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Best of Warsaw

Warsaw outside the MEU

As the conference comes to a close, those delegates that are extending their stay in the Polish capital for an extra couple of days may be in need of entertainment. 591 more words

Issue 3 opens for submissions 1 October 2016

Micro fiction exploring The City: Isolation/Togetherness

Get your pens at the ready – for Issue 3 we will be calling for micro fiction (up to 500 words) with the theme:  107 more words


What Will The Arts Bring?

BY Bryce Kanbara

“What will the arts bring to economic development?”

(“What will the arts bring to the table?”)

(“What will the arts bring to the equation?”) 238 more words


3.30: Dahnz

Date: Friday 8 February 2041 1350Z
Location: Pup Creche, Aberdeen (-0600 Local)

It will be today!

Today was regarded as Sixth Morning, the day of the Choosing. 478 more words

Science Fiction

3.29: Sister Shannon

Date: Friday 8 February 2041 1330Z
Location: Last World Citadel, Kentucky (-0500 Local)

Shannon set the monitor controller down, turning her chair to face the window. 67 more words

Science Fiction

3.28: Morning News

Broadcast: 8 February 2041
Network: ECNN on NewsNet Quantum

Toni Hargen
Welcome back.

Military bases throughout the Coalition and its protectorate territories are conducting their last minute preparations this morning for their rededication ceremonies, the first major step in the merging and reorganization required to bring the militaries of the former NES and SWS into a single command structure. 290 more words

Science Fiction

3.27: LT3 Wagner

Date: Friday 8 February 2041 1330Z
Location: Outpost FG-9 (-0800 Local)

Above, a brilliant white sky.
Below, the ground is dry, crumbled clay.
A hot wind pushes against her; “This way…” it whispers. 474 more words

Issue 3