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The Trump Card

A Note To The Reader:

This is a satirical article.

Any resemblance to any person alive or not, from BITS- Pilani Hyderabad Campus, is completely unintentional. 1,422 more words

Issue 6

How College Should Have Ended

I woke up in complete darkness. Tugging at my collar so it doesn’t stick to my sweat drenched back, I sleepily climbed out of bed in a cold sweat. 681 more words

Issue 6

Error 404: Tech Culture Not Found

Hey there.

Welcome to this month’s episode of Well Researched Article That No One Gives a Damn About.

Actually, you know what? We’re facing some technical difficulties.   1,412 more words

Issue 6

Chrysalis - A Photostory

Story Flavor: A take on the poignant remnants of your childhood swirling silent and lukewarm whirlpools inside you. You are now a proud owner of a distant ache that can’t be erased. 678 more words

Issue 6

The Hidden Network

Today is probably the last day of my life.

Damn, I really hope not.

Let me tell you a few things about myself.

I’m Aditya and a third year student at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus in Computer Science. 821 more words

Issue 6

Modern Family

We wanted to share the amazing artwork done by people on campus. But we didn’t want to do it the classical way.

So, we came up with something quirky. 1,217 more words

Issue 6

Mentors And My Cup Of Tea

For a long time now, technical has come to be associated with Robotics, Coding competitions, ATV competitions and the like. Amidst all the technical talk, somewhere hidden, lies an altogether different world called Research. 1,025 more words

Issue 6