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June Newsletter Article - Dealing with Hard Relationships

We are in the midst of what I am calling my 2015 family and culture series, and we are preparing to get to the heart of the study.  423 more words


Children Left Unnattended in Locked Cars

I recently interviewed a fellow student in class about children being left alone in hot cars while their parents leave to go shopping, or proceed about their day. 7 more words

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https://youtu.be/XNDWN8KDVSM Out of my subject of posts, but a serious issue. I do NOT condone leaving children in cars, especially infants. Having a baby of my own, I understand more just how fragile he is. Children, infants especially, do not have a strong enough organ system like we do. I sit in a car a few minutes myself on a sunny day, and it is way too hot for even me to handle. How much more a child after you leave him/her unattended? Can you imagine your child having a heat stroke because you were too lazy to bring her with you? Deaths to children this way is the responsibility of a parent. You should know better. Check out what I have to say in Kayla Cantu's interview:

America's Growing Socially Liberal Trend

Over the past decade, the citizens of the United States have developed a very clear, and very growing liberal trend. While this trend permiates nearly every aspect of the political spectrum, there is very clear concensus especially on socially liberal views. 101 more words

Criminal Defense

Summer's here

Little Patuxent Review Editor Steven Leyva introduces the upcoming Summer 2015 issue. Join us on Saturday, June 13, from 2-4 for the launch reading and reception.

414 more words

Zone Magazine Issue 003

Issue description:

Zone Magazine Issue 003

Zone Magazine – Essential Dance Music – Issue 003 Gracing the front page we have House music legend Eddie Amador . 56 more words



232 Days Left

I walk down to the cafeteria

and see the garbage cans:

one yellow and one black

for plastic and for trash.

As the hour passes… 92 more words


Enterprise Application Performance Challenges

These are just a few application performance issues Java developers face on a daily basis. There are a variety of helpful application performance tools and vendors out there that can help reduce these issues dramatically.