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What “knocker-uppers” and Uber have to do with the future of the IT industry

Dave used to do what?

This past Sunday afternoon, at a family gathering, my mother in-law announced that she’d “run into Dave the other day. You remember Dave…used to come ‘round to collect the mortgage and insurance money?” 1,594 more words


New job!

I can finally speak (or in this case, write) openly about a major upheaval in my life. I accepted a new position within my company about a month and a half ago! 959 more words

IT Industry


The exponential growth of the human resources, the changing political and economic conditions, the expanding business needs and functions today, in effect, have also implicated the role of Human Resource in the corporate environment. 886 more words


Twitter is the result of Failure

Twitter was the result of the failure of a podcast related startup “Odeo”…had Odeo succeeded we’d have ended up with a cool podcast app and no Twitter…

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Virtual Realityයෙන් ඔබ්බට

Virtual Reality වල සීග්‍ර නැග්මක් මේ වකවානුවේ සිදුවන බව ඔබ වැඩි දෙනෙක් දන්නවා ඇති. විශේෂයෙන්ම පරිඝණක ක්‍රීඩා මුල් කරගෙන ගොඩනැගෙන මෙම තාක්ෂණය නුදුරු අනාගතයේදීම සීඝ්‍ර දියුණුවක් අත්පත්කරගන්න බවත් පෙනෙන්නට තිබෙනවා. 104 more words

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The end of the IT industry is 5 years and counting

If you work in IT (information Technology) you have approximately 5 years left to retrain and get out before you’re going to be made redundant and unemployable. 1,190 more words