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Change Management - What's in a Name?

Hands-up, which of you has named their project based on the technology being implemented? That simple act may have just sealed the failure of the project. 152 more words

Change Management

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The Planning Doing Cycle | Jesse Lyn Stoner

Rarely will you have the luxury of time to plan everything out before you start a new project or change initiative. And even if you do, it’s likely that unforeseen circumstances will send you back to the drawing board. 53 more words

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A journal article is chosen regarding the IT project management. The selected article name is “An Economic-probabilistic model for project selection and prioritization”. Firstly, This model was produced in three stages: meaning of criteria; meaning of the most suitable technique to be utilized; and demonstrate building. 1,138 more words


5 barriers to digital success – and one way to overcome them all

In late 2015, the Harvard Business Review put out a fascinating report on the role of the CIO in digital transformation. Most interesting to me was a survey question about the primary challenges holding back organizations on their journey to digital. 597 more words


Executive Presence: The CIO's 'It' Factor | Heller Search

“Executive presence signals to others that you have what it takes and are capable of taking on the tough job of senior leadership in a demanding role.”

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