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Why go to a (technical) conference?

Conferences cost a lot of money.

Many are in the USD 2000-4000 range!  How can anyone afford that! No Budget! Boss doesn’t want me to take a week off! 395 more words


PowerShell: Repairing SharePoint Content Databases


When you get a warning from SharePoint saying that a database has orphaned content, the message is not the most helpful.

This is an example of health analyser message in SharePoint Central Admin… 295 more words

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PowerShell: Getting Sandbox Solutions in a SharePoint Web Application


Like all good SharePoint developers we have been using Sandbox Solutions where we can. Of course one of the problems with Sandbox solutions is that its difficult to find out what you have installed and where. 634 more words

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Is Groupon Doomed to Fail?

Daily deals giant and one-time darling of Silicon Valley, Groupon, is having a hard time of it. An IPO in 2011 raised a whopping $700 million, apparently more money at the time than any US firm since Google. 409 more words

Infrastructure DevOps Kung Fu

Often when I speak with IT Infrastructure professionals (the Ops part of DevOps) about DevOps their eyes glaze over or they dismiss the concepts of DevOps because it has Dev in the name.  414 more words


Shucks–I sucked!

To my little actions – it caused a temporary inaccessibility of file shares among users from Singapore, Hong-Kong, and little here in the Philippines.

It was just a simple task on our DNS servers: create new hosts records, and re-map the existing CNAME records to the new hosts records. 150 more words