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Teaching in the Moment

Have you noticed that your class’s interaction can be great fodder for a discussion of empathy, perspective, and the strategies for critical thinking?

I mentioned this in passing a week or so back, but now want to delve into it a bit. 948 more words


A Story of Issue Mapping, Critical Thinking, and Cognitive Diversity

I have a good issue mapping story to share.  It touches on critical thinking and cognitive diversity, and offers yet another view into how a class might use this tool as they engage in the inquiry process. 1,439 more words


Post 9 -Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

The image above depicts the brainstorming session that our group had around my issue. It was decided early on, that having individual pages for each issue would invite us to throw any and all ideas on the page, and encourage us to fill the space with possibilities. 585 more words

Online Privacy

POST 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session


During this brainstorming, we are all share information and give group members feedbacks to help others do next step for solve the personal statement problem, and give feedback to others, help every found many opinions from peers.In this mapping, each group numbers are talking around 15 minutes from who, what, when, why and why five aspect about issue. 160 more words

Another Look at Issue Mapping

As I noted in my workshops (and on the narrated slides posted to Blackboard), one of the challenges facing students is the penchant for defining problems too narrowly. 2,490 more words


Post 7 - Issue Mapping

Rekha Dhanaram

The tool of mapping is one that has been emphasised throughout this subject. This weeks co creating and controversy maps definitely probed us to look deeper into the issue. 550 more words

Type 1 Diabetes: Issue Mapping

Post 7 by Lucy Allen

The first mapping exercise we undertook as a group was looking at and categorising different word associations to the topic ‘Obesity and Healthy living’.  1,068 more words