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PDF April 2016

Below is the link for a PDF version of Volume 53, Issue 6 of The Forum.



Issue 6.3 - Nonfiction

Taylor Swift blares from the U-Haul’s radio, and we immediately burst into song, switching the lyric without needing to confer: I’m feeling twenty-FIVE, oh, oo. … 1,731 more words


Issue 6.3 - Fiction


Whenever I’m there, she is too. It’s nice to have her company though we are separated by both bricks and water.  I see her no matter whether I’m feeding, soothing, winding or watching the world go by reflected in the canal outside my house. 3,136 more words


Issue 6.3 - Poetry

As the words left his mouth

I felt the stake through my heart

Shock, hurt and brokenness

Swirled in a cauldron of confusion

Who was this person? 188 more words


Issue 6.2 - Nonfiction

At first it’s like a regular evening. Not that that’s a good thing, but at least you’re used to it. You sit on the chair next to your mom. 2,729 more words


Issue 6.2 - Fiction

Akua was a tall hard man, I say hard because he could have been made of iron, black as soot with pearly teeth and bulging white eyes. 1,447 more words


Issue 6.2 - Poetry

It is not in the baby’s wail, puckering at limp breast,

eyes drawn back in a death mask skull.

Madonna and child together perverse.

It is not in the futile scrape, bucket bumped down a dry well, 126 more words