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Slag from James Kidd's "Salt"

James Kidd’s short story Salt, mentioned in NewPage’s review of Issue 6 by Aran Singh, is a surreal flash fiction beginning with the line: “You will soon learn that dying in the desert is not as romantic as you once thought.” 434 more words


“Sexual abuse does not exist in a vacuum”

By Kallie Gregg

staff Writer

Multiple stories broke last month exposing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein as a serial sexual predator. As more and more women spoke out against him, the floodgates opened not just for Weinstein victims, but for survivors of sexual abuse all over the world. 529 more words


Editorial: Kevin Spacey coming out amid sexual assault allegations

Simran Gupta & Kaydee Donohoo


Amid allegations of sexual assault from Actor Anthony Rapp, Kevin Spacey chose his apology as the vehicle for coming out as gay. 485 more words


‘Stranger Things 2’ is as charming as it is frightening

By Haley Verre

Staff Writer

Stranger Things 2 is the brilliant sequel to last summer’s hit show. It is as charming as it is frightening, and takes the best parts of the previous season to make the plot better and stranger than it was before. 355 more words