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Nonfiction by Chip Livingston

Swimming to the Temple of Isis

You were always something of a private witch, this community magic not exactly your thing. The idea unsettled you, at first, but you reasoned it was a different miracle to witness. 3,349 more words


Poetry by Brynn Downing


I was thirteen the first time, unwilling

to walk uphill, the highway’s asphalt baked by July.

What did your mother think, friend… 508 more words


Nonfiction by Sung Yim

Mess of Color

Tuesday night, Ronnie’s braless in a white tee like always. She sits with the covers over her bloated pink legs, blown-glass pipe in hand and unlit cigarette between soft, gray teeth. 3,055 more words


Nonfiction by Terese Marie Mailhot

Nlaka’pamux, Immediately

Stories gain and lose power once they’re spoken. My mother was over-cultivated with story. The legends became too layered and profound to inherit. 894 more words



Susumba is a small green bean also known as “Gully Bean” in Jamaica. In high school I learned of the spiritual powers of the Gully Bean so I’ve never ate it, then again I’m picky with food, and it’s bitter; my Grandma would cook it down with saltfish (codfish) and boiled foods, (dumpling, green banana, yam) for my Grandpa but I’m not talking about the plant now, I’m talking about… 175 more words

Shout Out Saturdays

Issue 6 of Discover Art Digital Magazine

Here is issue 6 of Discover art digital magazine.

Hope you enjoy the contents. http://discover-art.co.uk/wp/issues/DAD06all.pdf

Back issues are available to download for free from www.bgallery.co.uk… 9 more words

Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook ‘Harrow County #6’ Review

Written by: Matt Molgaard

An absurdly hectic schedule has called me away from a few of the books I read frequently, and that’s a shame. Especially when one of those books is Harrow County, arguably the finest book on shelves today. 577 more words