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Confluence Issue 6 update

Due to various lurgies in the Confluence editorial panel and snow-related delays, the next issue will be out at the beginning of April.

We can confirm the writers whose work we are delighted to feature with poetry and short stories, are; William Bedford, Kitty Coles, Mark Connors, James Costello O’Reilly, Setareh Ebrahimi, SM Jenkin, Rosemary McLeish, Bridget Nolan, Joe Pickard, Ruth Payne, David Subacchi, Niall Shepherd, Fiona Sinclair, Mary Anne Smith, with photos by BFH. 40 more words

Issue 6

Issue 6.4 - Nonfiction

Disclaimer: This year I was wrongly diagnosed with bipolar disorder and treated with Lamictal. My psychiatrist prescribed me a very low dosage and quickly – within four weeks – my dosage was multiplied by eight. 852 more words


Issue 6.4 - Fiction

Sister Elizabeth’s porridge sat in Rachel’s stomach like a brick. She hadn’t slept, knowing today was her turn. The heavy feeling turned to nausea as she and Mary headed out to the perimeter. 4,084 more words


Issue 6.4 - Poetry

Obsessions with the Moon and Nearly Iconoclastic Weather Aside,

& thanking Andre Breton, of course

I am dreaming of hair.

Hair, a halo of daemons, hair of memory… 594 more words


PDF April 2016

Below is the link for a PDF version of Volume 53, Issue 6 of The Forum.



Issue 6.3 - Nonfiction

Taylor Swift blares from the U-Haul’s radio, and we immediately burst into song, switching the lyric without needing to confer: I’m feeling twenty-FIVE, oh, oo. … 1,731 more words


Issue 6.3 - Fiction


Whenever I’m there, she is too. It’s nice to have her company though we are separated by both bricks and water.  I see her no matter whether I’m feeding, soothing, winding or watching the world go by reflected in the canal outside my house. 3,136 more words