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Eyes upon you can be likened to a touch; and people stare.

At color of skin, teeth, hair, (like emotions painted inside the lines of my body.) 518 more words


COTS challenges faced by Japanese insurers

Today majority of the insurers use COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) products for policy administration instead of building a homegrown system to derive cost and schedule benefit. Japanese insurers face some unique challenges in achieving this objective completely. 296 more words


Oben Ohne ist Out - Haartransplantation ist In | Mazuma1

Immer mehr Männer legen sich für eine Haartransplantation unters Messer. In der Vergangeheit galt er noch als Zeichen markanter Männlichkeit: Der kahle Schädel.

Frisch aus Zürich - topaktuell: «Ist Daniel Craig schon rein?»

Lesenswerter Artikel über ein interessantes Zürcher Thema.

Oerlikon ist nicht London: Mit Ex-Missen, Bachelors und Moderatoren auf dem roten Teppich der Bond-Premiere in Zürich.

Hier: zur spannenden Bericht «Ist Daniel Craig schon rein?»
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11. Dan - Zapuntel - Olib

Pred Molatom se već muvaju barčice. Malo mesto je zaživelo sa prvim suncem, a prekoputa, na južnoj strani Ista, ništa se ne događa. Još spavaju posade proređenih jedrilica. 535 more words

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10. Dan - Iž - Zapuntel

Malo kvari ukus jutra miris ispijenih čaša i užegle pepeljare sa susedne jedrilce. Kapetan uzdiše i okreće oči na drugu stranu gde se igra svetlo i pokazuje mu Iž. 488 more words

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022: Just a small garden

Chelsi was excited, it was the first official day, of her first official workshop. She smiled at the small group of woman standing beside her with her hoe was in her hand. 1,304 more words