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Time for a Change.

Accessible public toilets are the bane of my existence and the same sentiment is felt among others with disabilities too. Considering that it is a basic human right to have access to a toilet, the difficulty many disabled people have in accessing a disabled toilet is abysmal. 634 more words


Dudley School issues warning for children's online safety when playing on Fortnite

A primary school has taken the step of urging parents to monitor their young children’s Fortnite use.
Priory Primary School, in Dudley, has issued a warning via an app to all parents to keep an eye on who their children interact with online. 15 more words


Sleep tight.

I’m well versed with dissappointment.

I’ve flirted with expectations, but didn’t really keep him.

I’ve held on to abandonment issues, because he didn’t want to let go. 68 more words

A Drug Dealer's Best Friend

Prohibitionists are a drug dealer’s best friend. They couldn’t make a dime without the help from governments and most especially Republicans.
The GOP loves “sin”. Their legislators create victimless crimes which only creates more “criminals”, thus more “sin”. 18 more words


Watch Out! Journalists Around the Globe Are In Extreme Danger

Around a year ago, I had an odd dream; and, I told myself that I will investigate this slowly. I went slowly because the guy I dreamt about was and is still alive and well. 311 more words

Lucid Dreams

if it's meant to happen, it happens

What do you think is going to happen that isn’t meant to happen?
Don’t you think if my love for a stranger destroys my love for you there was never anything to destroy? 417 more words