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Space Invaders

I do NOT like people in my personal space and I thought the rules of socially acceptable behaviour prohibit people from getting in your personal space unless you specifically invite them to do so. 941 more words

Up Ship Creek Post Mortem

Writing these post mortems are becoming easier to write and contrary to the title, they are not a dissection of a project to discover some gruesome graphic cause for its demise, but rather a dissection of a project to discover where we can put a possibly broken thing back together or make it better. 755 more words


Editorial: Collections – Fresh Viewpoints and New Openings

Hanna-Leena Paloposki, PhD, Archive and Library Manager and Chief Curator, Finnish National Gallery

March 23, 2017

Collections are closely linked to the exhibition programme of the Finnish National Gallery’s three museums, collections exhibitions being an important part, and the research projects behind them always have their basis in our own collections. 426 more words


The Dance of the Digital

Gill Crabbe, FNG Research

As ARS17 gets underway at Helsinki’s Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, visitors will be able to view many of the artworks online from anywhere in the world. 376 more words


The Second Coming of Online Art

Arja Miller, MA, Chief Curator, Finnish National Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki

Also published in Leevi Haapala, Eija Aarnio, Jari-Pekka Vanhala (eds.), ARS17 Hello World! 527 more words


Retelling the Stories of Finnish Art

Gill Crabbe, FNG Research

A year on from the opening of ‘Stories of Finnish Art’, the collections exhibition at the Ateneum Art Museum, Director Susanna Pettersson reflects on how her team went about reinterpreting an art-historical narrative by means of collections display, while designer Marcel Schmalgemeijer explains his innovative approach to the visual presentation of the show… 647 more words


Wall Street Journal Issues Scathing Condemnation of Trump

Neither President Donald Trump nor his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton was endorsed by the conservative Wall Street Journal, which has had a longstanding skepticism about Trump’s campaign… 426 more words

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