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Red Paddle Co Ride 10.8ft x 34” x 296L 2017 inflatable SUP review

Red Paddle Co’s Ride range is probably the most popular inflatable SUP on the market. With premium build quality – utilising the brand’s now synonymous and patented MSL Fusion manufacturing technique – and incorporating a polished aesthetic, but with plenty of performance embedded for every day paddlers, it’s no wonder. 388 more words


Awarded #1 Inflatable Standup Paddle Board #1 ISUP by www.supboardguide.com iRocker SUP

Awarded #1 ISUP/By SUPBoardguide.com/iRocker Sup does it again/The BEST VALUE for the Price/ 2017. https://www.irockersup.com BUY NOW – Leading the way, Rated & Awarded the Number One Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board by 3 Major Magazines and highlighted as one of the best buy a dozen more. 96 more words

#1 Rated ISUP

Do it all performer – McConks 10.6ft x 32” x 4.75’ Go Anywhere inflatable SUP review

We tested the McConks 10.8ft right at the start of the brand’s journey a few years ago. Here we see what’s what with the 10.6ft version. 516 more words


Purple penetrator – Loco Motion Air 12.6ft x 27” inflatable SUP review

Loco’s first stab at inflatable stand up paddle boards took us by surprise to start with. With the NE brand’s self-styled paddle surfing image refusing to give way to the blow up phenomenon Loco recently admitted writings are on the wall – iSUPs are here to stay and remain the choice for many. 458 more words


SUP: Glacial SUPing

In January, in the middle of winter in Europe, the two Fanatic riders Kai-Nicolas Steimer and Lena Albrecht decided to discover Norway – not scared of fighting conditions with temperatures far below zero degree but not equipped with snowboard or skiers as you might think. 1,095 more words


SIP-I and SIP with OpenSIPS 2.3

SIP-I considerations

The SS7 interconnections are always painful. Both as cost and technical difficulty/complexity. So, as a more accessible alternative, the carriers started to offer SIP interconnection via SIP-I (SIP Infrastructure). 529 more words


SUP: Breathe in the fun – Hatha Oxygen 10.6ft x 32”x 293L inflatable SUP review

Hatha’s Oxygen is the second board from the Devon based brand we’ve reviewed. The first thing we have to comment on are the Oxygen’s looks – striking it sure is. 479 more words