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And then there were four.

Yea… thats right.   The Lyon’s Den has been blessed with a precious piece of heaven that we call Reagan.   No need to look back on FB or check your texts to see if you missed something because you didn’t. 780 more words

I Believe In Fairy Tales.

A Tweet

I’m about three minutes into the Rachel Dolezal Netflix doc and I’ve already learned a lot.  For example, no one knows how to pronounce the last name “Dolezal.”

Conspiracy Theories


It occurred to me this morning while playing Bobby McFerrin’s song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” for my son that some of the things he suggests brushing off are actually totally worth worrying over. 197 more words

Conspiracy Theories

Always Another Appointment | It Could Be Worse Blog

Damn. Another two weeks have gone by since my February post, with a few more appointments and doctor visits, and even more new consultations added. 2,025 more words

Crohn's Disease

Bluelight Live

So I’m in a weird phase in my life, and one of the things I’m doing to entertain (err, distract) myself is explore odd corners of the Internet.   871 more words

I Hate Writing