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Tech Terms: Structural Elements

Element that helps organize the content of a web page

Example: h1, p, div, span

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Tech Terms: Semantic Element

Element that gives the browser more information about the content in it
Example: em, abbr, s

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Oregon Audit Finds IT Vulnerabilities Remain

An audit by the Oregon Secretary of State’s office finds vulnerabilities in the systems of 13 state agencies, but an executive order from the Governor assigns more authority over security to the CIO’s office. 7 more words


Tech Terms: Self-Closing Tag

Opening tag that doesn’t have a closing tag but instead “closes itself” with a forward slash before the right angle bracket

Example: 〈img src=”http://example.com/myimage.jpg” alt=”My image”/〉

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HTTPS and SSL is a Two Edged Sword

We all know that HTTPS and SSL stand for security and encryption.  When we connect to our bank or favorite ne retailer we know we can upload our credit card information or account number with confidence, knowing that our data is being shielded from prying eyes.  712 more words

IT Security

The Internet of ransomware Things | Check Point Blog

San Francisco’s Municipal Railway (MUNI) riders got to ride for free over the last weekend (Nov 25th-26th), after what appears as a ransomware hit the agency’s payment system. 15 more words

Tech Terms: Opening Tag & Closing Tag

Set of angle brackets with an HTML element character(s) that contains a piece of content or part of the structure for a web pageExample of opening tag: 〈p〉

Example of closing tag: 〈/p〉

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