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to outsiders - Małgorzata Skałbania

(written in red capitals
to one old fired actor
everyone in the theater knew it)
entry prohibited to every outsider
on the one hand is more calm the crazy is buried alive… 144 more words


Ode to a Gardener - John Krumberger

I watch her on her knees
fingering the loam,
where slithering crepuscular creatures
scurry back to their tunneled homes.
The open earth no longer at rest, 149 more words


My Last Meal - Chuka Susan Chesney

All alone and I’m gonna die. They’re gonna make me die.
I’m here on Death Row. I planned to kill my husband
I was like a blind slug in the ground. 319 more words



After 6 weeks of absence, DOOMINATRIX is back! Buckle up for gripping thrills and chills! And orgasms! There will also be orgasms! Also, tweaking the header to include both the page and issue number for each page from this point forward.

Issue #3

Weekly Catch-Up: Issue #3

It’s time for another weekly update! Keep reading to find out the books I read this past week as well as what I plan on reading next! 696 more words


"The Stars Within Us" by Scout

She was looking up at the stars, the moon illuminating her cheekbones. He was the one who had asked her there that night. He wished that she would fall in love with him. 659 more words


"Some Days..." by Seowoo Lee

Whiteboards and chalkboards, equality, freedom
Creativity, constellations, so much more to explore,
Perfection, nobody can achieve it
Dreams, cats, literature, and architecture
Positive, absence, existence, negative, lies… 99 more words