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Issue 3.3 - Nonfiction

First appeared in The Manifest-Station

Even now, all these years later, I have a recurring dream about driving alone around Madison, lost and trying to find my way home.   2,948 more words

Issue 3.3 - Fiction

She makes it all the way into the room before realizing her mistake. Standing in the doorway, her arms stacked with fresh laundry, she blinks in the dim light, rubbing at her nose. 683 more words

Issue 3.3 - Poetry

long time friend

get together after many years

i stay at her place on the beach

feeding cats, watering plants

beautiful ocean view

ah, this is where i’ll work on my next book! 290 more words

A Word from the Editor

We’re excited to present you with a jam-packed Issue 3.2!

So much is going on behind the scenes as we learn and grow and evolve as a journal. 308 more words

Issue 3.2 - Nonfiction

I watched children as they climbed the ancient bedrock above the castle playground in Central Park; they scrambled over the enormous rock, reaching, pulling with their bare hands, digging their sneakers into crevasses, and pushing, hurling themselves up, the way my almost-four-year-old son Radek did whenever I brought him here. 3,948 more words

Issue 3

Issue 3.2 - Fiction

Beads of sweat rolled down her face as she stood like a statue. Any movement or shift in her weight could mean the end. She fought the system and stigmas to end up with her foot over a land mine. 124 more words

Issue 3

Issue 3.2 - Poetry

Do you remember the day

we entered our new home?

The stark, empty spaces

weren’t really empty, were they?

They were filled—every corner and crevice, 277 more words

Issue 3