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O2 customer data sold on dark net - BBC News

The data might be old, but a lot of it will still be quite valid. If you are an O2 customer, this article is worth a read.

Tech Terms: Paste

Paste is a command that allows you to insert data from the clipboard into an application. In order to use the Paste command, you must first use either the Copy or Cut command to save data to the clipboard. 327 more words

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The No More Ransom Project

Interesting site I came across today for those infected, or yet to be, by certain types of Ransomware. There are downloadable decrypting tools available, also if you are unsure, you can upload a sample, or the ransom notes, to be analysed. 6 more words

Tech Terms: Copy

Many software programs allow you to copy data, such as text in Microsoft Word or an image in Adobe Photoshop. To copy a piece of data, you need to first select it (or highlight it) and choose “Copy” from the Edit menu within the program. 105 more words

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