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All About Me

Hello Everyone ! By the way, I’m the writer of this blog, 18-year-old communication student. A simple girl with a simple life. Living in an rural area where most of my relatives are there. 340 more words


Dear Duru

Around this time last year I met Duru- The young and confused blogger. This 23 year old confused blogger has been blogging consistently for two years and has a fabulous blog and he recently launched a clothing line (Nonso you need to come and pay homage sef). 935 more words


Cecil The Lion Killer Dr. Walter Palmer Needs To Stop Hunting Rare Animals

Dentist Walter Palmer needs to seriously rethink his hobby of killing beautiful, rare animals after illegally shooting Cecil the Lion, who lived on a protected national park in Zimbabwe. 708 more words

News And Gossip


I wanted to write a little bit about how I feel about forgiveness.

People can wrong us at many points in our life. People will not like you, or be jealous of you and therefore try to make you suffer. 381 more words


A Society in need of CHANGE, American Edition #1: Race Equality must happen

Us Americans love our country, like any citizen of any given country should. 

Countries have their problems, being with either social,academic, and of course with crime. 1,648 more words


Breastfeeding issues?

Hi, so a few days ago I came across this post in my glow app, the post said something like this “Since when is it ok to show your entire boob in public weather is for breast feeding or not. 272 more words

Proud Mom

Getting upset that one issue is covered more than another, solely based on what your social media friends are posting, is like getting mad your grandma died but no one is posting about it

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