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Introducing the Nutshell

‘A democracy falters when most of citizens are uninformed or misinformed, when misinformation affects political decisions and actions, or when political actors foment misinformation’ – Jennifer Hochschild & Katherine Einstein, … 599 more words


Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday! Thank God for a new week. Have a Blessed Week in the Lord and follow the blog this week for more post.

Be Blessed,

Yeatoe Gloria


Grading Obama administration

As the Obama administration draws to a close beginning in January 2017 after the election in November 2016 concludes, this article focuses on the overall grade I’d give President Obama and his administration and why. 379 more words


Are Curses Real?

The Curse of the Billy Goat
Back in 1945, Billy Sianis was watching Game 4 of the World Series at Wrigley Field. He was requested to leave because the lovely odor of his pet goat Murphy was annoying the other fans. 962 more words


Week 21 - ups and downs this week

So much going on.  So much.  Which, I guess, is the norm as you get to the end of a renovation project.  Some of it was planned, some of it was not so planned and we had one emergency.   614 more words

The House

Ok Laptops back but then issues

Well this has been a not very fun week, having spent my days off trying to get the pc working again I finally got the laptop reinstalled with a fresh install, however all my programs are now needing to be reinstalled (which doesn’t sound that bad but with me living in an Asia country, I have to wait for American services to wake up so I can reactivate my software, make me almost tempted to just crack my programs just so I can get some work done). 299 more words