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Issues in Deploying android app with Oracle MAF 12c (Mobile Application Framwork)

I worked on the Oracle MAF 12c At JDeveloper & Eclipse

Till now I fix all issues faced me @ Eclipse, but Oracle JDeveloper 12c with MAF have one issue not fixed (the app deployed in android didn’t work) 236 more words

Issues & Fixes

PhaseListener بطريقة برمجية

Programmatic PhaseListener with annotation instead of faces-config.xml

كنت أذاكر مكتبة الـ JSF 2.1 من موقع  icesoft.org وأنا فى الدرس الثانى كان الشرح أن أضع تعريف الـ PhaseListener فى الـ faces-config.xml… 39 more words

Issues & Fixes

عمل اختصار لسطح المكتب فى وندوز لتشغيل سيرفيس , أوراكل مثال

Desktop shortcut to restart a windows service , Ex:Oracle

هذا هو موضوعى الثانى على البيئة الاحتكارية وندوز.. مرغمٌ أنا للعمل عليها مؤقتًا فى عملى ريثما يتسنى لى الرجوع للينوكس فى أقرب وقت إن شاء الله :) 24 more words

Issues & Fixes

Problem while connecting Visual Studio 2008 (Team Explorer) to a Team Foundation Server 2010

When you try to connect your Visual Studio 2008 environment to a Team Foundation Server 2010 it is so popular that you will not be able to make it. 101 more words

Issues & Fixes

IIS: 'Cannot start W3SVC service' or 'unable to start debugging on the web server'. How to fix it?

While working with Internet Information Services (IIS) you can meet several problems. One of the most popular issue is a communique that you can’t start W3SVC. 142 more words