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Why You’re More Likely To Be Facing Social Oppression

When it comes to social classification, race, class, and gender don’t operate alone. The institutional systems that have been created throughout the past years have come to include many facets of identity to accurately put you in the correct “checkbox.” 415 more words

Far from shore

It’s difficult to change people’s minds about you and what you’re capable of when you’ve spent so long seemingly negligent towards change.  I feel the biggest hurdle I face is letting the expectations of others hinder me from explaining my rationality now that I’m actively making an effort to fix things I’ve been putting off for so long… 244 more words


Some iOS 11 issues show early adoption pitfalls, others are just growing pains

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Apple’s new iOS 11 software for iPhones and iPads rolled out yesterday, but its adoption is slightly slower than that of its predecessor, and, as is often the case, various issues have been reported by early adopters. 1,217 more words


When accidents happen, unannounced!

I am fortunate! I feel blessed as I write this piece after an unforeseen situation, which has left me bed-ridden and immobile.

I met with an accident on September 10, 2017, while coming back from a motorcycle ride. 807 more words

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Developing True Friendships

The other day, someone shared with me how a person whom she works with is constantly bringing up issues about her and keeps reminding her how she needs to change. 693 more words


Prayers Please

I would sure appreciate any prayers you can spare for two special intentions. Thank you!

Ad Hoc

I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me That Some Day, These Will Be The Good Old Days

So I’m going to Kelowna this Thursday.

My boss paid for flights and handled our overnight accommodations, and it’s happening.

We all just decided that we needed to get a better sense of the city and maybe view a couple different houses, see the schools, and just get a better feel of the different neighbourhoods etc before we move further with this. 271 more words