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Henry Miller and Lawrence Durrell, Trans-Asians (Alternative Title: Ugh)

This just strikes me as the most entitled white male writer shit ever.  A TIBET OF THE MIND?!  If these guys were alive and tweeting in 2019 they’d be flayed alive. 131 more words

I Hate Writing


I’m having one of those days when I’m obsessing over the fact that everyone seems so careless and self-centered––and I have those days a lot, which says more about me than it does about people––so I keep trying to do the whole “this is water” thing.   761 more words

Conspiracy Theories

We Are Living in End Times Part a Million

This is sadly not fake news:

And by “this is not fake news,” I mean these are actual things people have published and thought people would care about recently.

I Hate Writing


I watched this documentary on Netflix the other day about this story––I liked the documentary, but I was so into this story I’d like anything about it, no matter how poorly done.   111 more words

Conspiracy Theories

Anonymous Advice

My husband and I are on a huge local parenting listserv––thousands of subscribers, thousands of pages and multiple groups and sub-groups, etc.––and we both get a daily dispatch from the Advice section.   310 more words

Conspiracy Theories


Continue to breath..be thankful..show gratitude that you’re alive. Some people weren’t blessed to see another day, but you were. Breath for the people who can’t breath. 16 more words