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Traffic: the Transportation Terror

My shoulders tensed as I turned my head back once more. Exit 11B had to be nearby. My phone, in robotic monotone, repeated: “Turn left for exit 11B.” I could not find the highway, and I circled around block after block, watching the minutes evaporate. 904 more words


Food for Thought

Why do we lie? To hide things? To hurt people? Sometimes lies can are needed to help a greater cause. But what about a lie that is unnecessary. 747 more words

Bridging The Gap


My popcorn is hot, buttery and oversalted. I settle into bed, fully intending to add to the copious crumbs that littered the sheets, itching my skin when I struggle to get comfortable. 855 more words


It’s About the Journey

Vacations with my family go smoothly. My mom decides when we’re leaving and I’ll be damned if our car pulls out of the driveway a minute after the Designated Departure Time. 954 more words



In the dying days of August, 2012, I found myself bored and alone. All of my friends had shipped off to college orientations across the country but I sat at home, lacking any orientation at all. 1,078 more words