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ASD, And The New Issues We Face

My son, Russell, has an ASD diagnosis. It’s been an interesting path to get here, but here we are. It’s been a journey full of twists and turns, and unexpectedness. 1,267 more words


Football needs VAR, and VAR needs time

At some point in life, you may have heard someone ask, “What is the hardest job in the world?” It is a question with many answers, backed with many reasons from many different standpoints. 2,551 more words


How to Fix LG G2 Problems

LG G2 is available for various carriers with different models. Many LG G2 users have experienced some problems and they long for solutions to LG G2 issues. 27 more words

How To Fix

Perfect Peace

Many times in life we are faced with situations that mess with our peace and with the increasing pressures of societal expectations and standards, a high level of disloyalty and betrayals from people we trust, distractions of sicknesses and bad medical reports, increased unemployment rate, financial stress, insecurities, terrible news that can put fear in a person from the media, etc, peace becomes more scarce amidst people. 255 more words

Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

Here I am again after a long absence. I’ve had a hard time with direction in my life–as evidenced by the posts I’ve had on this first blog of mine over the past year and a half. 364 more words


Chapter 3: Fat Shaming and Other Body Image Issues

I should forewarn you at this point, that the things I’m about to explain and unpack are deep, serious issues that I need to talk about without cracking too many jokes. 877 more words

19 things that scare me: one for each year I lived.

A while ago, after a presentation I gave-that went really great- I was approached by a new friend that asked me a question that I couldn’t answer at the time; she asked me: ‘what scares you?’ 296 more words