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SUP: Fun outta the box – Redwood Paddle Funbox Pro 12.6ft x 29” x 279L iSUP review

Redwood Paddle may be based across the Channel in France but their connections with the UK remain. Devon transplant Rory Merry passed us the Funbox Pro 12.6ft to test for this issue and, having first laid eyes on the brand’s gear a few months ago, we couldn’t wait to take it for a spin. 513 more words


Seasons of SUP - Learning to SUP during Autumn and Winter

There’s no two ways about it: learning to stand up paddle board when the sun’s rays are strong, bathing riders in their warm silky glow and with water temperatures on the rise, make for a much more enticing picture when considering a new watersport. 847 more words


10'6 iSUP Review

SUP: Island style – Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co 10.6ft x 32” inflatable SUP review

Posted on September 19, 2016 by SUPMagUK in inflatable SUP517 more words


SUP: Jetting off – SIPA Drive Cruiser jet propelled touring iSUP review

We love toys/gadgets and little play things that aren’t the norm. With SIPA’s Drive Cruiser you get this by the bucket load and then some. 543 more words


SUP: Island style – Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co 10.6ft x 32” inflatable SUP review

Having checked out FWBPC’s Classic 9.11ft hard shell board last issue we were keen to scope out the brand’s inflatable offering. Coming supplied with an extremely robust wheeled bag that has an extendable ‘trolley’ arm poking out from a pouch in the top, it certainly looks the biz and is again testament to owner Charlie Cripwell’s attention to detail. 445 more words


SUP: Race face touring – O’Shea 12.6ft x 30” x 310 GTR 2017 iSUP review

Review by Rich Heathcote

O’Shea continue their run of high end inflatables and here hand us their 2017 race offering: the 12.6ft x 30” x 310L GTR. 514 more words


SUP: The placebo effect – Hobie Tour 12.6ft x 32” x 298L review

Hobie are renowned for innovation and doing things differently – their Mirage Eclipse pretty much proves that (search for it online if you’re not aware). In the UK there are a few fans but Hobie have yet to make a serious dent in the SUP market. 542 more words