sounds like the syncopated syllables of bare feet on sidewalk, 418 more words


James Croal Jackson: Southbound in February (poetry)

Southbound in February

Almost swerved to Akron

to delay our southbound silence

before another car skidded into steel.

We smoked exhaust

with sedans which scrunched… 105 more words


Bill Teitelbaum: Busted (fiction)


Except that he’d been arrested everything would have been fine, Walter Roman said.

He’d been home for several hours by then, but now that supper was over and the boys were next door at the Bensons watching a ballgame, he asked Dorothy to sit down with him at the kitchen table. 4,060 more words