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आपकी एक जलक | Pushparaj Sinh Jadeja

दील की रियासत को मिली  रियायत

आपकी एक जलक से

सूकूँ-ए-क्लब मिलता है रूह को

आपकी एक जलक से

ईश्क खता है केहते है लोग तो खता हो गयी समजिये 6 more words


Antevasin | Prerna Anilkumar


Audio: Celer – Delaying The Entropy, In Emptiness, Forms Are Born

Between going and staying
the day wavers,
in love with its own transparency. 1,145 more words

Issue 6

The Best of Tom Hardy | Priyanka Ashok

Priyanka Ashok

A lot of actors come on screen and fade to black, but then there are those rare ones who can keep the mind and heart engaged persistently through myriad different characters in myriad different stories. 1,035 more words


Expelled from Labour for opposing the free market

By Rosie Woods, Harrow Momentum chair

A number of left-wing activists have been expelled or suspended from Harrow Labour Party. The case of one young comrade, Jack Halinksi-Fitzpatrick, is instructive. 170 more words


Exaggerating the recent turn of events: How close are we to reality? | Shreshtha Mishra

Shreshtha Mishra

We are living in very exciting times. With Brexit, the victory of Donald Trump, the return of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Uttar Pradesh (UP) after 14 years and now with Yogi Adityanath being announced as the Chief Minister (CM) of UP, everything as we know it, is changing. 1,145 more words

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Shannon & The Birth of Information Theory | Homanga Bharadwaj

Homanga Bharadwaj

This is the story of Claude Shannon, the man who singlehandedly founded one of the most popular and widely utilized field of knowledge, Information Theory. 709 more words

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Labour and the self-employed

By Stephen Wood

“With the number of self-employed people expected to overtake public sector workers, Labour will act to address real issues they are facing.” 323 more words