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Outlook 2013 changes account from Office 365 to old on premise Exchange server

When you have a problem once and you can reset everything, it’s annoying. But usually it’s quicker than getting to the root cause of exactly why it happened. 340 more words


Moving beyond FTE centric models

Calling on all managed services professionals. How many of you have heard or been part of the following conversation with your existing managed services customers in the recent times: 574 more words


On outsourcers

Or don’t be an asshole just because the person on the other line is from a foreign country. 

It’s no secret a significant amount of the Information Technology industry is involved in outsourcing. 556 more words

Reliability = Cost control

Why are 1,000s of businesses switching to Apple-centric computing every day? Because it makes business sense.

The key to controlling the cost of any machine is reliability. 915 more words

Business Management

Microsoft Acquires Mobile Calendar App Maker Sunrise

Microsoft Acquires Mobile Calendar App Maker Sunrise
It’s official. The rumored buy is a done deal, pushing Microsoft deeper into the mobile app space.



Let's be Optimistic

Are we Optimistic in IT? Is there a feeling of confidence or hope in your organization?
Optimistic is defined as “Hopeful and confident about the future… 216 more words

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