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China doll

Layers, layers, layers
He peeled me raw
I’m a mannequin breath
Held hostage for the indulgence of sight

Fear frozen—I declare this city full of strangeness… 97 more words


Coming Soon to DVD

Coming soon to DVD something interesting.
Like how I lost my fairy the other day,
in the thick forest of making people laugh.
without the pixie dust that makes me talk, 48 more words


Calloused Hands

Written by Mhraf Worku

One day, in bed,
with the air delirious of lust and need
you say, I stump you.
it confuses you that, 139 more words


On the Grass

In the suburbs, the grass makes
One thousand
Gymnastics mats to tumble on
Outside of each house like a Tupperware

For quiet lives and a family pet… 104 more words



No light shines on where mama left her dreams on a rock to dry
Like some rags left unattended and soon forgotten
Or like when sister waited in the quiet school yard staring at the basketball court dripping time and the koi fish swam in circles… 203 more words



Babe you’ve got a face like thunder
On a sun-drenched afternoon when dandelions laughed into a million scattered seeds
And trees puppeteered the light so it danced on your face… 137 more words


high strung

a girl  –

a bead
dropped down
into a cracked open snow globe

a bead
among so many others
different in size, shape, color, matter… 141 more words