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How soon is too soon?

Ok my lovely little blog readers. I have a bit of a rant question thing going on tonight.
So here I am dating this guy for three months. 173 more words

Being Greeted

Random Question: Do you have attachment issues and if so, do you find it hard to respond to other people s greetings and/or have trouble receiving enthusiastic greetings? 70 more words

The Brutal Curse of Overthinking. . .

Overthinking: to think about (something) too much or for too long.

I’m a worrier, and as I looked back over the last 15 years of my life I seemed to worry about everything. 436 more words


What is the Best Gaming Headset For Under $50??

Current Headphones Issues! I currently use a Plantronics GameCom 780 which is 2+ years old and I got for $56 off of Amazon. After some initial issues with comfort and buzzing they have been a great gaming headset and they didn’t break the bank. 279 more words

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Why shouldn't Lecretia Seales choose when and how she dies?

It’s quite sad to see that Lecretia Seals has to go to court during the last weeks of her life to find out whether New Zealand law would allow her doctor to assist her in choosing when and how she dies. 744 more words


When life speaks

Im so happy finnaly im successed to held my relationship for 1 year wow ! Its more than i expected ☺☺ im pretty excited to see what would happens with my life in the future! 563 more words