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Quintessentially IT things: What do you think?

I spent a decade working in the IT industry and I learnt a new lingo.

People would say, “Let’s take that offline.” And over time I knew that they wanted to meet me in person. 366 more words


Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT

Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT
IT can’t survive if it’s at odds with other divisions in a company. In this white paper, learn about technologies and practices that can bring IT and other business operations into harmony.



Age discrimination and office space - is open-plan anti the older worker?

Strange that we see not one but two items on age and office space in less than two weeks. Katrina blogged about generational differences as justification for the office space squeeze ealier this month. 256 more words

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Announcing my book!

Hello people! I am happy to announce my first book, “Decoding Love: IT’s Tangled”

How did I come to write this book? I think a start-up mood, impending mid-life crisis and a benevolent turn of mind, all combined to make it possible. 481 more words


Outlook 2013 changes account from Office 365 to old on premise Exchange server

When you have a problem once and you can reset everything, it’s annoying. But usually it’s quicker than getting to the root cause of exactly why it happened. 340 more words


Moving beyond FTE centric models

Calling on all managed services professionals. How many of you have heard or been part of the following conversation with your existing managed services customers in the recent times: 574 more words