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Feminism as a Political Fashion Statement

One of our most recent projects was to analyse a fashion trend, wether it be political, social or simply just a garment or accessory. I chose to go down the political route, and chose feminism and its impact on fashion and how brands are expanding their companies from more than just clothing to what people actually have interests in, in society, instead of playing it safe. 104 more words

Level 4

Zara Brand Report

One of our current projects its to extend a chosen brand with a line that they don’t already have, with┬ásomething that will work for the brand itself and also for their target audience. 92 more words

Level 4

The Future of Fiant Verbas

Keep the submissions coming! If you haven’t submitted for our Spring Edition, or have no clue what we’re talking about, then check out the submission guidelines… 118 more words

Sneak peek of The Rite of Wands

Want to read the first two chapters of “The Rite of Wands” by Mackenzie Flohr?

Now available at booksellers everywhere, including:
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2lLil7T
Barnes & Noble: … 24 more words


Digital Applications



CAD (computer-aided design) software is used by architects, engineers, drafters, artists, and others to create precision drawings or technical illustrations. CAD software can be used to create two-dimensional (2-D) drawings or three-dimensional (3-D) models. 1,115 more words

Digital Skills

Owner of Jute

The owner of Jute is not published on its site or anywhere in the actual magazine. Using the contact on their website I emailed to ask for this information and received an email back stating that Lynzi Judish is the magazine owner. 201 more words