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IDSM: Inside the IT hub

Today’s multi-supplier solutions are complicated — too complicated for traditional IT service management approaches. A new method, known as Integrated Digital Service Management (IDSM), makes it easier. 464 more words


How to handle your Project Sponsor getting TOO involved!

We all need engaged project sponsors, its one of the key success factors for projects. But what do you do when they are so engaged that they want to be in all of the detail, they want to be a team member, they want to be part of every decision? 492 more words

IT Leadership

Why B2B Companies Need to Use Social Media, with Jonathan Wichmann

What are the 10 reasons B2B companies need social?

1. Break down the silos

2. Create a culture people value

3. Strengthen the corporate brand… 52 more words

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The Question Every Project Team Should Answer

Many projects fail because they are launched without a clearly articulated reason why they’re being pursued. Exploring the four dimensions of a compelling “why statement” can improve a project’s chances of success. 144 more words

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Integrations Standard – The Time Has Come

Fifty-four third party integrations to core; what does this number mean? This number represents:

  • 54 separate IT projects that include hours upon hours of IT resources…
  • 423 more words
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When an IT Project “Goes Red”

Declaring to your whole company that the project everyone is excited about is in trouble can be demoralizing. But it’s exactly what can turn things around, says a recent article on MIT SMR –  58 more words

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Make Transparency a Core Competency |@HellerSearch @CIOMentors

Great article from Joe Topinka on bridging the divide between IT and other business areas. Well worth a read.

He urges IT to “reach across the chasm” and not to wait for the other business areas to make the first move. 23 more words

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