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Major Recruitment Trends in the IT Industry in 2015

IT industry is one of the biggest sectors in the globalized world. Specifically for India, this industry came up as a boon with considerable amount of improvement in the national GDP. 608 more words

IT Industry

Strategic Technology Trends 2015

Some time ago I browsed through the websites of the biggest IT service providers just to see what their sales pitch is. Eventually I ended up seeking and comparing their technology future visions — how IT has turned different today and how it is going to transform the business (and the world). 1,474 more words


Latest boom in IT Industry

One of the most important sectors in the Indian economy that no one can ever imagined that is IT industry which has largely grown over a past few years. 256 more words

Cloud Zimbra In Pune

IoT in manufacturing: The digital train has left the station

Back 100 years ago, the manufacturing industry was significantly transformed by the invention of the assembly line. Henry Ford invested in the assembly line concept by installing conveyor belts that enabled the plant to produce a Model T car… 849 more words

Big Data & Analytics

New York Times Yellows Amazon

Amazon just got drilled by a drive-by expose published by the New York Times. Among the juiciest nuggets revealed by the reporting journalists Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld: 342 more words


Did you choose your career?

Disclaimer: This may not fit into the description of a super-man from those reputed IITs or IIMs but I am confident that it will resonate with most in IT industry. 596 more words


Alleviating the trauma of speaking in English

English, probably the most intriguing language in the world. Quirky, yet nightmarish. One word can have multiple meanings based on context and even a comma or a semicolon can turn the intent of a sentence upside down. 1,351 more words