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Bluelight Live

So I’m in a weird phase in my life, and one of the things I’m doing to entertain (err, distract) myself is explore odd corners of the Internet.   871 more words

I Hate Writing

A Prayer

Dear God, I am so discouraged about my work.  I have the feeling of discouragement that is.  I realize I don’t know what I realize.  Please help me dear God to be a good writer and to get something else accepted.  136 more words

I Hate Writing

Film Pervert Math

So I asked my husband the other day, “Considering how we’re no longer supposed to watch films sexual deviants worked on, what do you think the… 182 more words

Conspiracy Theories

It could be worse...

It could be worse.

My mantra, that is so passed it, it should of been binned by now; swept away like the moldy crumbs in the bread bin; the little specs of green that weren’t letting any seeded artisan loaf last passed a Wednesday. 438 more words


Yet Another Comment on Harvey Weinstein

Trigger warning for my husband, who is so far past peak Weinstein he’s living in the future we all want to inhabit. Don’t read on, honey! 1,072 more words

Conspiracy Theories

Tehillim One Hundred and Twenty-Four: It could be worse

“Had it not been for the Lord Who was with us when men rose up against us, then they would have swallowed us raw when their anger was kindled against us (Psalms 124:2-3).” These verses are making me think of how much worse things could be in any circumstance. 163 more words

Discipline, Motivation & the Tides | THOUGHTS

My proverbial heart is heavy. My mind, my being, my vibe, whatever it is, that this thing is.

It is melancholy, tired, hurting, sometimes numb, stuck. 358 more words

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