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By – Elle Sweeney

Washington: There’s nothing like the strong smell of fecal sludge to wake SAIS IDEV-ers up in the morning.

Last week, Professor Tanvi Nagpal led her annual field trip to Washington DC’s Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant as part of her fall course: “Improving Service Delivery in Developing Countries”. 1,057 more words


A wakeup call for us...

The environmental crisis is the biggest threat to the survival of humankind in the present world. Pollution, shrinking water bodies, changing pattern of the season arrival, extinction of hundreds of plants and animal species annually are clear pieces of evidence of the level of destruction we have done and are still continuing to do to our environment. 249 more words


Three in five diabetes patients struggle with mental health issues

Diabetes is more than simply an insulin disease (Picture: Ella Byworth/ Getty)

We’re all becoming aware of how debilitating diabetes can be.

Type II can ravage the body to the point that digits fall off and eyesight starts to quickly deteriorate. 314 more words

Australia's Fake News Gun Control Conspiracy

After the mass shooting in Las Vegas I noticed a concerted effort by those who live in Australia and liberals in America saying that America needs gun control and that other modern countries have good gun control and substantially less deaths attributed to guns than America. 795 more words


My Roasting Strategy

When at a roast, most comedians will insult the roastee. They will take whatever general information they have on the roastee and twist it to make fun of that person. 509 more words


Jesus and Zacchaeus inspiration for Sycamore Tree Project

Published, 2000. The story of tax collector Zacchaeus and Jesus, in the gospel of Luke, is the inspiration for a new project run by Prison Fellowship New Zealand. 405 more words


Loneliness is undoing me piece by piece.

You want to say that you feel lonely too? That you did not have much luck in the romance department? That you do not have that many friends? 847 more words