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My journey

I used to have a blog here and then I decided not to use it because of so many things happening in my life but now I feel as though getting my writing and other things out there will be positive and good for me. 97 more words


written words

Forced words never work with me. You (or I at least) notice the difference. But right now I really have the urge to type. I’m not sure where this post will lead to, but I just had to. 687 more words


Talking body.

There’s no end to criticism.
Even you can’t stop doing it to yourself.
No one can really say they are happy with it. 291 more words


Why Blog?

It’s funny this blogging thing. Years ago people used to keep diaries, they were private books full of dreams, hope and mundanities. Like everything these days you can ‘publish’ all those thoughts and ideas for anyone to see. 543 more words

This Modern Life

Adventures in Gracieland

In thinking about my next blog post, I thought of all the events that have transpired the past two to three weeks.  I started jotting down some ideas for posts on a small piece of paper… quickly filled both sides.   140 more words


Pension issues in SBI–answering questions:

There is a series of questions every now and then being raised by the readers, certain of them being of vital importance. It is not possible to answer every question but the ones that concern the pending issues of pension in different courts of Law are essentially replied by our experts with a view to clearing the confusion in the minds of the readers. 560 more words


The Plastic Age: A documentary

I rarely watch documentaries but when I do, they seem to really make a strong impact on me. That’s why I thought I’d share this one with you. 94 more words