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As predicted; a next container move

Actually, the speed of development of this, is bigger than it seems. Both on the impact and on the implementation side. It’s just that it’s out of sight for most. 16 more words

Innovation (technologicallly Driven)

What is Defence in Depth?

I was reading a blog over on DarkMatters site (http://darkmatters.norsecorp.com/2015/06/29/what-we-call-security-isnt-really-security/) and it got me thinking about what people see as Defence in Depth when talking about IT Security. 316 more words

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Trigger seeding

In defense of sloppy account management …
Sort of. Rather, deliberately sloppy account management.

Reading through this in particular, and that, I wondered: Would there not be a nice part of a solution in seeding your user accounts database(s) with fake accounts, to act as tripwires ..? 83 more words

Innovation (technologicallly Driven)

Digital Privacy Basics

Most citizens are woefully under-educated about digital privacy, and what measures they can or should take to protect their communications, browsing, online banking / transactions. and social media usage as much as is reasonably practical. 139 more words

Digital Privacy

Cards Being Investigated by the FBI for Astros Hack

As a IT professional I read about stories all the time about employees leaving with company assets or about events of high money corporate espionage.  Also as a IT Architect I am asked to design new complex computing environments for various purposes from cloud computing solutions to simple internal applications sending data back an forth.  1,267 more words


Passing the CISSP Exam

I met a guy who was gracious enough to tell us how he passed his CISSP exam this last year.  Thus, here are the links that will help you do the same. 1,260 more words